I caught a bad vibe from the “Dragons Den”; a pedo hunting group on twitter. I first noticed something wasn’t right about how “The Den” shares hashtags and “takes down” pedo accounts w/o the guidance or connection with authorities- so-I started doing research👇🏻
I wondered, Is it possible they are using poor, innocent, passionate people for thei gain? What are they gaining? The first question I asked myself was, why is everything the Dragon Den does to “pedo hunt”, procedurally, completely counterintuitive?
I have since met a lot of people who left “the den” out of fear for their safety and concerns about their operations. Here are some examples of our concerns:

#1: Assuming you understand how the Dragon’s Den goes after CP on Twitter-: It is all wrong.
They share CP HASHTAGS ALL OVER. Essentially, all they are doing is raising the ratings of CP hashtags-Which then only gives that CP# MORE Visibility. It essentially works WITH twitters algorithms, directly benefiting the pedophiles themselves. No pedo Hunter would ever SHARE CP!
… THE DEN DOES! it’s disrespectful to the victims and their families. It also makes it impossible for the real pedo hunters to find the children if the account is shut down (that is their goal).

On top of all of that Dani openly uses underage males to bait pedophiles into 👇🏻
In-person meetings. She has been doing this for years. The youngest started “helping her bust Pedos” at the age of 14. We are aware of the three boys as of oct. 2020. She often refers to these boys as her “sons” and says she “adopted” them to “save them from pedophilia” 👀😳😬👇🏻
#2: Why doesn’t the Dragons Den get any recognition from large Q or #SaveTheChildren accounts? If they were doing good, and making an impact, why won’t with anyone with clout or a voice gives them any recognition or awareness of any kind? She always BEGGING FBI, Trump, police!?
Total crickets. Really, that is alarming in itself, especially considering the exposure The White House, especially Ivanka, and many patriots have given the save the children movement.👇🏻💥👇🏻💥
#3: If anyone questions their approach or even suggests a different approach… They are completely ransacked by her followers and made to look like a complete psycho-creep. My experience: I engaged in a conversation with another person about how they promote hashtags...👇🏻
Dani found the conversation somehow, & started threatening me and then my family. Seconds later,about 10 other people immediately jumped in on the conversation and started aggressively threatening me and the other girl I was speaking with. They were REALLY angry and threatening.
They attacked me for believing in Jesus & questioned what I did to “help the children”- when I listed everything that I have done and continue to do in service of saving the children. They turned it around & mocked me - it was so wild… all over one conversation about algorithms.
I have spoken with MANY other people who experienced exactly the same thing, some worse-some have been approached & threatened in person, they have had people show up to their homes & threaten them. One former DEN member spoke out, claimed she had two “hitmen” come to her house.
Dani is a very dangerous and manipulative person. Her videos and DMs to her volunteers and followers have a cult leader vibe to them and her ex-volunteers would likely happily speak to you about her business and behavior (yes the den operates as a sole proprietorship). Shocking!
Dani makes “art” on Etsy & promotes her “art” within her volunteer groups. She harps on promoting “their” Etsy page relentlessly. She holds her volunteers accountable for supporting “their” art business. She shamelessly talks down on volunteers & members who do not buy her “art”.
From what we are understanding, the conversation among volunteers and often the work that they do, revolves around promoting selling her “art” and taking down people who speak out against her, rather than saving children. It’s really not much of a child saving organization at all
a mentally stable person would NEVER behave The way Dani does behind the scenes. I only know her digitally, know little about her past-but what I DO KNOW is-her approach does nothing but help grow CP on Twitter and harm innocent (SOME UNDERAGE) people that think they are helping.
There is sauce… Look 💥👀‼️
@doqholliday I saw your tweet about the Dragons Den - thought you might be interested in this thread. I’m not getting good vibes from them- and I have lots of evidence in the form of photos and documents that I am not sharing on Twitter yet.
Think about it she gets an all sorts of trouble find the right dirty lawyer and he says “OK I know this organization that if you start a business like put some paint on a canvas or something - make a necklace, sell it on Etsy and then make a “nonprofit” around it posing as a 👇🏻👇🏻
child advocate ... get a team of volunteers to find child porn on social media and send it to you, then you send it to us and we will pay you every time you send it...
And then this!? 😳😱🍿🧐🤔
Whoops. We asked Maury to do a lie detecter test and it looks like her 2012 Heroin arrest she “did seven years” for, was a lie.
these photos are in chronological order… All three arrests were removed from her record. 🤔🤯😳🤫🤭🤓🧐🤨
They show all their followers who I am but will not link to the thread… Why?… Too much truth for them to see… That’s why “mother” makes them block people like me immediately… They have a whole system and then there’s one person who does not block me that keeps an eye me...

• • •

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