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16 Oct, 11 tweets, 3 min read
I am so disappointed that I just viewed so many Patriots sharing the dens hashtag keys pictures with live hashtags that do in fact lead to child p0rn with absolutely no warn labels on them. No DANGER! No View at your own risk! No TRIGGER WARNING!
Do you understand how many survivors you may have unintentionally traumatized because they may not have believed a dolled up graphic that Mother shares constantly could lead to p0rn on social media?
Do you understand how many teenagers using this website may have gotten curious could have seen your post and checked it out?
I am in no way, shape or form condoning the p0rn that is on here, I've seen it. I've reported it. I've also contacted law enforcement to see what to do about it because it wasn't coming down (oh & guess what it's on FB & insta too!)
I do think that social media needs to do something about the p0rn. However, just sharing those tags all over with absolutely NO warning is not only irresponsible but it is negligent. Case & point one that TH3D3N is RT recently tagged under one of Marsha Blackburn's post's.

👇 Image
Reporting the accounts & having Twitter suspend the account while only holding onto the info for 90 day is not the answer for getting rid of the p0rn. LEO'S are so overwhelmed by the amounts of reports that they get that the can't keep up.
Ask mama how many times they report each account. That is 1 individual account. It does not necessarily mean that it's grouped together. That means 10 people making 10 different reports, for 1 child p0rn account in 2 days is potentially generating 40 reports.
Now let's pretend the den has 25 people and they're taking 2 weeks to report a group of 200. Well, do the math. Now maybe you may be able to understand a little why it's hard for LEO'S to keep up. Not to mention that YES pedophiles are a HUGE problem!
So lemme ask this, what happens when that p0rn account goes down? Did mama and the den save the children?
That child is still being raped unfortunately.
Want to know why?
Because Mother and the Den are not LEO'S.
LEO'S save the children. Anti-Human Traffickers save the children. Not Mother and the Den.

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16 Oct
Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
This pic contains a potential disturbing sight of allegedly Hunter Biden and an unknown aged looking female. Image
Obviously someone tags Mommy dragon on it right? At 2:26am
Mommy acts all fired up & outraged like she NEEDS & deserves to know where allegedly Hunter Biden's picture came from cause she's someone special right? Image
Problem is Mommy Dragon knee about it 4 hours ago when she RT it, so why is she acting like she is faux outraged & deserves to know where this photo of allegedly Hunter Biden w/ a female came from to someone at 2:26am? Image
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15 Oct
Now #TH3D3N is going after @Fearless2T1_7 because she BRAVELY exposed their lies of being pedo hunters when they're really a cult and gang stalkers who HARASS & THREATEN anyone who doesn't fall in line with them. ImageImageImageImage
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14 Oct
Good morning Dro, I see you unblocked me!

But but but but... we dragons, we get doxxed all the time 😥😭

Doxing, or doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information about an individual or organization. 🙃
Here is Drogon riding in to save little Jeffy from the big boo-boo Jeffy made the other day that caused Jeffy to lock up his account 🤭🤭
Now tell me Drogon, do your same rules for us apply for you when you decide to harass another? Because you posted an address that I was glad to get a shot of. Whether it's his or not. You, according to your 'burn' of me did exactly what you accuse us of doing all the time.
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