@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Back into your bag of tricks I see?

What's coming to take down the Biden's isn't coming from "anonymous sources familiar with the matter".

They have the goods. They have the evidence.

I almost feel sorry for you pricks.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 The intel community alerted both Brennan & Comey of intelligence that Clinton’s campaign operatives were launching a Russian collusion narrative to be pimped to media & federal agencies to distract from her ongoing email scandal.

Brennan briefed Obama about this on July 26 2016.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Comey was sent an investigative referral to look into the matter on September6, 2016.

Both Brennan’s briefing of Obama and the referral and all memos exchanged between Comey and the CIA were classified until just a week and a half ago.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Already having been alerted the Clinton campaign was shopping fake Russia evidence thru Steele & others, Comey & Brennan classified the warnings & proceeded to act if the Steele Dossier was authentic intelligence on which to continue their pursuit of the Trump campaign.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 There never was any real intelligence predicate or crime for launching Crossfire Hurricane. They knew all along they were using fake evidence created by Clinton’s paid operatives.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 And we just learned there was a real intelligence predicate for investigating what the CLINTON CAMPAIGN was doing in 2016.

That IC referral to Comey did not come to him from paid operatives of the Trump campaign. It came thru the regular channels.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Comey and Brennan got around not having any real intel or crime predicate for going after Trump’s campaign while a **real** intel predicate dropped into laps just as they were preparing to launch Crossfire Hurricane by classifying it and pretending they didn’t know.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 When the official documentary evidence was declassified, Comey blithely lied and said he “didn’t recall” ever seeing this referral about the Clinton campaign’s dirty trick operation.

Of course, that’s not an option for Brennan, due to the notes from the 7/26/16 Obama briefing.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Brennan was forced to say **even if** it is true the Clinton campaign used media outlets into publishing fake info, & even if federal officials were tricked into investigating Trump’s campaign based on a political dirty trick, it wasn’t ILLEGAL & no crimes were committed.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 Now I want you to pay attention here to this part;

Shane Harris & other DNC Media propagandists made liberal use of anonymous sources for FIVE YEARS & counting to sell the RussiaGate Hoax.

The **exposure** of the RussiaGate Hoax has not relied on anonymous sources at any time.
@shaneharris @nakashimae @gregpmiller @jdawsey1 When their “anonymous officials familiar with the matter” are exposed by crude on-the-record documentary evidence, Shane and his propagandists just blithely move on.

There’s no accountability and they don’t retract.

But that’s ok.

That’s what I’m here for.


• • •

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17 Oct
16 more days.

To the #Trump2020Landslide.

BUY YOUR #TrumpSlide2020 gear in my TeeSpring Store, Rise of the New Media!

teespring.com/stores/rise-of… Image
You can get a "Trumpslide" t-shirt in twelve different exciting colors!

The back of the shirt says "Goodbye Fake News! We Are The Media Now!" ImageImage
The "Trumpslide" hoodie comes in 4 colors, white, gray, red and blue! ImageImage
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17 Oct
Think about this:

Joe Biden has had A YEAR AND A HALF to get ready to answer these questions.


He just BLOWS HIS TOP and yells at the reporters to try to get them to BACK OFF & change the subject.

Here's the video from last year the first time a reporter dared to ask Biden about Hunter's dealings in Ukraine and how shady it looked.

This was a year and a half ago. He's no better prepared to talk about it now than he was then.


More than EIGHTEEN MONTHS Biden has had time to at least **try** to craft a coherent response to this question.

He hasn't done it.


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16 Oct
These goons spent 5 years giving the Trump family a vicious partisan audit trying to prove they took Putin's money.

The Trump family was vindicated.

Now it's the Biden's turn.

I wish them the best of luck.


Oh my God.

How was this **not** fraud? Image
Back when this happened, because a BIDEN was involved in this outright fraud of stealing taxpayer's money to help launch a F**KING INVESTMENT FIRM, they got away with it.

Remind me again, which of these is a crime family?

Which one was fabulously wealthy BEFORE politics? ImageImage
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16 Oct
Remember, Zelensky winning the election in Ukraine in April of 2019 was a big upset.

ALL the State Department & Obama White House players fully expected Poroshenko to keep providing cover for them.

Suddenly ol' Petro wasn't Prez any more.

Aw gee. :(
And what's THAT you say??!!!

President Trump is talking to this new Ukrainian president about finding out where the billions in missing US aid went??!!

NOBODY is supposed to ever know where that money went!!!
They MUST respond to this!




Same day.

April 25, 2019.

cnn.com/2019/11/15/pol… Image
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16 Oct

Been waiting for this.

Something's about to drop...

It's a reminder this goon was so friendly with the unbelievably corrupt former Ukrainian gov't of Petro Poroshenko that they **offered to make him their Minister of Defense three times***.

And I'm sure @TrumpWarRoom is bringing this up NOW for no reason whatsoever. ;)
I'm expecting stuff about Yovanovich to drop soon as well. Image
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16 Oct
You're watching October Surprises being prepped, the pieces moving around the board for the final week.

I'm not saying you have to AGREE with Trump's team strategy in delaying doing this stuff until just before the election.

I'm asking you to RECOGNIZE it.
On SpyGate, BidenGate, Big Tech, just on those three fronts you've been watching the pieces move on the board for 2 weeks now.

"Why now? Why not a year ago?"

Good question. I don't know.

I only see what they're doing RIGHT NOW.
All of a sudden in the FINAL MONTH BEFORE ELECTION DAY Trump's team is suddenly rapidly acting on ALL KINDS OF STUFF at lightening speed that *could have* been done long ago.

Now you can TELL YOURSELF this is nothing, just a coincidence.
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