Poll for @ggreenwald only. Whom would you rather have as president:
Goddamn it I was very specific about who was to vote in this poll.
Are 36 of you named Glenn Greenwald
All of you go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done

• • •

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12 Oct
This is an extremely weird way to talk about your children. First we now know her Haitian son's adoption had nothing to do with the earthquake. And under what non-exploitative circumstances would you talk about how weak and underweight your 13 year old was at 14 months?
"Hello job interviewers at the most important job interview in my life. Fun fact: My kid almost died of malnutrition thirteen years ago! Anyhoo, I'd say my most important quality is ..."
Again, the main thing to know about Amy Coney Barrett's commitment to parenting is that she dragged her children into the Oval Office to hang out, maskless, with Donald Trump on September 26. And that a few days later COVID spread into their Indiana private school. ImageImageImage
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12 Oct
.@DouthatNYT’s new column surrounds a single true insight (Trump is an incompetent authoritarian) with just reams of smuggled-in tendentious bullshit. This paragraph might be the funniest/worst of all. Image
I laughed out loud at “Bush’s antiterror and enhanced-interrogation innovations.” He’s trying to make a Greenwaldian argument circa 2017 for how Bush was the true authoritarian, but can’t bring himself to criticize anything that Bush did—or even type out the word “torture.”
It’s also just plainly funny to namecheck Obama in Libya but not Bush in Iraq.

This all goes back to the fact that Trump is fighting multiple illegal wars and murdering higher numbers of civilians overseas than his predecessor, but we just stopped caring. commondreams.org/views/2020/03/…
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9 Oct
Here’s @PhilipGAlston spitting straight fire on the UN’s “pseudo-apology” for bringing cholera to Haiti—and the key role played by the United States in pushing the UN *not* to take responsibility.

Today at @HarvardLawHRP’s panel marking 10 years since the start of the epidemic.
As I wrote in 2017, the Obama administration knew almost immediately that evidence and rumors were pointing to the UN as the source of the epidemic. Instead of acting on that information, they (and the CDC) helped the UN cover it up. slate.com/news-and-polit…
The Trump admin pretended briefly to be interested, but were advised by the Heritage Foundation et al not to do anything that could result in the US having to pay compensation.

Trump personally loathes both Haiti and Haitians, and couldn’t have cared less politico.com/magazine/story…
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8 Oct
I wrote about Mike Lee and the Republicans’ anti-democracy turn katz.substack.com/p/rank-democra…
Five years ago, Lee had no trouble talking about democracy as a positive good. Because of course he did. America has always been a democratic country. That’s kind of been our thing. katz.substack.com/p/rank-democra…
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7 Oct
This has been a favorite lie of white supremacists and slaveowners for centuries. Congrats, PEG! You've made it.
A real live apologist for the most brutal slave regime in history. Amazing.
In short: everyone was trying to kill everyone else at the time, the French had tried to reenslave or kill the entire Black population, Dessalines ordered the killing of French ppl, not all "white and creoles"; and--and I can't believe I have to say this--Black people had skills.
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5 Oct
Somewhere, Saddam Hussein is reading this and thinking, "the fuck dude, dial it back a bit" Image
This is great, more of this please Image
"The Historic Moments Coin Art Narrative Series will continue in years to come as we chronicle in controversial commemorative coins as art—significantly controversial moments in U.S. Presidents' History."

Read 4 tweets

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