It’s interesting to me that so many viewed my friends interruption as intentionally inconsiderate interrupting for the sake of rudeness instead of the impulsive, cork bursting out of the bottle pressure to speak that characterizes many folks with ADHD’s interrupting.
Suggesting they be slapped or fined is as egregious as suggesting they be slapped or fined for having ADHD in the first place. If I had suggested lateness was the issue, there would have been far more compassion but for some reason this really brought the judgment out.
I wonder how we as people with ADHD move forward from that punitive model that we have been burdened with and fought against for so long. Instead, I’d like to embrace the person where they are and give them strategic advice versus judgement.
Just for transparency’s sake, I’m not saying that there aren’t symptoms that personally irritate me in people more than others. This isn’t a finger wagging session. This is a genuine call in, not a call out. How do we embrace each other instead of upholding the neurotypical norm?
An addendum: it is cruelty to kick someone when they are seeking help and I know that every neurodivergent person has felt that pain. A person who is seeking answers knows there is a problem so critiques serve no purpose other than to wound. Be as mindful as you can of your words

• • •

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18 Oct
Are you ready to tidy up before the weekend ends? Don’t spend a lot of time on it, use these quick tidy up tips:

1. Clear the floor- one of the easiest ways to make the room look cleaner is to clear the floor. Make the pathways straight and scoot the big stuff against the wall.
2. Straighten the surfaces toss everything errant into a basket and wipe the surfaces down. You’ll look like you cleaned for hours but really it was just a few minutes. 😅
3. Ditch the debris- one of my favorite cleaning strategies is to keep a trash can and cleaning wipes in EVERY room of the house. That means I can wisk away the evidence of my messiness in moments.
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18 Oct
To say I was annoyed by this was an understatement. I try to keep things professional in professional settings. However y’all are used to me and you know I had several carefully selected swear words I would have preferred to use in my response.
And this is the shit we’re talking about when we talk about always having to correct and hold on and wait our turn and never get to say our peace because we always have to be concerned about the backlash.

So I’m just gonna say it:

Fuck her and her need to clutch her pearls
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3 Oct
An example of what I mean by minimum level of clean: I started decorating my apartment and getting real furniture in July. I also switched my living room and my office around because: complicating already complicated things is what I do. I finished most of it in late August Picture of the chaise loung...
That means clutter was the first thing you saw entering to my home for the last two months. Was it ideal? Nope. Is it my favorite thing to look at? Nah. But did it hurt anyone? NO. Was there food, drink, or moisture rendering it unhygienic? No. Was it unsafe? No. So it was fine.
My minimum level of clean said I could leave that junk there because I was busy moving my shipping operations across country while preparing for fall/winter and dealing with doggie blindness/diabetes. Today I took care of it. It looks like this now: Picture of the chaise loung...Picture of the chaise loung...
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3 Oct
Ok we have been talking about cooking and cleaning tonight and those skills are valuable but I also think it is important for us to talk about how much pressure is placed on ADHD women by society’s expectations of women doing all of that housework and labor.
I’ve been in seminars and conferences and watched women just sob because of how broken they feel because they can’t keep a house clean. But not JUST because they can’t keep their house clean. They cry because of how nasty their husbands and families and friends are about it.
Women across the board are expected to take on the vast majority of the housework, and when you add in executive function issues, it is a recipe for disaster.

We are so much more than the labor we do for our families. Please remember that you aren’t defined by housework.
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2 Oct
When I tell you all it gets better, I want you to know I’m speaking from the place of having been a person who slept on the corner of the bed that wasn’t covered in books and laundry, and slipped on the pile of papers on the floor beside the bed in the mad dash to work.
I would be running 10/15 minutes late for work, and running on a quarter tank of gas that I might not get to fill because likely I overdrew my checking account (AGAIN). Then I would come home and stay up until 2AM and be too tired to get up on time, and repeat until quite batty
I KNOW how fucked up and weird things get because I lived a fucked up and weird life for a long LONG time. You can’t shock me, and I assure you I don’t have on rose colored glasses. Hell, I bounced my bank account so bad once that it took my whole damn paycheck. I was a MESS.
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1 Oct
ADHD Awareness Month.

When I was 25 years old, my mental health deteriorated to the place where I took a 6months leave from work. During that time I discovered what the problem had always been: I was living unaware that I had ADHD. Picture of René Brooks in O...
At that point in my life I was the kind of person who had amazing potential that was never realized. I was an award winning poet, I worked for the largest health insurer in my state, yet I couldn’t arrive at work consistently. I stopped writing poems. My relationships stunk.
At 35, I am the person I always knew I could be if I would ever “get it together”. Some of us need extra pieces to make the vision come together. Thank you for bearing witness to me coming into my potential, especially those of you who watched from the beginning.
Read 7 tweets

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