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Since I am considered worthless by people such as @jack who has tried to control my small account from the beginning I have nothing to loose. So here it goes. Since 2016 and on I have shared my beliefs on different platforms.
#Conclusion @GenFlynn was framed and was, as in Biblical times, the sacrificial scapegoat to cover deep state crimes of both NGOs, elected officials, corrupt police forces and others.
Conclusion @GenFlynn was framed to protect the deep state and to misdirect the public into a false narrative.
@POTUS has been attacked with false accusations by the deep state to cover the fact that it was them all along who were the perpetrators of the crimes.
Citizens began to dig deep and wide to investigate the crimes and uncover truth. They have given up their lives to create reports and organize their findings so that the public can be informed and make sense of the red flag behavior of the media and politicians.
These citizen reporters began to report on a news posting that dropped hints as to what should be investigated by citizens and at times the posting would direct to open source news and newly released FOIA documents. This was done to encourage independent thinking and research.
These citizens held out hope that MSM would research and fairly report this information. They were creative, well informed and would retract errors when they were proven to falsely report on a matter, which is more than happens with MSM.
These reporters were and are fighting for freedom. Yes, even the freedom of those who attack them. You may have heard the saying, “Where We Go 1 We Go All” aka “#WWG1WGA”? Well it was a commonly quoted saying by those reported on, researched or followed this no-name news board.
Another goal was to hold onto the construction, the Bill of Rights and and Law and Order plus many supported @POTUS because they believe that @realDonaldTrump is fighting to keep our country free and to bring down The Swamp!
I have cautiously stood by these Patriots. While my conservative leaning is mostly aligned with many of them, I am a Christian, an imperfect person who by the Grace of God am saved by the blood of Jesus and desire mostly to glorify God. While I come short this is my hope.
Because of this I couldn’t take the patriot pledge but because I serve God and many of these Patriots profess to do so also, it is at the feet of God in prayer that I serve.
Because I trust God I believe that all of these things are brought out in order to be judged. Yes, there is a horrible market for Human Trafficking and this disturbingly involves children as well as adults. Yes, there is evil demonic things going on even in the deep state.
Need proof? Think Hollywood music and movie themes. Think Hollywood parties that involve artists who do canable and evil themes. Think of very prominent people involved. Think Epstein, think Nexivm, think Les Wexner, think droves of children across the boarder.
Am I the only person that remembers the Lizzie Borden Sesame Street episode by Shelley Duvall? Or the human sacrifice Sesame Street episode?
To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me to know that their are real evils behind the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition. Research could prove this one way or another. It becomes clear why in the Bible physical intimacy was designed by God for traditional marriage.
Love is sacrificial for another’s benefit while lust is self serving and gratifies oneself even at the expense of another.
So this brings me back to this un-named reporter who self-identifies simply as, “Q”.
The news board contrasts justice and violence and strictly condemns violence.
To come full circle back it is incredible that such a movement could be called bad, or be accused of being any kind of threat. Truthfully, the only threat that I have seen is to crime. I guess this news poster is much like a real life super hero.
On the Eve that big tech colludes against our election process shutting down 1/2 of the American voices, the information, interestingly enough goes main stream. “I guess we’ll see what happens!”
Disclosure: This thread is based upon my personal thoughts. It has been written on a cell phone and there may be missed auto corrected words. There is no intent to slander any person but there is a desire to have corruption exposed and justice served.
May it be that we would humble ourselves and seek the Lord while He may be found and realize that it is in Christ alone that the heart of man can be made new. John 3:1-21

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