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I was silent for years.
I ignored it.
But when a blue checkmark, whose multiple Twitter accounts you have had blocked for years, cyberstalks & cyberbullies you, spreading lies about you & your family members, month after month, you reach a breaking point.

I didn't stand up when my friend was cyberbullied by Mensch and took his own life.

I regret that.

See here:

I didn't stand up and fight back when she began calling me a "serial harrasser" of women.

I wish I had.

And, incidentally, the "harrassment" she is referring to was when I sent Louise a text message, to a number SHE GAVE ME years before, asking her very politely to please stop attacking and doxxing my friend @wokyleeks .

The text message involved Louise attacking my deceased

friend AGAIN and ending with her accusing me of NOT being myself because I spelled "apologize" like a Canadian ("apologise").

I was kind, collected and asking her to be kind to a person who was, himself, pleading with her to stop her bullying him.

Louise has not stopped her harrassment and bullying.
Just ask any number of other people on this platform who have, similarly, been targeted by Ms. Mensch.
Some, for their own mental health, had to leave Twitter altogether.

One of them, a dear friend of mine, is an anti-suicide activist.

Louise went after her, like the rest of us, for absolutely no reason.

Her beautiful work, reaching out to others, crusading against suicide, has been choked and drowned off, by a bully with a blue checkmark.

I'm not looking for pity but I wanted to explain why I choose to die on the hill I have chosen.
I'm tired of my wife of 25 yrs (we've been together for 33 yrs) asking why there's a female lunatic (Louise) in NY telling everyone my wife divorced me because I was "obsessed".

I'm not going to drag others into it, but I watched, for the past year, as Louise targeted others, including one with a for-profit account, who she began targeting with accusations of "Misogyny".
Louise has taken the concept of #MeToo and weaponized it into a crass instrument

that will only destroy the gains made, with regard to "believing" women.

When women make false accusations (see Tara Reade), it has devastating effects.

Day after day, Louise and her flying monkeys continued to attack.

One day, I reached out to a mutual friend, ImmaculateLoo.

I asked her if she would reach out to Louise and ask her to stop.

She said she would.

11 days later, this happened...and Louise and Loo began tag-teaming the cyberbullying.

I later discovered that Loo did video work for Project Lincoln.


And it just kept going...


Both Louise and Loo kept this going for weeks.

I'm just one person.
They have done this to SO MANY PEOPLE now.
I have seen 1 person pushed to suicide on this platform & plenty of others pushed nearly as far.
I'm putting my foot down.
I'm taking a stand.
I'll no longer accept the bullying & I'm dying on this hill.



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