fucked around at work today

did some thinking

reflecting on it,

hahahahahahaha GOVERNMENTS
can you imagine earnestly proposing some social engineering scheme can you just imagine that kind of insane hubris
I control a thing at work

I can run all sorts of experiments, things people in academia have never dreamed of

my analytic powers are boundless

everything is measured

and you know what with all this, on rare occasions we can move some metric a percent or two over baseline
usually things get worse

occasionally they get much worse

we actually bother to measure this though and revert if we need to
now im thinking about congress

just fucking breezing into the capital and fucking PASSING BILLS ALL GODDSMN DAY YEEEHAW
this is insane

this is absolute madness

nothing is tested! nothing!!! when was the last time a fucking government program shipped after a careful A/B test???? where are their fucking realtime metrics? where are the backtests?


social scientists should be embarrassed to pretend to knowledge under these conditions

knowing what I know now about its whats possible to know about the consequences of manipulating complex systems under the best possible condition

just quit just fucking fall on your swords
they wont though

contemplate this on the tree of woe

• • •

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14 Oct
wait tw*tter is c*nsoring the thing? 👀
still up in trending

v curious how major parties are just completely incapable of running candidates who are not transparently corrupt makes u think
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13 Oct
if you are not particularly likable and you go out of your way to try to smear a person who radiates likeability as, unlikable

you will probably not succeed in doing anything but making people notice that you are unlikable and acting like kind of a jerk
how are professional politicians so bad at this
everyone who is responding by saying that they are unlikable and so doomed is, in fact likeable, please do not worry

really unlikeable people dont fret about being unlikeable they just radiate contempt for everyone around them
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13 Oct
.@selentelechia, re: rousseau: "what an incel"
(imo hes a fuckboi)
ok per @secretmoderator

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5 Sep
I was going to do it but better but close enough
all right fuck it lets get weird
You now have a wife or husband! Hahaha no one likes men you have a wife

what is the minimum amount of monthly income that you would require for you to be indifferent to her to do boring porn
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1 Sep
figured something out


video actually is bad for understanding things that have happened more often than not
biology textbooks are interesting because they're often lovingly illustrated with blown out drawings in lots of colors with labels

but sometimes interspersed are photos of (eg) cells under microscopes

the latter, despite being a "true" image, are often less useful for learning
here for example is a stained slide of some epithelial tissue (or some other kind, who knows)

in fact here are a bunch of kinds of tissue (a bunch of similar cells)

stain and magnification aside--themselves an visual aides--this is what cells "look" like

what have you learned?
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28 Aug

which institutions are NOT loudly proclaiming their legitimacy right now?

- US Military
- Supreme Court
- Police, partly
- Old school businesses


Am I missing any big ones
Just thinking about where stability currently lies using heuristic "if you have to protest that you have Authority you really probably dont"
Big problem with the Trump administration is he trashed Presidential /auctoritas/ within a few months of taking office

Whatever other political virtues he has the dude never learned how to wield or even possess /dignitas/ which I suspect is a cornerstone of legitimacy
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