@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 I had a devil dream once. I will share the story with you. I was walking when the ground caved in and I found myself in an underground room with dirt walls. The amber light of the place was like fire. I felt an energy behind me and saw a figure that left me cold with fear but...
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 I found the courage to confront it. I asked it what do you want. The figure was evil, mocking and insulting saying that humanity has nothing to redeem. That the goodness is gone in humanity. It was not worth saving. Being an Acadian, I decided to give this thing a challenge.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 So I told him he was wrong. It looked at me and laughed thinking it was hilarious that a thing so pitiful and powerless as myself would stand up to it but I did it anyway. Something in my heart felt I could. So he decided to present me with a challenge.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 He brought me to a wall and in the wall was a figure made of rock. It was a symbol of a devil, very creepy stone figure and it was in the fire. He told me this object was pure evil. People were sacrificed for it's power. Belief in this thing has made good men go bad.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 He taunted me to take this object. He told me he would only spare the world if I could figure out how to turn this object of evil into an object of innocence so I took him up on his challenge. First thing I had to do was reach into the fire and grab the object...
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 With only my bare hands I grabbed this statue and it fell on the ground because it was scalding hot. But as it fell it chipped so I started to lift and drop it repeatedly quickly even though my hands hurt doing it. I could hear the sounds of the people who died for this thing.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 Every time I touched it I saw pain, fear, terror and fearful things that have happened in honor of this idol but never the less I kept smashing it on the ground repeatedly and it broke into bits. I ground up the bits with my hands on rock floor.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 Finally the dark figure in the room said time is up and he started to laugh wickedly as if I have failed but I looked at him. He mocked all I have is a pile of rubble. I said no. What I have is sand. It's the toy of a child. What could be more innocent than that?
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 All faiths that mankind has ever had, have been tools to cope with fear, with loss, a means to celebrate with rituals from birth to death. It is about community. It is about moments of grief and celebration of life. We are all children of God. There is no right or wrong here.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 Man is not evil. We are all simply human and we strive to do our best for love. Evil happens when we fail to love. I still believe in love and your power has nothing over me. At which point the creature gave a howl. He was pissed off but I was released and free to love.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 So know that I love you. This story for you @lakotaman1. We never met but I do and I sense someone somewhere sends you love from the other side. I'm just the messenger but I know love lives on. It's the only thing that ever did.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 @threadreaderapp Guess what. My alarm on the stove just went off because it's 4am and my Thanksgiving turkey is done.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 @threadreaderapp I had Kentucky Fried Chicken on Thanksgiving day. Far more Colonial. Lol. Actually I couldn't pick up my turkey on time because my Parrot was in a music video.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 @threadreaderapp The bird did such a great job they kept him for the entire video. He was happy eating peanuts and pine nuts during the break.
@coo77505195 @LakotaMan1 @threadreaderapp I think about going vegan because I think I'd rather have a turkey and a chicken as a pet than a meal. When I get some farmland perhaps.

• • •

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How many people in Canada or the US remember the fact it was the Dutch who did Slavery? How many realize they created the commodities market and Wallstreet enshrining slavery to protect future shares? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_o…
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How many Canadians know Acadians were kept as slaves too.
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My Acadian Mi'kmaw metis kin are called Metis in Quebec and they refuse to call us that in New Brunswick because the Provinces refuse to share repository data. Canada uses Provincial lines to divide Mi'kma'ki to gerrymander us. My letter from St Boniface shows the issue. Image
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I spoke with my mom about this passage posted on Facebook by Alain Chaisson.
My mom said it makes perfect sense to her. She spoke of a place called the Creek where people who fled deportation remained hidden in the bush around St Simon NB. The place had lots of blueberries. They wore old garments, some uniforms because they escaped the wars there.
The wars they escaped included deportation, civil war and world wars. She was 5 in 1941. That was when she met with the people living in the bush. Remembered a fella with a very long beard. Our grandmothers were of Pokemouche. We knew them.
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The issue I have here is the lack of dialogue on another person, Montreal socialite Barbara Bronfman who bailed out previous cult leader/murder by the name of Ira Einhorn known as the Unicorn killer. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/o… via @GoogleNews
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