1. President Trump was asked about #QAnon tonight by Savannah Guthrie at the "Red October" #TownHall interview.

2. POTUS'd tweeted that all #RussiaHoax docs'd have: "No redactions!"

Then, Sen Ron Johnson showed email from GSA without redactions vs same email received previously from FBI which was completely redacted.

Do you see what happened?

3. For the first time in a long time our POTUS stands with and for the people.

If Biden were elected, the Communist Chinese Party would own America.
5. Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.

6. "This Executive order shall remain in effect until November 3, 2020."

Is this really simply about the virus?

7. 0.0666...imagine that.
8. "Clear your mind and Heal, Freedom Fighters"
9. Remember wall-to-wall [fear] about NK?
Hawaii 'accidentally' sounding an incoming missile alarm?
Mountain collapse?
China seeking NK to fire missile(s) pre_election?

NK being used by the DS as a constant nuclear threat. Remember when they told you this was a helicopter?
10. What is the going rate for a UNITED STATES SENATOR to [knowingly] push false, unverified intel to the FBI so as to [lend credibility]?
11. Remember "President Trump and Capitol Hill lawmakers were immediately briefed Saturday on the false alarm in Hawaii for a ballistic missile attack, including Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard who said she was trying to calm fears and “get to the bottom” of the mishap.
12. What is the going rate for THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE to obstruct Congressional investigations for the purposes of delaying and/or eliminating its findings?
13. From Michael Anton"s "The Coming Coup":

"Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes."

14. The Feb '19 Missile launch from Whidbey region that was dismissed as a 'helicopter search light's reiterated 10/7/20 (7, 11, above).

The Feb '19 drop said, "Bigger than 25th amendment attempt to remove. Depth of this is very serious."

1d later, 10/8, Pelosi sez "25A".
15. "We need Justice!!!! We are ready!!!! Let’s go!!!!"

Is using the CIA against America's electorate going to be legal for now on?

Just asking for a friend.
16. Was POTUS' C19 recovery unexpected? Impossible to unwind 'mentally incapacitated' plans from C19 course? ["people are dying"]

Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.
17. Look here: FBI
Look here: DOJ

18. Clapper was DNI.
Lynch was AG.
20. Why did Brennan endorse Haspel?
Why did POTUS select her as Director?
Buckle up.
21. Keep firing, Nancy.
22. Why did select [D] governors push C19-infected patients into nursing homes?

23. Don't believe everything you read.

24. It looked like (23.) we shouldn't believe what was said in linked article, but clarification indicates it wasn't Kansas' (Pompeo's) statement about Hillary's emails.

Post:"Barr had been warning Rs that a review of FBI’s Russia probe wouldn't happen til after the Nov. 3 "
25. Hillary thought she could decide which emails to turn over to the State Dept & which ones to delete (>635,000 found on Weiner's laptop).

"Nothing is ever truly deleted.
Threats, blackmail, and bribes."
26. Palpatine's Revenge chat log was posted May 19, 2017, 2 days after the chat took place. "You have more than you know".

AEWP ~ Adam Entous at WaPo (?)
Limey ~ @LouiseMensch (?)
27. Stage being set?

28. They watch the boards just as much as we do. By making things public, it makes it harder for them to pull off and blame whatever patsy or country they planned.
29. You have been selected to help serve your Country.
Welcome to the Digital Battlefield.
Together we win.

30. Russia Collusion Hoaxer & Ukraine Call "Whistleblower" Impeachment Hoaxer, Adam Schiff, is concerned about #QAnon "conspiracy theories". He held a special House Intel conf this day on what to do about it.


conference: c-span.org/video/?476993-…
31. We now know that e-mails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive reveal that Joe Biden's been lying all along about #Burisma.

"Pops gets half".


Devon Archer, “my guy” (Pops)
32. No FBI interview(s)? Again?
If you run for POTUS all your past crimes magically disappear?
33. Finally, now, Bruce Ohr is no longer working at DOJ.

Let's keep the party going.

34. How does The Agency attach itself to Departments and Bureaus?
35. 1st #RussiaHoax Scope memo: Russia
2nd: Page, Flynn, Pap & Manfort
3rd: Cohen, Gates, & Roger Sone + 2 redacted

3rd: Mueller's #CoupCabal requests their own scope thru RR

36. They are doing everything in their power to disrupt the spread of information.

Keep charging, Midnight Riders!

37. Information Warfare.
Hunters become the Hunted.
38. Is CrowdStrike up to their tricks again trying to make it look like a foreign government is hacking election? Too bad we can't get Julian Assange to testify about Seth Rich being his source for the Podesta emails, but, they made sure of that.
39. [F]oreign like China trying to hack or is it [D]s (eg, CrowdStrike) bent on stealing the election, or, is there really a difference for unknowing cutouts??

Gen Nakasone's on it:

"Election security is top priority 24/7"


40. How does one agency attach itself to another?

Glen Simpson at Fusion GPS hires Bruce Ohr's Farm-trained wife, Nellie 4 "research". B Ohr has frequent contact with Steele & feeds wife’s research to FBI on thumb drive w Fusion GPS header stripped.”
41. Information warfare.
They can no longer hide in the shadows.

