Change is scary. A man will his job in middle age & he won't have even a cent on him to pay rent. Sometimes, he wakes up to a wife that stopped loving him; 2 kids & 10 years later. Other times, he'll just lose the will to go on. Some you'll win, some you'll lose. It's life.
Change is scary. What will people say? Where do I start? And so most of us would sooner wilt in the familiar than risk change. We fight alone in relationships that burned out years ago. We live in past glories. We postpone change, yet change is due. Change is necessary.
Understand that you can never prepare enough for the future. Storms visit you; the devil camps on your doorstep. Stupid happens. It is for this reason man shouldn't neglect his present in the pursuit of the future. In the end, all we have is memories. If you didn't create any...
And when change is due, it is due. It will come - by rail or heavens. Accept your reality, weep for a bit, cash in on your friendships. Start again. It's in the loss of things we cared for most that we evolve. Change can be an end or an opportunity. What it is, you get to decide.
Postponed change is not subdued change. Pain will not go rancid. It'll hurt just as much. The world overflows with triumph that traces back to loss. The pain of betrayal - sting of poverty. All pain is a starting point. A testimony to your consciousness. That it is time for new!
I have nothing against the past. I extend it a grateful eye. For the cars I drove, even as I walk. For the warmth of a home, even as we are separated. And I know I would not change a thing. It isn't in longevity I found redemption...but change.

• • •

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15 Oct
It isn't that the world has no peace; it's that man knows not what to do with it. He conceptualizes sociopolitical headway only from a point of conflict: man vs woman - white vs black; bourgeoisie vs proletariat. His unity of purpose is null sans an enemy. Man courts conflict.
He grades his enemies hierarchically. It is from this antagonistic purview that he builds community. If an alien mothership attacked earth today, all other conflicts would cease. Women will call upon men to protect them. Black & white man will walk arm in arm.
So then, a common enemy instructs community more than love ever will. And what informs a common enemy? Collective hate! We are a society that runs - predominantly - on collective hate. And even in the absence of conflict - in the presence of ethereal peace - we would still fight.
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12 Oct
On your way to Arusha, right after Longido, you'll find an old Maasai woman by the roadside. You'll come to a halt & shout, "yeyo, takwenya". She'll say, "iko" & rush to you, bananas in hand. Buy them. She'll say "Ashenale" & spit on the ground. She is blessing the road for you.
After the encounter, you will feel anew. Like a weight has been lifted off you. You'll be tempted to speed up, but the soft wind in your face will hold you back. You will open your phone, & connect it to the car. Play this song. You won't need another.
Before Habari Maalum, you will branch to the right. Up ahead, you will find a mountain. They call it Kilimamoto. Inside it, you will find a crater with lush pasture. It is here that I first made love to Asha Omari - the love of my life. With the sky right above us. Oh! Asha...
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11 Oct
The world is full of people who haven't mastered the love of self. They will spare no costs seeking outside what lives inside - neglected & free. Practice 20% of self-love & they'll flock around you. They have not learned to accept self, they seek themselves through association.
They call you positive energy & will fight for your company. They do not understand how you can be so "chill & cool". But you are cool because you have embraced you. Because you seek nothing from the world, so all you do is give. And who can hate the man that gives?
Finding you takes time alone. To understand your processes. Your motivations. Dreams, and interests. And ultimately purpose. How best you can serve the world, comes from a place of acceptance of self. Give yourself attention for once: What would YOU like to do for you?
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10 Oct
I have been practically "living" in a hotel for the past few weeks. All I can say brothers is make money. The man without means, influential or material, will suffer immensely in our generation. Tweets won't help & there is no way around it. Stay focused. Grow. Make money.
I could write a thread from here to Timbuktu. But it would not even begin to describe the things I have witnessed. Means is the only true security you have. Sponsors are leaving nothing to chance. They're even dyeing & curling hair now. It's survival for the fittest. Build value.
I beseech you, in the name of all deities, suffer loneliness now, suffer derision now: but stay focused. I wish society was not as it is, but it is what it is. I have seen it with my eyes. It is broken. No one wants to do right. You are going to develop an income-generating value
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8 Oct
Among men, I find different psyches. Some men are angry at life. I suffer them. Rage can be a springboard. Others are eternally optimistic. They are of good lineage. But sometimes I run into men who haunt me long after their exit. Men who, worn by successive loss, just gave up.
No ember left to ignite. The ink of apathy is in their eyes. They won't look you in the face. In their walk, with fallen shoulders. In their stomachs, extended & creased. They're not angry. They are not happy. They are not sad. They simply stopped trying. It makes me very sad.
How do you inspire a man who stopped feeling? Anger you can manipulate, what of apathy? They'll accept all indignities thrown at them. Readily. For a meal. But only because they must eat, as they await death. They eat for the same reason a death-row convict eats. As a sufferance
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7 Oct
Edgar Obare reports WHAT'S HAPPENING. He doesn't make them happen. He NEED NOT do that because marriage is PERSONAL. But you CAN'T SAY, he breaks people's marriages. That's like saying whistleblowers are the cause of corruption. That without them, there'd be no corruption.
Reporters report. The man has assumed dubious journalism but to claim that he is responsible for broken marriages is a stretch. If I beat you, whether it is reported or not, you will swell. It not being reported will not hurt any less. Ostrich syndrome cannot our Kenyan identity.
What you don't know can't hurt is a lie. In truth, "what you don't know is postponed pain. Or joy". Truth comes to light: Gradually, as a stone may be worn away by the ceaseless fall of a drop of water; or a cataclysm as a stone may be broken to fragments by the fury of a torrent
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