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16 Oct, 32 tweets, 16 min read
On @NBCNews 'town hall' program, @POTUS says "I had a little bit of a temperature" during his bout with the #coronavirus and "the lungs were perhaps a little bit infected."
"After the debate...a day or so, I tested positive," says @POTUS, declining to answer @SavannahGuthrie question on whether he took a #COVID19 test on the day of the debate.
"Possibly I did. Possibly I didn't," adds @POTUS. "I was in great shape for the debate."
Asked about Rose Garden #SCOTUS nominee announcement, which included socializing inside, @realDonaldTrump replies: "Something happened."
"People with masks are catching it all the time," adds @POTUS.
"He has to say that," responds @POTUS when told that @GovChristie, who was hospitalized with #COVID19, said in a statement today that he was wrong not to wear a mask.
"I want to see the Gold Star's risky doing it," adds @POTUS.
"Excess mortality. We're a winner," says @POTUS. "It's rounding the corner."
"Do you support herd immunity as a strategy?" asks @SavannahGuthrie.

"The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We did the right thing," replies @POTUS.
"You cannot continue to let this go on with the lockdowns," adds @POTUS.
"I denounce white supremacy," says @POTUS.
Asked about #QAnon by @SavannahGuthrie.

"I just don't know about QAnon. You tell me all about it. Let's waste a whole show," says @POTUS.

Asked if there's a satanic pedophile cult, he replies: "I don't know that."
Asked about discredited #SEALTeam6 conspiracy he tweeted on his @realDonaldTrump account, he replies:

"That was a retweet. I'll put it out there. People can decide for themselves.
If @FBI director doesn't think there's a "tremendous problem" with mail-in ballots, "then he's not doing his job," says @POTUS.

"There is in fact no evidence of widespread fraud," replies @SavannahGuthrie.
"Peaceful transfer, I absolutely want that" but doesn't expect that to be needed because he'll win, says @POTUS.
“You’re not somebody’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever," @SavannahGuthrie tells @POTUS.
In response to audience question about mask-wearing, @POTUS talks about how he decided not eat a @WhiteHouse meal brought to him by a valet who "was playing with his mask."
"We should be on the same side," says @POTUS to @SavannahGuthrie when he's asked about not being able to keep his promise of 'repeal and replace' of #Obamacare.
"Did you ever hear of a word called 'negotiation?' replies @POTUS when asked by @SavannahGuthrie his change of stances on the amount of the #coronavirus relief legislation.
"Who do you owe $421 million to?" asks @SavannahGuthrie.

"What they did is illegal. The numbers are all wrong," replies @POTUS. "I'm very under-levered. ... It's a tiny percentage of my net worth."
"No, I don't owe Russia money," replies @realDonaldTrump. "I will let you know who I's a tiny percentage of the worth. ... I am extremely under-levered."
"Nobody in their right mind would release (their taxes) prior to working out a deal with the IRS," says @POTUS, replying to @SavannahGuthrie who states there's no law preventing release of returns under audit.
"It's common sense and intelligence...I would love to release them."
An indication from @realDonaldTrump that he may owe money to a foreign bank.
Reporters of @nytimes "have to go to jail" if they obtain his tax returns, states @POTUS during @NBCNews event.
"I'm not ruling on this," replies @POTUS to voter's question about what protections would be in place to protect the life of a mother if Roe v. Wade is overturned. "Perhaps it could get sent down to the states."
"I would like to see a brilliant jurist...make a decision. That's why I chose her," replies @POTUS when asked by @SavannahGuthrie if he wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned.
"You're so handsome when you smile," a @GOP voter who voted for @HillaryClinton and is leaning @JoeBiden tells @realDonaldTrump.
"We're going to take care of DACA, we're going to take care of Dreamer," replies @POTUS after asking the woman where her family came from to escape persecution.
"Because of the pandemic much changed on the immigration front," says @POTUS about #DACA rule changes.
"Because of the pandemic, we have to be extra cautious," adds @POTUS.
"Next year is going to be better than ever before," concludes @POTUS.
Post-event critique from @TeamTrump declaring @realDonaldTrump “soundly defeated” @SavannahGuthrie. Image

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17 Oct
"Seventeen days from now we're going to win the state of Michigan" and four more years in the @WhiteHouse, says @POTUS at start of his outdoor airport rally in @MuskegonCounty. #Election2020 Image
"You got to get your governor to open up your state...and get your schools open," @POTUS tells the cheering crowd.

"Lock her up," chants the crowd referring to @GovWhitmer.

"Lock 'em all up," responds @realDonaldTrump.
In @MuskegonCounty, which has a population of just under 175,000, more than 1,700 people have tested positive for the #coronavirus and case numbers are steadily increasing, according to the county's public health department.
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16 Oct
"We won Macon Georgia. We're going to win it again," begins @realDonaldTrump. "We're running against perhaps the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics." Image
"Crowd looks smaller than Ocala," reports print pooler @robcrilly. "Probably still a good couple of thousand in attendance (very rough estimate). There are a few people at the back wearing masks, but crowd is largely maskless."
"The Biden family is a criminal enterprise," remarks @realDonaldTrump for the third time today.
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16 Oct
In Ocala, #Florida, several thousand people crammed together welcoming @POTUS for a political rally 17 days before #Election2020. Image
Some without masks in the crowd. Image
A view of the crowd via print pooler @robcrilly. Image
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16 Oct
In #Michigan, @JoeBiden accuses @realDonaldTrump of "failure to condemn" what he terms "domestic terrorists." Image
#COVID19 not disappearing as @POTUS contends; "it's on the rise again," says @JoeBiden.
"This will prevent more deaths between now and the end of January than a vaccine would," says @JoeBiden holding a mask. Image
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16 Oct
"I will protect you, I will defend you, and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction that I have," @POTUS tells seniors. Image
"As president, I'm deeply aware that America’s 54 million seniors have borne the heaviest burden of the China Virus," adds @POTUS.
"My message to America’s seniors today is one of optimism, confidence and hope," says @POTUS in #Florida. "Your sacrifice has not been in vain. ... We are rounding that turn. Don't listen to the cynics and angry partisans..."
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16 Oct
Motorcade of @POTUS has arrived at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center and Amphitheater, reports radio pooler @tamarakeithNPR, who notes "the route was lined with A LOT supporters with flags and signs. Some of the signs were home made." #Election2020 #Florida
"There was one guy vigorously waving a Biden campaign sign and two men with Biden flags. But this is an overwhelmingly pro-Trump showing. There are people packed together near the convention center, some with giant Trump heads," adds @tamarakeithNPR.
A look at the crowd inside for the seniors event, awaiting @POTUS. Image
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