SEX: Sacred Energy Exchange.

Every interaction you have with your significant other can be ‘sex’

Beginning with the energy you put out during the day, texts you send, eye contact.

It Doesn’t necessarily have to be physical.
This is also one of the benefits of semen retention - when you remove the outcome based ‘end’ of sex of the male orgasm…

You can extend the period of sex - it becomes more about the process and being in the moment.
Concidentally, when you focus more on the moment and the individual movements rather than the end

- this is usually when it feels better for the girl

- who are much more energetically tuned in to the act of sex by nature.
Girls can reach those upper levels of energy without ANY physical contact, if you know what mental buttons to press.
Try and feel the energy coursing through you during sex and manipulate that to mix with your girl - guarantee you it will feel much more intense than you’ve felt before.
So much so that you can feel fully satisfied and sexually spent without orgasm as the guy - but still retain that masculine energy and drive.

• • •

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16 Oct
What’s the golden rule?

Is it inside your control? good.

If not? Don’t worry about it.
If you have the capacity to reduce your suffering by not sweating the 'small' inconveniences then you have the capability to do the same for 'big' 'negative' events too. It's the same principle.

You are conditioned to think its a 'big deal' so you 'deserve' a stronger reaction
by focusing on your internal reaction to external events, you can feel emotions but not be controlled by them

YOU are the master of your internal state.

don't allow other social programming to dictate you different.

"oh you MUST be SOOO UPSET!" - nah I'm good bro.
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15 Oct
the dudes that complain about women have only ever experienced low quality women
same goes for girls that hate men
the wholesome, caring + restorative feminine

the firm, direct and guiding masculine

impossible to dislike this when someone is channeling this energy correctly
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10 Oct
Just watched David attenboroughs new doc

First half was cool to see his life and nice imagery

Gave me weird vibes towards the end like it was a step by step brainwashing to zog world
@DrutangAtHome thoughts on this?
Of course I will always support environmental efforts, save wildlife and help animool wherever possible

Definitely some great ideas in it

Just the message got a little controlling
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10 Oct

I get this question a lot - how do you stay lean while still making muscular gains?

I'm of the opinion now that you don't need to go on a disgusting dreamer bulk woofing down domino's under the guise of 'putting on weight'

Here's how I do it:
First of all, the main thing that is going to enable you to stay lean long term is having muscle mass.

When you have a higher amount of muscle on the body - that’s more cells in the body that need energy just to exist.
This increase your Resting Metabolic Rate - the amount of energy you need to survive AT REST.

Aim to put on muscle lifting weights and increasing the work you’re putting in over time

Ideally you only need about a 10% excess of your daily calories in order to put on muscle mass.
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5 Oct
proper dieting mindset (thread) :

it's not a 'strict' diet

its eating the food that're gonna give you the most energy, the most health + utmost potential for life
it's completely stopping consuming mass-produced garbage that's actively harming you

I always laugh when people ask 'don't you ever just wanna woof down some Domini's icecream and pizzas?'

no, not in the slightest.
It literally doesn't even taste good. I can feel the processed nature of it - it's spiritually wrong.

I'll choose a wholesome, homecooked meal that will energise and heal me every time.

But the thing is, you don't have to eat dry chicken breast and broccoli.
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30 Sep

For the last 200,000 years, humans have existed and thrived, running on our bare feet.

Over the last 50 years, running shoes have taken over the world of sports, messing up our biomechanics + foot development in the process.
Growing up as kid we were pushed into padded running shoes for sports, or tight dress shoes for most of our school years.

The effect this has is our internal foot musculature and natural structure and biomechanics developing all wrong, our running gait decaying because of it.
When you start to barefoot run, all the little unused muscles in your feet and ankles get back into the swing of things.

This translates to improved athleticism, a better connection to the earth and a newfound sense of awareness in the body.
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