[1] Long Thread - Advance NZ

It is time to discuss the elephant in the room with regards to the many accusations leveled against both Billy & @NZPP_Official.

So here is my due diligence process into the sources of these claims for your perusal.

#nzpol #NZElection2020 ImageImage
[2] There have been a few 'conservative' Youtubers in NZ that have been consistently making accusation after accusation about Billy & Advance NZ.

Ranging from CCP Agent to white supremacist.

A few of their videos were the early source which swayed peoples opinions of Billy. ImageImageImageImage
[3] Some of these people contribute at protests. They raise awareness for some of the big issues NZ faces.

My intention is to specifically address the claims these individuals make against Billy/NZPP.

It's for you to decide if its a reflection on their character or not. Image
[4] Example 1

Here is collage of a number claims made by this individual.

“Billy gives no proof to many claims”

“Says he has a huge voter support”
[5] Here is a poll with over 15k total votes. Most poll sample sizes are around 1k

An older summary of Billy’s FB influence compared to the main 2 parties

Preferred PM public poll which when rounded up to 1%, Billy was 3rd equal

Their Auckland event attracted roughly 2.5k ppl ImageImageImageImage
[6] Claim: “He says he is funded by the people, but gives no proof of that”

Here are the financial details Advance NZ released which show roughly how much Koha was collected at each of their events.

$50k in donations can also be tracked to a NZ citizen. ImageImage
[7] Claim:

"In other words Billy, you are too gutless to sign off on your own statements about equality”

“If they can’t sign an agreement their words are meaningless” (From a different video)
[8] Here is Billy signing a legally binding agreement which includes to serve “all people of New Zealand"

Not specific to any race over another living in New Zealand.

*I would link the video, though Facebook took down their page with the video on it. Image
[9] Claim:

"He says he has been in the military, I haven't seen any proof of that"

"he is real a military man, so surely that information should be this resume as well" (on LinkedIn)
[10] Here is a picture of Billy’s Military Identity Card.

As well as an except from Stuff where they confirmed Billy’s military service.

stuff.co.nz/national/polit… ImageImage
[11] Belief: “I believe he (Billy) is a pathological liar”

An interview on Newshub Nation, Billy claimed that he had never said 5G caused cancer.

After he looked back at his first public speech from his party launch, he implied that 5G does. He responded by publicly apologizing ImageImage
[12] We all make mistakes.

Though if someone makes a false accusation, refuses to apologize for it. Then continues making more allegations, what does it tell you?

When you point the finger at someone else, how many fingers are pointing back at yourself? Image
[13] Example 2

This critic made allegations against Billy during NZPP’s first week by claiming they were 'deliberately' turning comments off on their YT videos.

Even though not all their videos had comments disabled.

I haven't been able to find an apology. ImageImageImage
[14] After he met Billy in person in Christchurch, he said that he did believe the assassination attempt against Billy was legitimate.

Then the following week said he didn’t believe him anymore & has continued making numerous allegations against Billy & Advance NZ ever since. ImageImage
[15] This same person also claimed that he had:

“New information I’ve just got from a good mate of mine and this is very good information and it’s very legit”

Which he claimed:

“The NZDF will take over NZ from October the 1st”
[16] He claimed that Jami Lee Ross had resigned from Advance NZ.

The video was deleted & replaced with a video blaming Advance NZ for setting him up.

Another video he claims that "rumours coming out from within the party & ex candidates, that the info I had actually had merit” ImageImage
[17] To this day, nearly a month later, Jami-Lee Ross is still Co-Leader of Advance NZ.

His most recent interview is here:

[18] How accurate have these so-called inside sources been at predicting dates?

How much due diligence is taking place before making an accusation?

At what point does one start thinking about taking these party accusations with a grain of salt?

Some claim he speaks the truth. Image
[19] Example 3

This persons central claim is that there is a collusion between Advance NZ, Labour, the NZ MSM & the Electoral Commission.

It was shared widely on social media.

Here are a few examples of claims they made on their most recent video on bitchute... ImageImage
[20] Claim: “So all those Advance NZ signs that you see around the place, they’re not paid for by Billy or JLR”
[21] Advance NZ released it’s financial details in full last month.

It shows that up until the end of August, they had spent $67,283.83 on printing & stationary.

Some of that would include t-shirt, caps etc, though none of that cost includes signage? ImageImage
[22] Claim: “the Stuff show that Paula presented gave a very good expose of Billy and being all about the money”
[23] If Billy is in it all for the money..

How come Billy only got $140 out of $21,091.23 the party paid in reimbursements?

Why doesn’t Billy pay himself a wage from the party funds?

Also, why do all 3 express support for Stuff's doco when they also criticize NZ media? ImageImageImage
[24] 1st October he claimed Billy does not have strong policy against communism.

Here are a couple anti-communism examples from Advance NZ’s Democracy Policy released on 19th September ImageImageImageImage
[25] His most circulated video he claimed the NZ election could be delayed.

He also talks about the months of correspondence with the electoral commission, as he has been trying to stop Advance NZ from being registered in the first place.

