To recap. Keir Starmer

*Aggressively prosecuted people on benefits
* Covered up MI5 torturing of British nationals
* Conspired to stitch up Julian Assange
* Is a member of the Trilateral Commission
* Has secret meetings with US intelligence

Is there any doubt what he is?
Also, a lot of what Matt Kennard wrote about in that Grayzone piece was public knowledge with regard to Starmer. Why in fucks name was a guy with that dodgy a reputation, such an obvious deep state freak appointed to a senior position by Corbyn?
Starmers relationship with the Murdoch owned Times newspaper should have been reason enough to kick the bastard to the kerb. The Times is the establishment paper of choice, more so than any other, and a lot of the anti-Corbyn hit pieces came out of there.
Again, Starmers closeness to the Murdoch press was a known fact. It's fucking obvious that all the leaks or most of them were coming from him. And yet dumb fuck Corbyn kept him in post right up to the end. Why?

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There will now follow a series of tweets describing the history and current practice of medical experimentation using human subjects conducted within the USA. Be warned, this stuff is not for the faint of heart.
This information comes from the following academic source:…
Between 1955 and 1960 Sonoma State Hospital in Calfiornia conducted a series of experiments on mentally and physically disabled children. These experiments included radiation tests and and the injection of air into the brains of the children followed by a series of Xrays.
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BELIEVE THE SCIENCE - The scream of the fool who thinks he's being smart. If you are asking political leaders to follow whatever scientific advice is presented to them is moronic and the person stating it wants to live in a technocracy.
A political leader has scientific advisers for this - advice. The job of a Prime Minister and Cabinet is to balance that advice against economic, political and social factors. That's what political leadership consists of at the basic level. Most politicians lack this ability.
A Prime Minister must essentially be a very good committee chairman who can quickly understand the briefings given to him by his officials and other cabinet ministers. Knowing when and how to reject advice and on what grounds is an essential part of this.
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The image of the Democratic Party as "bumblers" and "weaklings" is a carefully designed lie pushed by their pet useful leftist idiots. The Democrats are ruthlessly effective at advancing the interests of their factions of the capitalist class. The weakness is a propaganda tactic.
Just look at the job Clinton did for the ruling class. Passing NAFTA, destroying the last elements of the new deal democrats, deindustrialising vast swathes of the US and all the whilst keeping the endorsement of the labor unions.
Obama saved the US capitalist class from the collapse of 2008 by funnelling vast amounts of state aid to the banking sector. He advanced the imperialist wars that have been so profitable in a way that McCain could never have done and helped the banks foreclose on millions
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The new lockdown measures from Johnson are nothing to do with public health. They are everything to do with the Conservative Party and their Labour stooges never ending war on the working class of our region. We cannot accept this shit any longer.
The Mayor's of Greater Manchester and Merseyside are a pair of Labour Party placemen who ain't really going to rock the boat. Even if they did their offices are designed to be powerless. Keep on reading and I'll explain why.
The agreement to establish the regional mayors was signed 6 years ago by Osborne and the council leaders in those areas. It was clear from the start that the powers of these offices would not be even as extensive as the old powers of Greater Manchester and Merseyside councils.
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I remember back to the great BSE panics of the 1990's, clearly a dangerous disease caused by government negligence but not the wipe out we were told. I remember SARS being framed as a mass killer. Not the case. Every time the media flipped into "apocalypse now" mode.
Why is this? At the most basic level, fear keeps eyes on screens and clicks on sites. At the higher level it's a product of the post 1989 world. Everything is presented as an existential crises. We are told that "there can be no return to normal".
We see this trend over and over again in media coverage and the way bourgeois politicians frame issues. The post 1989 era was supposed to be the end of history. And yet history kept happening. So rather than political problems what we get are always "existential crises".
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11 Oct
It is more comforting to think of the stove pipe hat wearing capitalists, those resembling an old Bolshevik propaganda poster. Sure some do exist to this day but capital today is the realm of the salaried executive. A high salary with stock options but an employee nonetheless.
The fixation on outdated forms of capitalist structures just fits with everything else wrong with socialist and communist parties in Europe today. None of them have reckoned with this, one of Marx's most prescient realisations. That capital makes the capitalist redundant.
Until you reckon with this aspect of capitalism then you are not doing anything of value. You are another larper, another historical re-creationist fighting the phantoms of a previous age. Stop. Go back and read Capital. All of it. Reckon with the theory.
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