Anyone know why these went down today at random times??

And why it happened Today in fact.

Let’s see who gets this one.

I know exactly why...

Let’s hear em. :)
Where was our Internet hub before?

It was CERN.

That’s Alice.

Why they changed it today. On a Thursday...

Thor’s Day. Mjolinr!

The HAMMER!!!!!

No more CIA fuckery.
What else was Operation Mjolnir?

It was the special operation of the Light Forces to enforce the implementation of the Galactic Codex within Quarantine Earth.

It’s special undisclosed technologies of the Galactic Confederation that will make sure that the Codex is respected
And used within Quarantine Earth.

Hence the “Dome”.

It can detect any dark being by simply measuring the amount of Quantum anomaly that being emanates with negative thoughts, emotions and actions.
It’s 100% foolproof containment and processing technologies that can remove any dark@being from its domain and process it according to the Galactic Codex.

Processing takes place in Ganymede Sort Facility.

See how it’s SO much bigger now?
The Holy See of Peter is the Vatican.

Peter = Lucifer. St Peter’s chair. Look it up.

What do you think would sit in that? ImageImage
I’ll give you one guess.....

It’s Leviathan which is Lucifer.

This indictment is BEYOND damning for us. Best part is... we are gonna fix the world because we are going to be the Humanitarians that accepted the task. ImageImage
Kinda makes the Hunter Biden shit look a bit “JV team like “.

Our job is to LEARN the truth and help others.

Look and Learn. Constantly.

Unless you just accept that 5D is good enough for you....

Wait til you realize how powerful in the entire galaxy we truly are.
Worst to First.

Gotta want it. Can’t fake it til ya make it.

Those who know. Teach.

This is for all of us. WE are ALL a huge part in this.

Trust yourself. Believe in yourself.

Because once you do... we will too.

It’s all frequencies and vibrations.
If you like this basic bitch 3D construct... I’m sure either you already decided and that’s why there’s so much pushback from others. It’s ok. Another 25,900 years will teach em.

Or maybe another.

Of this kind of shit we dealt with.
This shit will NEVER happen ever again.

We can never let it. We were given the ultimate of second chances to learn from an event before.

Lose the ego. Always WE. Never me.

You will ❤️❤️❤️how this ends.

And Begins once again.

We don’t end. The evil does.
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20 Oct
Sure...... Joe Biden had NO IDEA on his son’s dealings in Ukraine.

Well we know who “my guy” and “our guy” is now. ImageImageImageImage
What’s the purpose of getting a cell phone from 7/11 or CVS?

Basic throwaways

Oh is this gonna get so damn good Image
The Shell game is one that they will catch on.....

Burisma created shell companies to money launder. Image
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20 Oct
anyone find anything a bit odd about tomorrow?

Remember 4-10-20.

2016-2020 is 4 years.
10/20/2020 falls exactly on Tuesday...our 2 week Delta from the election

Now take D5. D could be 2 things at once here. Points toward the above Delta ...
And also we go back to the D5 Avalanche. What is Snow? its Water that is nor a liquid nor frozen.

Watch the Water. What specific property does all water possess? Water retains INFORMATION.

D could stand for our 2 week Delta from election
The D5 could be literally an Avalanche of Information that will hit us on 10/20 that will literally destroy any chances for ANY Democrat to not be complacent with Biden's crimes because "Thats their choice" They KNEW he was beyond corrupt but once its all revealed....
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18 Oct
Fml. Not the way I wanted to spend tonight.....😞😞😢
It happens. Could have been worse. They all come back.

Now we have some REAL problems within this issue.

See ya soon Uncle Tommy. And not in a way where I’m visiting you either.
But..... kinda weird having a cop tell me something And then shot a small grin....
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13 Oct
This one is gonna be massive. Save this one for sure.

Looks like we caught on with the whole countdown early on ☺️
Definitely the perfect day for Pain.
Whole lot more
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13 Oct
Ok so I thought I’d throw at least my opinion in about this whole “Chinese Troops in Canada” deal.

In my honest opinion..... hopefully this will be a breakdown that they wanted us to.... ya know to add to “Red October”
Canada and China’s main colors... Red. Month. October.

Where was there a wall built? Why was it built in addition to stopping trafficking?

Think dangerous animals and a cage....

Now where are the Chinese Troops mainly stationed? Along which state border?
Washington.... why? If you and your sick band of misfits had to make a dash to a border.... from California thru Oregon and then thru Washington State..... they would think “Well hell... it’s time for French fries and gravy!”
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1 Oct
Note the @ name to this retweet. Harvard..... SO lets break this down. Note anything odd about this story?
Date. October 1, 2020 1:01 am. 10/1. 1:01
Sept 28, told fans she was 1/2 way thru pregnancy
(measured in trimesters BTW). In pic, all hooked up to machines for breathing..
Ventilators in use...
Pic inside article shows her in bed, crying and in praying pose.... Time for nite nite. Dirt nap
Article said that she was having "Blood Transfusions"
Shes a Transformer...Blood...Adrenochrome...(Chrome tainted with weaponized version of C 19)
Name... 1/2 way thru pregnancy. When are external organs formed so that the sex of the child can be accurately tested? End of the 20th week... which just happens to be exactly the same time.
Dates of last weekend? the 26th and 27th.
2+6+2+7= 17. Q. Suicide Weekend
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