Savannah Guthrie is despicable. It is the DEMENTIACRATS who are pushing voter fraud through ballot harvesting and unverified mail-in ballots.
Here's a Dementiacrat questioner on COVID. How many more of these questions will be posed from a Dementiacrat point of view?
Here is that f**king Savannah Guthrie injecting another bit of fake news. She's carrying water for Dementiacrats.
Right answer: raising taxes and regs will kill the economy (that's what a Biden presidency would bring).
Savannah Guthrie on masks: she doesn't know her ask from a hole in the ground. Guthrie is a belligerent emotional a-hole. She really is a swine.
Masks don't make any difference whatsoever. People contracting the virus wear or don't wear masks. It's a fact of life. It should be a personal choice.
Guthrie isn't a "moderator." She's challenging the President at every turn! She's a partisan hack.
It's obvious to anyone who has even the slightest bit of objectivity.
Contracting the virus is NOT a death sentence! That cannot be said loudly or often enough. If you're in a risk group, then take personal responsibility and protect yourself.
Repeal and replace Obamacare. The Dementiacrats never talk about those Americans who lost their healthcare after Obamacare was passed and their healthcare costs have increased.
Yep. Nancy Pelosi is the roadblock to the next stimulus bill, as her meltdown interview with Wolf Blitzed clearly showed.
Guthrie is clueless about negotiations. The Dementiacrats are the roadblocks. Period.
This woman is clueless on what corporate tax rates mean in terms of economic growth. Tax increases are the death of economic growth. It's a simple economic/fiscal lesson learned over and over again: Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, and now Trump. Cutting taxes works every time.
Guthrie going after the President's personal taxes. A Dementiacrat talking point. BTW, he doesn't "owe the Russians"; most of his corporate debt is to Deutsches Bank.
Let's see Guthrie (or any other Dementiacrat media hack) ask Biden about his taxes - including the off-books money he has collected over the years from overseas corruption (Ukraine, China, etc.).
Guthrie is a complete swine. Belligerent, emotional hack, conveying the Dementiacrat Party line. Pushing the tax issue when there are FAR more important issues, e.g., Hunter Biden's corruption and the 50% kickback to his father. A crime family!
What we're seeing is the complete disrespect of the media class for the President. They are all Dementiacrat hacks.
Correct! The nomination of ACB is entirely constitutional and proper.
Great to bring up the Dementiacrat attacks on Justice Kavanaugh! Great reminder!
Excellent! Spiking the Dementiacrat talking point that the only reason for ACB's appointment is to vote in favor of President Trump in any election controversy/ruling.
Roe v Wade - if repealed - will revert to the states. Exactly right and the correct answer. It's federalism.
I love that he is emphasizing ACB's independence. Guthrie is obviously pro-abortions. Never mind the 63+ million aborted souls who could be found to comment.
Criminal justice reform, HBCU support, opportunity zones. All things that Obama-Biden never touched.
Funny that immigration isn't a Dementiacrat issue any more. And here is Guthrie B.S. again singing the Dementiacrat song. Love the merit system and legal answer by the President! Got rid of catch and release!
Closing statement was a great summary of why he should be reelected! Biden's got nothing at all to offer. President Trump is positive and energetic!
Switched over to the Biden snooze-fest. Talk about a lack of energy! Biden claims he's not opposing fracking (he's lying!). "Future rest in renewable energy." What B.S. He's clueless on the laws of thermodynamics and the concept of heat exchange!
I have to believe he's reading some stuff WiFi'd to his contacts. That guy is not that cogent. He's obviously reading something.
He's also babbling on leftwing nonsense.
Biden wants to stop "subsidizing the oil industry." Good luck with that. Now he's breaking with the GND fanatics. Good luck with trying to split that hair, too. "Pelletize chicken and horse manure and extract methane and make a lot of money doing that." Sheer lunacy!
Electric vehicles! Where does the energy come from for those vehicles? Oil and gas and coal because "renewable energy" can't provide sufficient energy to charge the batteries! The Greenies are clueless on heat exchange ratios!
Biden claims that the US is more isolated in the world than ever. He thinks we are less secure than ever. (all B.S.) Hungary? WTF is Biden talking about. He's rambling all over the place! Ridiculous B.S. coming out of that clown's mouth. A ridiculous rambling answers.
Sorry, lady. Transgenderism is a form of mental disorder. There are two biological genders. Here's a ridiculous personal anecdote that is just the latest lie (unverifiable nonsense!).
Biden is nothing but a panderer. He will say and do anything for votes. Change on issues, lie, relate false stories, etc. His eyes are windows into his evil soul. Barely alive.

• • •

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Rat-face Whitehouse (& conspiracy theorist) is up now. He is also whining about the "lack of comity" recently but again ignores the fact that the Democrats got this rolling back when they torpedoed Judge Robert Bork. He's whining against the "exercise of raw politics." Hypocrite!
Roe v Wade, ACA, etc., are irrelevant. Those are policy actions which are the purview of Congress. The federal judiciary isn't the mechanism to implement laws you can't get passed by Congress. Obamacare was passed without a SINGLE Republican vote. Unprecedented! Raw politics!
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What a sanctimonious preening liar!
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