It’s so funny that I’ve have tweeted about tyranny so much lately. I used to read about the American Revolution in junior high thinking how proud I was of these men and women who fought against tyranny. And now here are again we are faced faced with the same dilemma.
A few years ago this would have sounded trivial and way over the top. I sit here with tears welling up in my eyes witnessing the censorship, media bias and political corruption destroying the country. Its hard to believe it’s come to this.
Remember these tyrants have always been here. They think they are above us, they can bully us, that they can stomp out our voices. But history proves them wrong. We took out fascism in Europe, communism in Russia, and created a country based on fairness and equality.
And we are going to shine the light on those that hide in the shadows and seek to destroy our livelihoods. They cannot win because their cause always fails in the end. Why? Because we know that the human spirit will see through their lies and ultimately see us prevail. WWG1WGA

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17 Oct
Huge information coming in. The man that gave Rudy Giuliani the three hard drives is pictured with Giuliani and Steve Brannon in the background along with the Chinese virologist who claims COVID-19 was made in the Wuhan lab.
In these 5 videos the whistleblower explains that Hunter Biden took $4.5 billion from China, says Pelosi got copies of the hard drives as a reminder of the “dirt” the CCP had on her and all politicians, and that their ultimate plan was to install a president loyal to the CCP.
This whistleblower says Trump has copies of the 3 hard drives and that there is even more damaging and incriminating evidence against Dems and Republicans who have been blackmailed and bribed. Trump he says is not involved with the CCP in any of this.
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23 Sep
Halloween will soon be upon us, but what are the true roots of this holiday? It goes way back over 12,800 years ago to the deluge, when Earth was wiped out by a massive meteorite impact. ImageImage
New research suggests that Earth was hit by a meteorite that melted the Ice Caps, wiped out all the megafauna, caused worldwide flooding and fires, and threw the world back into a Stone Age. At this point the evidence is overwhelming.
We have had many meteor impacts and they largely occurred during the Taurid meteor shower, which occurs in late October and early November. We pass through an orbit of asteroids. They come from the direction of Taurus in its shoulder where the Pleiades constellation is. ImageImage
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15 Sep
Next time they say your a conspiracy whacko for suggesting the wildfires were set by arsonists, refer them to this. These are 14 arrests of 18 people. And these are just people who’ve been caught.…
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9 Sep
How to pull off a coup?

1. Have a constant barrage of incessant never ending negative press against the president.

2. Create a pandemic where everyone is isolated and has to stay at home and where masks.

3. Have generals like Mattis come out against the Presidents policies.
4. Call for mail in voting to create division and chaos.

5. Release prisoners who can...

6. Start riots all over the country led by BLM and Antifa tearing down our history and burn, loot, intimidate innocent people, and riot. How convenient that there are mask mandates.
7. Have prominent politicians like Pelosi and Al Gore, hint Trump won’t accept the election results.

8. Release propaganda pieces like the Atlantic article using “anonymous” sources that claim the president hates the military.
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5 Sep
The mystery of the Crystal skulls. According to the prophecy when the 13 crystal skulls all come together, the world will change dramatically. Drunvalo claims these skulls have already come together in a secret ceremony he was invited to. Image
According to Melchizedek one very special priest was given the task of telepathically storing Mayan history into the quartz skulls. They would store a 1,000 years of information. When all the skulls are united they create a new world and lift us up consciously. Image
The energies on the planet had to be correct in order for them to come together. Many prophesize a coming Golden Age, but the Golden Age is already here. You just have to awaken to the new reality, which is what we doing right now. Hence the Great Awakening. Image
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4 Sep
Dems and the media tell us the riots will continue before and after the election.

They are setting the narrative to get us to accept this idea.

NY Times predicting this.

Pelosi says Trump won’t step down and Biden should refuse to accept results.

The Washington Post predicts “only a Biden landslide” can stop nationwide violent protests and riots.…
Their plan is to create as much chaos and confusion with the mail in ballots, delay the counting of the votes, start mass riots and hope this creates a Civil War. They know they have no chance to win so they’re willing to burn it all to the ground.
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