I was not going to watch the NBC town hall; what a travesty that they would hold it in the first place—another HUGE victory for mental pathology to be given a platform! But it is an assessment of his condition: his defenses are accelerated, even more fierce than at the debate.
There is visual manipulation once again—a prominently seated black woman is nodding her head constantly to his talking points. This is exactly the mind-controlling “technique” I was looking for, and there it is.
The host is trying very hard, and no matter how hard she tries, the simple fact of her not being a mental health professional applying very specific methods designed for containing a SEVERELY impaired individual makes all her efforts null and void.
Yes, switching momentarily to Joe Biden’s town hall is a world of a difference! A civilized discussion, for a change, allows you to think clearly and recognize that life does not have to be full of anger, fear, and relentless tension—what few Trump supporters get to experience.

• • •

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17 Oct
What on EARTH are you talking about?? YOU and the NEJM chief editor silenced us in support of the president AT A CRUCIAL MOMENT!! While I am the first to be delighted at NEJM’s change of position, it would certainly not be because of you!!!!
I will not forget the time when the NEJM elevated your calling us Nazi psychiatrists, in order to muffle a legitimate ethical scholar’s important article supporting us, and then REFUSING to publish a response from us, which included the most renowned psychiatrists on the planet!!
If you were not cloaking a partisan stance (more like alignment with power AGAINST all the core tenets of professional ethics) as professionalism, I do not know who on earth would be.
Read 6 tweets
17 Oct
This is what sociopathy feels like. Usually, we do a better job at keeping it from harming society, and certainly away from high offices.
We do not recognize it and then collude with it, either, as the American Psychiatric Association has done. If psychiatric institutions do not exist to protect everyone from dangerous mental pathology (especially when it can deceive and beguile), what are they good for?
In mental health, a professional must report, warn, or take steps to protect victims from a person one knows to be a danger. A single victim can be failure of a professional “duty to protect.” Here, we will have 400,000 and counting by the end of the year, and the APA is mum.
Read 4 tweets
17 Oct
If a political party can only win by suppressing votes, spreading misinformation, and playing with people’s minds, is it any wonder we ended up with a severely mentally-impaired president? Mental pathology is more effective at stirring up irrational support than any strategy.
If not for its trickery, we may not have been so careless as to miss warnings about 9/11, we may not have such a dire climate crisis, we may not have waged an Iraq War, we may not have had a 2008 crash, and we may not have allowed rampant misery that led to a Trump presidency.
I am not being partisan: I said elsewhere that, if empirical data show one party to double suicides and homicides compared to the other party, for 110 years with few exceptions, it is a health issue more than a political issue.
Read 4 tweets
17 Oct
There is still time for prominent psychiatrists to be of use to society, rather than just to themselves, by serving only special and powerful interests who can pay. We have a thing called “responsibility to society”—it is in the first line of our ethics.
And why do we keep bringing up personal examination? This has not been true for diagnosis since 1980. We diagnose mostly through observation and reports by family/coworkers. With the president, we have dozens of sworn testimonies! Books! 1000’s of hours of real footage!
But we are not even talking about diagnosis. Public health (preventive psychiatry) is different from clinical psychiatry. We deal with populations, not a person who has already become sick. Our responsibility is society, not the patient.
Read 5 tweets
16 Oct
When people thought our stating the president was dangerous and violence-prone was severe, we had an urgency to educate. Of all institutions, the American Psychiatric Association was the one to muzzle us. For this reason, I will not be recommending them to the Commission.
There are several other reasons for my not doing so:
1. It once put out a public statement that we were practicing “armchair psychiatry” and doing so for “self-aggrandizing reasons” and “using psychiatry as a political tool.” Above all, this is highly unprofessional language.
2. Secondly, it shows an inability to distinguish between clinical psychiatry and public health (preventive psychiatry), as outlined in its own ethics code preamble: psychiatrists have a “responsibility to patients ... AS WELL AS to society.”
Read 8 tweets
12 Oct
I sure wish a lawyer like @gtconway3d would have looked at what the nation’s top mental health experts had done, instead of turning it into a matter of celebrity and personal advancement, while backing false psychologists who do not mind his playing mental health expert.
I should clarify that there is only one false psychologist I know of. What do I mean by this? 1. Having little knowledge/opinions of his own, he parrots others: every single quote is traceable to what another professional has said months, weeks, or days ago;...
2. He marketizes our concepts and actions into a source of profit or fame for himself; 3. He discredits or pushes out real professionals, damaging our efforts, the extent of which is now immeasurable (as pathology is always destructive in the end, no matter the purported cause).
Read 6 tweets

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