42. President Trump: "#QAnon people love our country"
43. "How are we doing so far?" bing.com/news/search?q=…

Gauge for yourself.
44. European intelligence agencies are deploying resources to track #QAnon. businessinsider.com/europe-intel-a…
46. Hussein says that #QAnon is "seeping into the mainstream"....
48. Burisma official reportedly linked to Joe Biden met with State officials in 2016, memos now show.
49. @GenFlynn: Allowing tyranny to reign over liberty keeps us from breathing freedom's fresh air
50. #Hunter - NYP: "Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm"

"$10 million annually 'for introductions alone.'"
51. Underage women (young girls) sexually exploited _[context for future].

52. Are there NATional SECurity concerns about Biden's vulnerability to blackmail [ability to gain control] by Russia, China and/or other foreign [or domestic] entities from US Intel apparatus [reports?]?
Clear and Present Danger?
53. Why was POTUS framed for Russia collusion?
To protect the truth about Hillary/DNC Russia collusion.

Why was POTUS impeached over a Ukraine phone call?
To protect truth about Biden's classified Ukraine collusion.

See how it's done?
54. Anons were warned years ago of pending CCP censorship of any and all dissenting views in USA.
"They are not in control of their own platform(s)."
55. Would you like to send anything else on over during the House Intel Committee hearing?
Nothing can stop this.
56. Don't forget about the House Intel Committee meeting re: '#Qanon' today. It is the #2 most attacked topic [POTUS being #1].

Do you get it yet?


57. Hunter Biden demanded Chinese billionaire pay $10 million per year for ‘introductions alone’
58. Burisma told Hunter they wanted "to close down any cases/pursuits against” its top official in Ukraine. Watch our report here.

59. You did, collectively.
60. Drugs, "underage obsessions", power deals...

"Underage obsessions" is a gentle way of putting it.
Remember, it's just a conspiracy.
That's why they are throwing everything they can at it.
61. Without you, collectively, there would have been no way to bypass their control. They weren't about to repeat the mistake(s) of 2016. You are what matters most of all!!!
You awake, thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.

• • •

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2. We are recited with the meaning of the President of the United States retweeting @cjtruth 17 minutes and 17 seconds into the new day after the lame-brained impeachment inquiry gave him a seven point bump in the polls. Image
3. When you cannot attack the information, they attack by typecasting others, yet, not all others are authentic [injected].

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1. 9/12/16 Congressional record cites Comey’s ties to CF, millions received frm Lockheed Martin (member of Clinton Global Initiative), & brother, Peter - never ?'ed about during his confirmation hearing. congress.gov/crec/2016/09/1… #Q clintonfoundation.org/clinton-global…

2. Is this why they're normalizing pedo? "Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on 7/2/20 [for] sexual abuse of .. girls by .. Epstein." This was 103 days ago. This "maxwellhill" Reddit account, last posted 105 days ago, 8th highest karma. 1 yr out trial to monitor Maxwell's peeps. ImageImageImageImage
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12 Oct
1. "She was out there with classified information. She was giving it to anybody."

2. "Rig for red" and "running red" indicate night ops at periscope depth. Zero bubbles indicates sub is even keeled.

The Hunters have become the Hunted.
3. Hope there as a conduit for things to come.

Never forget those in the background.

It is the only way.
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1. "Be water. Spread fire" used by anarchists. #QAnon drops deleted tweet by @DAsupportPDX, highlighting the phrase. @antwiththecuts posted his water & gas cans w "Heading back out to clack (Clackamas County)..to set some fires!!!

Sound of Silence:
2. @antidote503 also posted the pic holding an Antifa flag with a gas can and chain saw visible in the photo as well as a screenshot of CNN's hit piece on #QAnon blaming Antifa for starting the fires. #Q

See also 79-86, 92, & 100: ImageImageImage
3. #QAnon They're using cover of bringing water to first responders as cover to move around "spreading fire", yet FBI denies.


The @DAsupportPDX tweet mentions @R3volutionDaddy that has "Syria" as 1st word in bio.

(See ) #Q ImageImageImageImage
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1. #QAnon writes about [Infiltration]:
Only those who could [can] be controlled [via blackmail or like-beliefs] were installed in critical leadership positions across all political and non-political Control and Command Positions [CCP].

2. #QAnon Only those who could be controlled "were installed" to Control Command Positions [CCP].

3. #QAnon This was [necessary] "to ensure blanket protection" [insurance]. ()
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BLM cop shooter suspect arrested thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/video-…

Two Louisville Metro Police Department officers were shot. One officer was shot in the abdomen, and a second was shot in the thigh.

BLM cop shooter identity to be released
3. 26-year-old Larynzo Johnson charged in BLM shooting of two Louisville police officers. Johnson “intentionally used a handgun to fire multiple bullets at officers. Two officers with LMPD were struck by the bullets causing serious physical injury.” nypost.com/2020/09/24/sus…
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