🔞Wangxian Fencers AU, anyone?

LWJ has been a fencer for years, but he's never found himself transfixed on another before.

He's seen this man in the college gym for two weeks. He always comes in with his mask on, his uniform tight and not doing a good job of hiding his figure.
That is, his muscular calves and his very taut, shapely ass.

Okay, to be truthful, it was this mysterious fencer's swanlike movements that first caught LWJ's eye. He was quick and nimble with the foil.

And he had the habit of chuckling joyfully with a beautiful tenor.
LWJ noticed that he laughed, whether he won or lost.

To be even more truthful, LWJ was annoyed at first. Why would someone use this space to fool around?

But the annoyance was not unmixed. He kept thinking of that laugh and the quick-thinking movements of the man.
Thinking himself silly one day for being so...strangely moved and in awe of this mystery guy, LWJ goes to the locker room to retie his hair. He began wearing it with a small undercut above his ears, and had grown out his bangs just enough to tie it into a small bun.
Setting his épée sword against the wall, he takes off his mask in the mirror and gathers his hair.

"Lan Gege!"

He feels the blood leave his face. He looks to his left and sees the tall stranger at his side. This man doesn't have his name printed on the back of his lamé.
But he does.

He stares at the man, who takes off his mask to reveal a bright, grinning face, covered in a sheen of sweat that makes his bangs cling to his radiant face. "Lan Gege! I've been meaning to say hi."

LWJ nearly forget the response to that.

He says, "Hi."
"I'm Wei Wuxian!" WWX takes a paper towel and wipes his face of sweat. Between movements, he rambles on, "I've seen you fence and I thought you'd make a worthy opponent."

"I fence épée," LWJ says shyly. He hasn't done foil in years and would be rusty.

"I know! I'll try!"
So they head out onto the floor again and begin a bout, standing several feet apart.

The thing that makes épée unique out of the other swords, LWJ is fully aware, is that you can hit anywhere on the body for a point.


They begin.
He advances a little, but WWX is quick--like a classic foil fencer, he advances swiftly like a gazelle and lunges. LWJ parries and ripostes. WWX parries again, stepping out of LWJ's range.

WWX giggles. "Lan Gege, it seems like we're a good match."

LWJ's face--and heart--glow at the sound of WWX's laugh. But he is also competitive and gathers his bearings, advancing a little more now, clacking his sword against WWX's to provoke him.

The shadow of WWX's grin can be seen through the mask. "You're faster than most épéeists."
"We aren't slow," LWJ says lowly. "We are thoughtful."

"Perhaps--" WWX lunges like a flash, and LWJ falters for a moment, retreating as quickly as possible, "--perhaps too thoughtful, too in your head, eh?"

LWJ refuses to be riled up.
But WWX is relentless. "If you're too in your head, you might miss out on a chance to attack." He says all this in a lilting tone. "And yet you have the whole body as a target. Perhaps too thoughtful and not precise enough?"

"You talk a lot," LWJ says, his voice like gravel.
He can spar with words too. "Is talking your only advantage?"

WWX giggles again, and lunges. LWJ parries and lunges--and hits WWX's butt with the point of his sword.

They reset, WWX whining. "I forgot I could be hit there."

"The fun of épée."

"Épée and fun? An oxymoron."
"Why would you fence me then?" LWJ asks, his eyebrows raised beneath his mask. They begin again and once more, LWJ hits WWX's asscheek.

And again.

...And again.

WWX is confounded, rubbing his butt and saying, "Okay, surely you must have other places to get me!" He laughs.
LWJ can't help but think, /No, that's the biggest target you have./ But he feels embarrassed and says, "Sorry."

"It's okay! It's all fun, eh?" WWX laughs, takes this moment to lunge--

And they hear a loud clunk.

WWX's sword has hit LWJ's hard cup. The one protecting his dick.
"Uh...." WWX's laughter is nervous now. He stops fencing and takes off his mask. "I'm so sorry, Lan Gege!"

"It's okay," LWJ says. Because it is. He doesn't feel pain.

But the fact that WWX now has his mask off and is GAZING at his crotch flusters him.
//I shall update tomorrow! <3
"I didn't expect so loud a sound! Your uh, cup must be made of very hard material!" WWX says, laughing and putting a hand behind his head, embarrassed.

LWJ is even more embarrassed. "I'm--going to go change. Thanks for fencing with me." He walks quickly towards the locker room.
/Made of hard material/

LWJ is so hard beneath his gear that his cup is slipping off.

He needs to go and readjust.

As soon as he gets to a bench in the empty locker room, he drops his mask and sword, and tears off his lamé.

He turns towards the wall to take off his cup--
And he hears a sound, something like a gasp.

