All in The Family made babies.

Sally Struthers - Amy Poehler
Then these funny little babies somehow all wind up in the same school, which was opened at the exact time there would be a baby boom in comedy!

• • •

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22 Aug
During the 2016 election there was a very small group of people “in the know” about the problems with the “deep state” control over criminal politicians. Now, tens of thousands of people are coming online because of the outing of the transaction server (Wayfair) & Maxwell arrest.
At this point, thousands of potential RICO situations have been documented. It’s all too much for the n00bs so they do what we did in 2016 pizzafence days and mount a “Pitchfork Rage Mob”. The people who come online now will NOT take the time follow the money for two years!
The QAnon movement was created in 2017 so that “when these people (criminals) can no longer walk the street” (because “rage pitchfork mobs”) we remain calm and take over the “describing reality” aspect of this movement. We are the news now. We will be censored. We will continue!
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13 Aug
What people write about Bill Maher is interesting. He and I come from the same place & have a similar story. In order to understand why Bill Maher would walk around in a pimp costume while wearing red shoes, you have to go back to the 1950s. But first, I'll tell you my own story.
The MAGIC here is that Bill is the CLOWN CHILD and I am the INTERDICTED CHILD.

He gets attention.
I am cloaked.

You can audit my account and immediately understand that my original content is heavily cloaked from the view of people searching for EXACTLY that!
Yesterday, @realDonaldTrump dragged Bill for looking tired. Today Joe/Mika.

It seems like this is a good time to talk about THE CLOWNS. But it's such a long story it's hard to get going.

The story of THE CLOWNS is fascinating and... as Marilyn, could tell you: It's a wild ride!
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21 Aug 19
I'm guilty of admonishing people who "Jesussify" Trump on Reddit in 2016-2017. Then I updated my knowledge on Trump by going back over everything. Found out he's a good President and also found out he is in fact the chosen one and he's been working at this for 40 years!
This part is going to get weird. The media must deny Trump any positive coverage, as admitted on the record, and must continue to prentend Trump isn't behind the Q psy-op. As Trump flaunts his "metaphysical status", he has thousands of us awake and aware very very entertained!
Everything @realDonaldTrump has done in his life is a selfless sting operation on the Elite's murderous lifestyle conducted to avenge the death or maiming of women and children. Ivanka too! My bio mother knew about this world because she was a lent-out beauty pageant contestant.
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12 Jul 19
I know about a thing... This thing is what I call "White Defaultism"... It's what the news media, fashion, and entertainment industry is selling you since you could see the actors on TV. Everybody is painfully "Default White" if they have a consumer mindset. It's inclusive LOL
I come from the Nazis... I don't mean what the Newscasters yell at people when they say they are "White Supremacists", I'm talking the freaking serious OG Nazi Motherfuckers with ties who won WWII & settled in the U.S. to take control of everything you see. The entrenched Nazis!!
But I don't want to talk about them yet, I want to talk about how "White Supremacy" is actually very bad for "white people" because it's the bitter side of having been put through a narrow funnel of fake choices for 50 years. This has left us with no culture, only Glamour...
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3 Feb 19
A thread about #QAnon and #Qanons, @GenFlynn's army of Digital Soldiers and target of the largest public disinformation and gaslighting campaign by the mainstream media in history.

Can't attack the message,
or messenger,
so they attack YOU the reader!
One cannot believe in #QAnon because it is a psyop designed to (a.) cause panic in the targets of #TheStorm. However, one can care deeply that the information is consistent, well-organized, and validates progressively as the operation progresses. @POTUS launched on Oct. 5, 2017.
Q is (b.) a numbers channel of the U.S. Army (Military Intelligence) (ref: Q755) broadcasting from one to all, white hats and black hats combined. #QAnon is the first numbers channel to acknowledge the bystander by announcing IRL events a few days in advance prompting attention.
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