#Presidementia (1) Trump fake town hall begins with Trump rambling a vague response about his last test before debate. Says he doesn’t recall. Either that proves he’s demented, or he’s a dangerous liar.
#Presidementia (2) Trump fake town hall finds Trump unable to answer questions. He rattles off his rally lines, non responsive to the question. “You look at —“ is the clue that he is clueless & on autopilot.
#Presidementia (3) Trump fake town hall: By the third question Trump is befuddled & clearly angry. Denies knowledge of Qanon, babbles bullshit & calf splatter & says Qanon is against pedophilia. He’s already off the wall.
#Presidementia (4) Trump fake town hall is a series of stumbles & gaffes. Now he’s off on the ballot fantasy & not saying whether he will endorse peaceful transfer of power. Four questions, not one answer. He’s seriously mentally impaired, out of touch with reality.
#Presidementia (5) Trump fake town hall has Trump on the ropes early. Asked about knowing #COVID19 was very dangerous (Woodward). Trump rambles about travel ban, insulting Pelosi & lying. He’s skidding like a hog on ice. No answer.
#Presidementia (6) Trump fake town hall: Asked how he will get USA back on track he rambles about the plague & repeats his rally lines about saving millions of lives. Ventilators! Still not answering question about getting on track.
#Presidementia (7) Trump fake town hall question on his infection & wearing masks. He says masks may or may not work. Quotes Scott Atlas & misquotes Fauci. He’s cracking badly under the pressure. Dementia happens.
#Presidementia (8) Trump fake town hall halftime: No substantive reply from Trump so far. Deflection, prevarication, dissimulation, evident confusion. He doesn’t answer questions because he can’t. He can only recite his old tapes, complaints, & grievances.
#Presidementia (9) Trump fake town hall question about healthcare, what is the plan. A supporter is asking. “The problem with Obamacare is it’s not good.” He says nothing about a plan for healthcare. This is truly bullshit & calf splatter. No answer. He’s pissed off, confused.
#Presidementia (10) Trump fake town hall is a catastrophe for Trump. Asked about relief package, he trashes Pelosi. “She’s in our way.” He is painfully bullshitting about “negotiating,” repeats “it’s China’s fault.”
#Presidementia (11) Trump fake town hall question on corporate tax rates: Trump rattles off his BS about having created “millions of jobs.” Then lies about “middle income tax package.” On his taxes, he REALLY bullshits. Does not answer the question.
#Presidementia (11) Trump fake town hall has Trump with pressured speech, rambling about taxes, says “$400 million is not a lot of money,” repeats, “I’m treated very badly by the IRS, I’m under audit.” He’s unable to handle a novel situation or discuss an issue. He’s agitated.
#Presidementia (12) Trump fake town hall goes to commercial at 9:45. This is the predicted & inevitable bad night for Trump, who is cognitively dazed & babbling after every question. He reels off the autopilot canned rally BS that’s old tape.
#Presidementia (13) Trump fake town hall: Asked about the hypocrisy of the SCOTUS situation, Trump totally misrepresents the truth. He goes off on how Cavanaugh was treated. No answer. Basically says Barrett has the power to help him win the election. Odds bodkins.
#Presidementia (14) Trump fake town hall: Asked about Roe v Wade, Trump doesn’t answer (can’t answer, doesn’t understand) the question. Won’t answer about his own opinion on abortion. “We’ll see what happens.”
#Presidementia (15) Trump fake town hall at 9:55: Question about police & minorities, police brutality. Trump can’t comprehend the abstract idea of justice & community conflicts. Boasts about what he has done for black people. No engagement or answer.
#Presidementia (16) Trump fake town hall: Question about fate of dreamers. Trump says he built over 400 miles of border wall. No answer. Trump says Mexico is heavily infected by the pandemic.(?!) Bullshits about “catch & release.” He’s really demented. Buzzer sounds, game over.
#Presidementia (17) Trump fake town hall summary: Trump was much worse than I expected, & his wranglers were crazy to let him attempt this. No objective viewer would say this witless man is honest, much less competent as a leader. He is a placeholder with a Swiss Cheese brain.