WWX, a foilist, has light footsteps. He didn't hear him trail in after him.

And now WWX is a few lockers away, staring at LWJ staring at his own erection.
"Um..." WWX says, and then giggles. He tries to step around LWJ--his locker is, it happens, right below LWJ's waist--right below the thing they are both not acknowledging.

LWJ tries to cover up with his hands, but...like WWX's ass, LWJ's cock is of remarkable form.
He steps to the side to let WWX get his things, and then WWX says, "Um, I'll be fast."

He turns around to give them both privacy as he strips, but the space is cramped.

LWJ decides to make a joke. "You're not talking much *now*, are you?"

But he's not a jokester.
There is something so serious, so gravelly, so on fire in his voice that it pulls WWX's eyes towards him. They look at each other, something earnest, heated, tender moving btwn them.

They are also naked, only fencing socks on.
"I have something else I can do with my mouth," WWX says. It is lilting, but not a laugh. It is an offer. And strong enough that it's almost a request.

LWJ nods.

And WWX nears him, his mouth ripe and red. His eyes drop from LWJ's eyes to his lips.
LWJ's hand finds the back of WWX's neck and draws him close, their lips alive, gentle at first, but then growing hungrier.

WWX presses LWJ up against the lockers, intertwining his fingers with LWJ's against either side of his head. He feels LWJ's hot breath between kisses.
Their chests are pressed together, their breathing synchronized, and their hips grinding in tandem.

WWX deepens in the kiss by opening his mouth, allowing LWJ's wet, eager tongue to enter.

They both let out a moan.

WWX chuckles and says, "Looks like we're sparring well."
LWJ emits something like a growl, picks WWX up by that ass he's been staring at for so long, and brings him to the bench.

WWX's breath hitches.

LWJ spreads WWX's legs and kneels. Before he touches his lips to WWX's cock, he says, "Tell me again how épéeists are boring."
"They are--" WWX begins, but his head flings back as LWJ takes him fully in his warm mouth. He feels everything, lips, tongue, swirling in a confusing, mystifying, blissful cosmos.

LWJ's hands are cupping WWX's ass, bringing him closer, deeper into his throat.
The bench is not thick. WWX's legs are now raised onto LWJ's shoulders, his hands gripping desperately at LWJ's hair for support, his abdomen taut in a crunch. LWJ opens his eyes to see WWX's abs flexing and unflexing, his hips thrusting in ecstasy.
LWJ moans deeply, spurred on by this sight, and the low growl of his voice sends ripples of pleasure through WWX.

"Ah," WWX gasps, gripping LWJ's hair, pulling it loose and stroking his scalp mindlessly. "Lan Gege...."

LWJ slows his lathering, peering up into WWX's eyes
and watching WWX's eyes go misty.

LWJ releases WWX for a second, blowing on his cock and says, "Tell me again what épéeists are like."

"Ungh," he says, nearly whines, his cock throbbing. "Lan Gege, please."

LWJ grips his ass tighter, kissing his cock lightly. "Tell me."
WWX lets out a shuddering breath and says, "You're slow."

LWJ raises a brow and brings his mouth back around WWX's tip, circling it--slowly. "Are we?" he murmurs.

"You--are," WWX says between breaths. "And you deliberate too much--"

LWJ trails one, long, quick lick along WWX
and WWX nearly collapses back in pleasure, his mouth slackening--LWJ tightens his hold on his asscheeks, saving WWX from falling, and continues to lick and lather up and down.

WWX clutches the edge of the bench with one hand and strokes LWJ's hair with another
and says, "And your targets---are---too wide, it's--too easy--ungh!"

LWJ has put WWX's full cock again in his warm, wet mouth, and as he keeps his lips around the base, he moves only his agile tongue, up and down, feeling WWX grow bigger inside him.

His own cock is throbbing.
LWJ's eyes flick up again, and he sees WWX's chest flushed, his eyes barely open. "Lan Gege, I'm going to--"

LWJ hikes WWX's hips even higher so that he can go deeper. It is an encouragement, an invitation.

A demand.

WWX loses himself on that bench, inside LWJ's mouth.
LWJ comes soon after, untouched, and moans against WWX's cock.

When they are done, he lowers WWX gently down so his feet are on the ground. They are both trembling. LWJ pulls away from WWX, swallows
Then he raises himself on his knees with his last ounce of strength, kisses WWX, and says, "My target was clear, specific, and precise."

WWX laughs & helps gather LWJ's hair back into a bun, tying it securely. "It seems like we're evenly matched, épéeist."

"Call me Lan Zhan."
And so he does. At bouts, then over dinner, on dates, and many times afterwards in bed.


The end! Thank you for reading! More content to come~
Support me on ko-fi if you want and can!


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