Like the windup toy she is, @SavannahGuthrie confirms The prediction that @realDonaldTrump and I made:

The NBC townhall would be an infantile sham.

Leftist refuse to accept the following concept:

QUANTITY does not equal QUALITY.

Just the opposite, in fact.
Asking the same question 50,000 times produces the phenomenon of "semantic satiation."

The words lose all meaning.
(Well, ain't that dandy! I've been trying to upload a video for several minutes, but Twitter won't let me, and it's offering no explanation. I've used every possible format. My little mind is manually preventing it.)
But you understand the concept.

That's why Trump doesn't change his answers.

By repeating himself almost word for word, he demonstrates how utterly brainless Democrat interviewers are.

Each time Trump is asked this, the Democrats lose support.
When you have ICE CUBE giving you props--no matter how grudgingly--THAT is the endgame.

The end game for the DEMOCRATS.

People voted the way they did because they had no hope.

"At least I'm not voting for one of those bizarre Republicans!"

Most of us can now admit that we held out noses A LOT.

Big deal.

Trump is entirely unique in American history.

Probably human history.

All he cares about is delivering.


He does most of his work away from the glare of publicity.
The crucial votes of black Americans are now being ignored by Democrats.

They're putting their hopes in...white suburban women.

When the riots started, black America held its breath.

The great fear was that Trump would say, "Okay. You can rot, then."
THAT was the Democratic plan.

Turn white Trump supporters against black Americans AND send an unmistakable message:

"DO NOT try and better your situation. We will send stormtroopers to destroy your businesses."

I wrote a thread earlier that it's political suicide to treat people like criminals for even WORKING WITH Trump.

Ice Cube said the Democrats IGNORED HIS PLAN.

Trump adopted parts of it.

And now the Democrats are PUNISHING HIM.

Nobody in the country is a SUBJECT.

The Democrats are not LORDS AND MASTERS.

When they act like it, they lose support.

But they refuse to even think about that.

It's not even on their radar screen.
Did you know that Trump can LEGALLY take over social media in order to preserve the integrity of our elections?

Since Twitter, Facebook, and Google are now blatantly interfering, it just might happen.

My guess is it won't come to that.

But the tech giants are doomed.
And they did it to themselves.

Time for one of my favorite quotes.

I apply it to all leftists:
"And so imprisoned between water and fire, they had been delivered into the annihilation that was their god."

--Carl Stephenson
Leiningen Versus the Ants
The tech giants tried to mess with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

This is what happens when mediocre people get so rich.

The actress Sean Young destroyed her career almost immediately because she would NOT shut up.
Her mother warned her.

"Honey, you're very confused. People are paying attention to you because you're a beautiful young actress who shot to stardom because of Blade Runner. But if you keep on spouting off, they'll drop you."
Young ignored her, and her career imploded faster than her rise to stardom.

She could've had everything.

You can never allow yourself to get a big head, no matter how much you're praised.

Trump doesn't have a big head.

Not by a long shot.

He doesn't feel entitled.
Plato said that Socrates wasn't the smartest man in the world, because he knew how stupid he was.

This means Socrates KNEW AND ACCEPTED his limitations.

So does Trump.

He asks questions until he understands.

THEN he makes his decisions.
Can't ask for a better president than that.


• • •

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17 Oct

Oh my gosh!

@realDonaldTrump you magnificent bastard!

(Let me put in the context so people don't get offended.)

My hair is standing on end.

How many demographics is that one guy?!


How utterly individualistic is he?!

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17 Oct

Not "picking on" Tim. Just pointing out reality.

@realDonaldTrump will be declared the winner ON ELECTION NIGHT.

Take that to the bank.

In all of American history, guess how many elections were NOT called on election night?


Bush versus Gore in 2000.

That's because the whole election depended on Florida.

Bush got 271 electoral votes.

You need 270 to win.
There's absolutely NO WAY that this will be a close election.

Americans don't elect senile candidates who say that we must elect them in order to find out their positions.

This is a desperate strategy dreamed up by people not in touch with reality.
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16 Oct

I had no idea this series exists, and I'd certainly never heard of writer Eric Kripke @therealKripke.

He recently gave the funniest interview of all time.

It's the usual "I hate @realDonaldTrump" drivel, but there's ONE noteworthy quote.… Image
"I sort of believe it’s dangerous, not to overstate it or be overdramatic, but it’s a little dangerous to train an entire generation to wait for someone strong to come in and save you."
"That’s I think how you end up with people like Trump and populists who say, 'I’m the only one who can come in, it’s going to be me.'"
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16 Oct

How do we know that Democrats are fully aware that @realDonaldTrump is going to win yugely?

Look at the crazed reaction to THIS.…
Trump is attacked nonstop by the utterly creepy Arlo Guthrie, Biden is spoon fed baby food and given as many breaks as he needs, BUT.

ONE SHOW IS SUPPORT for Trump is the end of the world. Image

Of course not.

Despite the ridiculous advantage Biden was given, ONE NODDING WOMAN has made these people lose their minds.

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16 Oct

How utterly childish are Democrats, @realDonaldTrump?

Look what's trending.


There was an imaginary debate tonight, and Biden won!

Little kids making forts out of sofa cushions in the living room.

When Obama won, all I did was remember what H. L. Mencken said.
And then in 2012, when the voters said, "Thank you sir! May I have another?" I again didn't pretend that there was an imaginary president who won.

Tonight Biden was spoon fed baby food, and his supporters say, "He really did a number on Trump!"
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15 Oct

Let's talk about THE fatal blunder that will cost the Democrats everything:

Making it impossible for most voters to publicly express their support for @realDonaldTrump.

The evidence is in the polls.
Biden's 10-point lead in a recent poll is not possible.

That means he's outperforming ALL PREVIOUS CHALLENGERS in American history.

The only answer is a gigantic silent Trump majority.

Here's what Trump said today:

The Democrats have made it physically, psychologically, economically, academically, and socially DANGEROUS for people to express support for Trump.

Therefore, nobody has any idea how many Americans plan on voting for Trump.
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