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15 Oct
#Presidementia #TrumpCovid19 #TrumpBrainDroppings #TrumpLied200KDied - (1) We have Trump on in background as we work to get out the vote in Texas. He opens with a false attack on Hunter Biden & Obama/Biden. Loud, lying, angry, delusional. Really pissed about Barr shooting blanks.
#Presidementia #TrumpCovid19 #TrumpBrainDroppings #TrumpLied200KDied - (2) Trump started more unhinged & shouting than previous rallies. He’s ranting about Bruce Orr, can’t pronounce Burisma, but his fans don’t know who or what that is. Raging about Biden.
#Presidementia #TrumpCovid19 #TrumpBrainDroppings #TrumpLied200KDied - (3) Trump is all calf splatter tonight. He got off the plane as pissed off as a constipated billy goat. Lying about China “tariff,” Mexico “pay for wall,” “Mayor of Moscow.” The crowd looks dazed & confused.
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9 Oct
1/4 #Presidementia The most reasonable conclusion, based on the awkward denials & examination of Trump’s schedule, is that Trump last tested negative on 9/25 or 9/26. The Gold Star family event was 9/27, & Trump himself blames them for infection. factba.se/topic/calendar
2/4 #Presidementia Gold Star event was late on 9/27 Sunday before debate. He went Monday to Ohio, some late. On Tuesday, debate day, he showed late & avoided testing. Common sense says he tested positive on 9/28 or 9/29, perhaps even getting the result on the way to the debate.
3/4 #Presidementia Much less likely, he could have been infected at one of his super spreader events 9/30 or 10/1. But by 10/2, Friday, he was symptomatic, as were others. He probably last was negative 9/25-27 . We know the WH is a Confederacy of Lying Dunces, so it makes sense.
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1 Oct
#Presidementia #TrumpLiedAmericansDied #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - 1/Minnesota Madness: Trump hosts super-spreader event, few masks, no distancing. Trump is yelling, very loud & insulting, lots of bullshit lies. Yells contempt for debate, Wallace, Biden. Agitated, sad.
#Presidementia #TrumpLiedAmericansDied #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - 2/ Minnesota Madness: Trump is replaying his old tapes at max volume. He is unhinged, rambling, over-amped & reeling off the lies he repeats nightly. Very sad to see a POTUS spewing vile insults, lies, name-calling.
#Presidementia #TrumpLiedAmericansDied #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - 3/ Minnesota Madness: There is nothing new here. He lies about the wall, China, COVID-19, Obama, “Sir” stories (several), & economy. I’ll post a link to transcript tomorrow. Trump is agitated, sounds drunk & angry.
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30 Sep
#Presidementia #Debates2020  18/ The debate has been so bizarre it’s hard to say whether Biden is getting through. Trump is deranged, unhinged, but Hannity & Fox will say he was great. Trump is yelling, wildly uncontrollable. Wallace can’t control Trump. Final segment.
#Presidementia #Debates2020  19/ Election integrity: Biden makes a good statement about voting. Says, “Vote, vote, vote—he cannot stop you.” Trump rants about Clinton, coup, spying, disgrace, we caught ‘em, fraud, ballots, take a look at—“
#Presidementia #Debates2020  20/ Trump has gone off the rails. On ballot fraud, Trump rants again, admitting that he is counting on SCOTUS to tilt the election. Trump is yelling, wont let Wallace talk.
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28 Sep
Bernie Sanders speaks for about 27 minutes on Trump's refusal to endorse the peaceful transition of power. He quotes Ronald Reagan. It's an eloquent talk, whether you are a Bernie fan or not, speaking truth to power.
Maybe we can find a transcript somewhere of this speech by Sen. Sanders?
Here is the link to the written transcript. rev.com/blog/transcrip…
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28 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 1/ Fake Briefing 09/28 - Trump today is using his limited vocabulary "like you've never seen" to boast increased #COVID19 testing. Reading in monotone various statistics, looks stressed & unwell.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 2/ Fake Briefing 09/28 - Trump continues monotone reading after his helpers explain new tests. Repeats his fixed delusion that "doing more tests means you have more cases." Repeats his phony "85%" number, repeats his objection to lockdowns.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 3/ Fake Briefing 09/28 - Trump says, "We will defeat the virus, and we will defeat the pandemic by the end of the year," turns it over to Pence, the effusive ex-talk-radio evangelist, who praises "Mr. President" again & again & again. Whew.
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