Great cases of "herd immunity"

Bubonic Plague a/k/a The Black Death
The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulates among wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density.
Originating in China, the disease spread west along the trade routes across Europe and arrived on the British Isles from the English province of Gascony.

Oh, a "CHI-nahh plague". So how did it go?
It is believed to have been spread by flea-infected rats, as well as individuals who had been infected on the continent.
Although it was relatively well contained in the Isles, it achieved even greater potency when the virus became airborne as it meant it was more quickly spread from human to human.

Airborne? You mean . . . like a coronavirus?
Trump knew the current pandemic coronavirus was Airborne back in at least February 2020.

He talks a LOT about it being from China.

Didn't really tell us much about the Airborne thing . . .
In the years between 1346 and 1353, the plague destroyed a higher proportion of the population than any other single known event.

Back then they didn't even know about germs. So, you know, they didn't have our advantages.
I mean, surely knowing a plague from China that went Airborne across continents that was faced by people who had no idea about social distancing, washing hands, face masks so they didn't do those things . . . surely that well known history wouldn't alarm anyone . . .
One observer noted: “The living were scarcely sufficient to bury the dead,” according to History Extra.

So it spread like wildfire through a population that didn't even KNOW they could take simple precautions to slow the spread and stay safe. But we DO know.
It would take 200 years before Europe alone was able to replenish its population to pre-plague numbers. In addition to population losses, the world also suffered monumental setbacks in terms of labour, art, culture and the economy.
So we could all just do nothing, you know, like back in the DARK AGES and wait for the call of "Bring out your dead."

Or we could let science guide us through a very communicable, AIRBORNE, deadly plague.

What century is this?
“It is impossible for the human tongue to recount the awful truth,” wrote the 14th-century chronicler Agnolo di Tura.

In Florence, wrote Giovanni Boccaccio, “No more respect was accorded to dead people than would nowadays be accorded to dead goats.”
How did the public react to the Black Death plague?

Some hid in their homes. So, you know - social distancing. Self-quarantine.

BUT . . . Others refused to accept the threat.
Their way of coping, Boccaccio wrote, was to “drink heavily, enjoy life to the full, go round singing and merrymaking, and gratify all of one’s cravings when the opportunity emerged, and shrug the whole thing off as one enormous joke.”
Probably making snide jokes about those poor souls who stayed home. Perhaps something about "hiding in their basements."

At any rate. WEAR a MASK. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands.


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