Someone asks Biden if "peace is breaking out all over the world" isn't a credit to Trump's foreign policy. Biden replies that the US is more isolated from support from the world than ever, "we're less secure than we've been" but he compliments Trump "on the deal with Israel"
Biden talks about the rise of totalitarian regimes: "This president embraces all the thugs in the world....He's learned the art of the steal...the art of the Xi in China. There is no coherent plan for foreign policy." #BidenTownHall
"It's about the lack of respect that's shown to us," Biden says about Trump's foreign policy failures. #BidenTownHall
Biden gets a question about transgender rights and "reversing the dangerous and discriminatory agenda" of Trump towards LGBTQ people. "I would flat out change those laws," Biden says. "I would reverse those executive orders." #BidenTownHall
"Too many transgender women of color are being murdered. They're being murdered." #BidenTownHall
Biden on racial justice: He says he will pursue it whether he becomes president or goes back to teaching in Pennsylvania.

"We are a country of slaves who came here 400 years ago, and indigenous people, and everyone else is an immigrant." #BidenTownHall
Biden: "If I become president, you will not see me race-baiting. You will see me unify." #BidenTownHall
Biden: "It's not about Democrat or Republican. If I become president I will take care of those who voted for me and those who voted against me....this is the greatest nation in the world. We can't do it divided." #BidenTownHall
Biden says he's been taking Covid tests every day -- "the deep tests" he says, gesturing at his nose. "It's just decency to determine whether or not you're clear. I'm less concerned about me, it's the guys with the camera, the Secret Service guys." #BidenTownHall
end of #BidenTownHall. That was genuinely really smart and full of actual policy that people need to hear in order to vote. ABC is also hitting the point pretty hard that Trump squirmed out of head-to-head discussion with Biden.
ABC news is doing such a good job tonight. #BidenTownHall
Now post-Town Hall coverage of #BidenTownHall on ABC. Reporter says "I was struck by how much Joe Biden talked about his plans....he didn't speak that much about Donald Trump." Absolutely true. Solid evening of substantive answers.

• • •

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16 Oct
In theory: Yes. In practice, many successful startups have been only about undercutting the government in some publicly taxed activity: Labor (gig economy); transportation (Uber etc); zoning (Airbnb)
Once you understand that the startup world is less about the platitudinal mythology of "disrupting" other businesses and more about just disrupting government regulations, you have within your grasp the means of your own intellectual liberation.
After the initial build, the largest impact of any major startup is in its lobbying division. FB, Google, Uber, Amazon all have some major form of government relations effort to change laws to suit their businesses. Please discuss.
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16 Oct
A lot of us also have two phones, for full douchebag effect. (I am speaking of myself here)
My mom used to roast me for "most recent birthday without a work call," a la hazardous work sites. My birthday is on a national holiday.
If you haven't had to walk up and down the beach at Montauk looking for a signal on July 4th so that you can take calls to add color to a story about a pending multi billion-dollar merger, have you even lived
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16 Oct
my entire timeline is trump. literally no biden at all. members of the media included.

y'all are really going to give him those metrics, huh? that's how we got here.
He's setting the country on fire and time and again, people don't put out the flames because they want to gather to watch it burn
Muting forever anyone tweeting Trump's town hall. Don't pretend it's civic participation. It's choosing his lies and hatred because it's a good spectacle. He's absolutely right about one thing: Your desire to see him on TV is how he's going to win.
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15 Oct
Glad to see that I turned off Twitter for a few hours and it had no choice but to break down in despair
you will never understand our love
it's okay bb we all get to have a breakdown now
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15 Oct
Pls remember that it is a radical act, in this world, as a woman, to love yourself, value yourself and your time. Everyone's going to try to convince you that your emotional and physical resources are more important to their thriving than your own. That's burnout. Draw a boundary
If you are not good at drawing boundaries -- which a lot of women aren't, due to received messages about "sacrifice" and other patriarchal reasons that women learn to keep themselves in second class -- here's some good advice.

Some will try to convince you that your value is negotiable, that your emotional safety has to be compromised, and that's simply not true. What I think - and it may help you - is no one comes in between the way I relate to myself. No one makes me talk to myself differently.
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14 Oct
Literally cannot believe we are having a "but his emails" news cycle right now
2020 is a test of how embarrassingly the press can ignore its 2016 mistakes
Imagine how much better our country would be if Jake Sherman and Maggie Haberman would just take a fucking nap for one day, or better yet, three weeks, rather than getting up to their same old unethical Twitter antics
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