Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air,
Where are the clowns?
Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can't move,
Where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns?

send in the clowns.
the op:
the bigger account, more followers than me, follows me.
they will begin to attack.

maybe not, since i called their play.

but no coincidence it comes shortly after i slapped @namemysock.

watch the psyop within psyop unfold.
see, the folks i’m playing- not dephlorapAl whatevs. he’s just a stone, a pawn- but the folks i’m actually playing against, they suck.

they have one playbook, and they run it over and over.

what they do:
take machines
plant evidence
attack credibility

they did it to @DevinCow and it blew up in their face. now the cow’s famous.

i’m just pointing out their gangstalker game.


the more time they spend on me the less time they spend being stupid nazis elsewhere.
and literally one minute later.

in context- an unrelated thread.
they went silent.

wonder what they’ll try next?
suicide call? i feel great.

aside from being a supernova of rage.

hostage situation?
i’m watching tv w my kid.

remember, with these idiot middle managers:
so hi to all the new folks stopping by.

you may know me from my prior hit track

The Rittenhouse Thread, Part 1:…
Or perhaps another fire track that hit the top 40:

Anatomy of a Troll and Silicon Valley Racists.…
and if you’d like a backstage peek on a work in progress:

shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.
and with that, i bid this thread farewell with a vid of my mochi chillin right now.
@jimstewartson is kinda mad at me right now. but here’s Part I of some stuff we’ve been working on.

shoutout to @FTAlphaville
oh hey, i missed this one.

hey @namemysock @ETheFriendly

welcome to OUR Operation Mindfuck, son.…

on behalf of the cow,
@DevinNunes you a whole ass bitch, son.

hope you like prison.

• • •

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16 Oct
so here’s @jimstewartson on @FinancialTimes. remember when i said what if reality wasn’t real?

welcome to the first story about what we’ve uncovered about Q.…
guess i better tag some people-
@katgellin @charleskriel @SvenHughes @BrentAllpress

who else....

maybe @DevinCow
oh and heavy’s onboard too.

nice to meet you, @john_sipher.

let’s get lunch sometime.…
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15 Oct
please let us know where you work so we can make sure to NEVER apply there.

good job.
ooh, red flag.
why do you want a laser sword, Tim? violence?
ooh, red flag. military fetishism.
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14 Oct
this THIS this
is who we are, @namemysock.

and we are coming for you.
i'm just the messenger, bro.
but you n your crew, bro.
you fuxxed around.
now you bout to find out, ese.
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14 Oct
let’s talk about arrogance.
let’s talk about narcissism.

see, when you troll, it’s from a position of imperviousness. no one stop what you say. no one can stop what you do.

if you have money and security, you’re not even afraid of any repercussions.
and because you’re arrogant, because you’re a narcissist, you think you’re better than everyone.

ESPECIALLY if society “agrees” with you by
1. making you rich
2. making you appear smarter
3. “giving” you more power (that you stole)

hell, you’re so good you build nations.

if you’re a narcissist, you think it’s ok to do whatever you want. other people don’t matter. other people aren’t even real. all that matters are your desires and fulfilling them.
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12 Oct
This thread concerns the anatomy of a digital scam for your attention.

Here, we have a troll.
most likely, a paid troll.
If we look up L o zz a F0x up there, we find this cat:
ok, so what's R3cl4!m P4rty?
blah blah conspiracy, inclusion, family, community...

hold it, we are told what now? in history stood against?
son talkin bout nazis or sumthin?
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11 Oct
let me play you the song of my people.

and another song of my people:

and another song of my people:

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