1/6 ok here we go: you guys know my affinity for FBI field agents and the work they do every min of every day. You also know the frustration that exists with many of those agents and many of you with FBI headquarters...now this.
2/6 This is no October surprise...this actually falls flatly on the back of the FBI that failed to address this beginning more than one year ago and came out now also due to a series of keystone cop decisions by Republican staffers to flat ignore this family for months.
3/6 I am a reporter and I now have direct knowledge of the timeline and other info. Throughout this entire process JP and his family...dad is a Vietnam Vet...have done everything by the book. They were first rebuffed in September 2019 by the FBI...that’s no October surprise.
4/6 They made multiple approaches to the FBI in 2019 because JO was concerned about what he saw when he recovered the the info from hard drives as requested. It is completely normal to see stuff during this process.
5/6 JP finally met with agents Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak in late November of 2019...so it took the FBI 2 full months to finally meet up with him. JP offered to give the agents all the material...everything without any compensation or requests.
6/6 So my questions for the FBI. Why did FBI obtain subpoena for the hard drive when JP freely offered it to them two different times? Was it part of a grand jury process? More importantly, why didn’t this get divulged during the impeachment process? These are fair questions
You should care about these questions and demand answers no matter where you stand politically. We deserve all truths.

• • •

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24 Jun
1/6 Spoke and exchanged emails with a prominent attorney and a judge today about the ramifications of the alleged conspirators withholding evidence in Flynn case. While neither would directly/specifically address the merits of the case, they did indicate that if it is found
2/6 that they knowingly, purposefully, withheld exculpatory evidence,that would put them in significant “world of hurt. The Brady Rule (derived fromBrady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83) requires prosecution to disclose any “materially exculpatory evidence in its possession” to defense
3/6 Previous cases where the prosecution purposefully withheld evidence has resulted in a range of (for lack of better terms), penalties. These range from (during trial) a judge providing instructions to the jury, to outright dismissal of a case, to sanctions against prosecutors
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8 May
1/4 The mother of former soldier detained in Venezuela Luke Denman says this to me and please retweet: Kat Denman, Mother of Luke: “My son Luke is a decorated soldier who served his country for many years. He left the military in 2015 for married life and the last we heard he
2/4 had been employed at a tree farm and had recently been doing commercial diving. This was his his first assignment for a private security firm headed by a colleague of his he trusted from their time together serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
3/4 I can only believe he didn’t know what he was getting into. All I know is I want my son home but while he is in Venezuela I want I want him to be treated humanely. I am reaching out to the Red Cross, human rights watch an amnesty international and asking them to check in
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5 May
1/4 From one science source on front lines against Covid: "Two stages to investigations: a)quick search for low-hanging fruit & clear/obvious trends b)the slow,detailed, messy slog through seemingly muddled and contradictory results in total (not just selective data, anecdotes)
2/4 There is actually quite a bit of low hanging fruit here: young seem ok (different than the 1917 flu), old and co-morbidities r bad, rarer but harsh effects on middle aged folks, Many folks w no symptoms, etc. 'But I think we r entering the second stage: slow slog. Messy,
3/4 few people, even “experts”, have the patience, diligence, objectivity etc. to sort the wheat from the chaff. Hydrozychloroquine is just one example: as all drugs have side effects, is the tremendous resistance objective or political?
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4 May
1/8 Read this next thread...I first learned of Omar Montoya about this time 3 years ago. Followed the case, then when I left news I lost track..only to recently re connect with it.
2/8 Omar Montoya was an FBI electronics technician..who helped install Director Comey’s cameras in his Connecticut home when he was made director in 2013.
Omar was also the equal employee opportunity office representative for the New Haven office where he worked.
3/8 This same FBI office pressured Omar to take their side over a dustup with an agent…whistleblower…drumroll please…agent Kurt Siuzdak. The same one the FBI would eventually settle with. Omar said he wouldn’t take their side because he had to be neutral…just doing his job
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23 Apr
1/2 So now...3 sources: A Marine MEU was in the Mediterranean, aware of the attacks on the Benghazi compounds, and ready to respond. They were 7 hours away and under AFRICOM command. They never got the authorization.
2/4 The Benghazi staff never even knew to ask the Marines about where their forces were and it was never communicated to them. Gen Ham, AFRICOM commander, who happened to be at the Pentagon with Gen Dempsey and knew Panetta had authorized force never issued an order to respond.
3/4 Rotors on Osprey were spinning as the MEU thought they would get an order to respond. Gen Ham might not have known at the time the MEU was available, but he would have later learned about it. He never told the Benghazi investigators & the investigators didn’t know to ask.
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16 Apr
Ok...got more info. While nothing has been ruled out, it's making more sense with factual info obtained that this accidentally escaped. That doesn't make it any less bad because of the coverup and continued lies that cost the rest of the world thousands and thousands of lives.
NOW...there is massive info being obtained that China knew early how bad this was, knew it wasn't natural occurring and knew there would be massive problems. The Chinese government was more concerned about the cover and spread to other parts of China, than the rest of the world
They wanted no part of a China shutdown, so they tried to contain and didn't care one bit about shutting down external travel. Thus trains in Wuhan were stopped, but flights to Europe after Chinese New Years and other parts of the world continued
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