(The thread continues...)
[26] Claim: “Advance NZ is a non-entity”

“Both parties must legally exist”

EC Response:
“..not being a legally incorporated entity. There is no requirement under the Electoral Act for a party to be a legally incorporated entity such as an incorporated society, company or trust” Image
[27] Claim: “This document, is not a founding document”

EC Response:
“re the perceived lack of a “founding document”.. A party applying for registration to the Electoral Commission must provide rules as outlined under section 71B of the Electoral Act. These were provided to us” Image
[28] Claim: The Electoral Commission are “failing to address the central issues I raised”

EC Response:
“we reject any implication of improper conduct”

What are the chances that he is right vs the entire executive team, lawyers, barristers etc at the electoral commission? Image
[29] You can read the full correspondence here if you desire.

All three have put in a lot of effort trying to take down a party that signed a legally binding document to combat the CCP, UN Agenda 21/2030 & corruption in NZ.

What is so bad about that?
[30] All three examples have accused the media of corruption or bias, though they also support the Stuff doco claims about Billy.

All three all support the same political party. Example 3 also supports other minor parties as well.
[31] He claims that Advance NZ ‘fast tracked’ the registration process.

If there is 'collusion', why didn't the EC fast track NZPP so they didn't need to merge with Advance NZ?

You can see Advance NZ's registration process alongside 2 other parties here

[32] I appreciate these people are public to withstand scrutiny.

However, how beneficial is it if they continue making unsubstantiated claims?

Giving free ammo to the media & left leaning people to use to smear everyone who holds similar beliefs.
[33] I have documented many, many more examples from other people in NZ on the conservative spectrum, which make claims like the examples above.

To get this thread finished before the election, I will not cover those examples tonight.
[34] I could leave this thread here, choose to make assumptions based on the actions of a few followers as a reflection of ___ party.

I choose not to; however I dug further to see if candidates of the party these individuals support have engaged in similar behaviour.
[35] Early on the in NZPP’s existence, the party was not registered.

Though is it taking it a bit far to say your vote will be tossed out if you try to vote for them?

They did merge with Advance NZ, even though one of the candidates claimed that wouldn’t happen. ImageImageImage
[37] A candidate makes numerous claims that Billy is a liar.

During my due diligence I challenged him about his claims, asking for evidence.

His story changed to Billy implies it.

He also claims that their party supporters have been very quiet about Billy… ImageImageImageImage
[38] He also claims NZPP’s purpose is to split the conservative vote.

As well as being controlled opposition, working in collusion with National and Labour.

A different candidate says it’s due to their existing infrastructure as to why they didn’t want to merge parties. ImageImageImage
[39] As well as other claims such as shilling, that JLR could still leave the party etc.

Believing Stuff’s doco’s claims are accurate.

Despite their own party having been subject to many false allegations from Stuff.

Is this a reflection of the party if they represent it? ImageImageImage
[40] If Billy is really about splitting the conservative vote why did he offer to..

Unite minor parties by creating an alliance & offering to share the top spot in the alliance for the party leaders who wanted to join.
[41] If Billy is 'controlled opposition' as a Deep State asset, working in collusion with Labour to steal votes away from the party the accusers support.

Why has Labour/ NZ MSM done the following to attempt to silence & defame Advance NZ.
[42] Why would taxpayer funded NZ on Air do a feature length documentary,

5 days before the election to attempt to assassinate Billy’s character? (Consider amount of time, effort and resources to put something like this together.)

[43] Why do many of the MSM articles about Advance NZ slip in ‘conspiracy theorist’, 'anti vax' & ‘5G’ to discredit Billy.

Why did a former Labour MP put in all the effort to get the footage of Meghan woods discussing vaccinations taken down of of Advance NZ’s FB page?
[44] First, he went through a parliamentary process asking them to take the video down.

After they refused, they held a meeting with other MP’s, didn’t invite Jami Lee or Billy to respond to the allegations in person & made their recommendation to attempt to remove the video.
[45] When that didn’t work Trevor Mallard then went to Facebook to ask them to remove the video, which they did.

Facebook also banned the co leaders from posting on the day of their freedom rally.

FB have since taken down their official page.

[46] Is it just a coincidence that it was a former Labour candidate for Otaki who revoked Billy’s white ribbon status?

Why would Jacinda say that she would not work with Advance NZ if they are working in collusion together?
[47] If Advance NZ is funded by 'deep state' players,

Why does Advance NZ want to remove all foreign donations to political parties?

Why didn't Stuff report on it when Billy even gave a reporter access to their bank account?

[48] Stuff spun the article to only mention the one expensive Auckland hotel out of the other examples in the $100ish range.

But they don’t mention any CCP, UN, foreign donations because Jacinda, MSM, EC & Billy are all working in collusion with each other?
[49] What are the chances of a conspiracy between Labour & Billy to steal votes from a minor party that won only 0.2% of votes in the 2017 election?

I acknowledge they have more support this election than last..

Seriously, think for yourself.
[50] Billy has signed a legally binding document to follow through on his promises.

Wants to investigate all previous government deals, if treason can be found, prosecute.

They want to designate the CCP as a terrorist organization.

He holds Labour accountable over Agenda 2030
[51] This video sums up the independent peoples commission.

To hold our previous governments accountable for their actions which have not served the people of NZ.

Not only for the C 19 Response, it includes all foreign agreements such as Agenda 21/2030.

#nzpol #NZElection2020

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1/ It has been claimed that New Zealand will be the testing ground for a hybrid vaccination developed by Bill Gaytes.

It would include things such as a digital ID & your vaccination records.

Also, that it is linked to the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
2/ Is there evidence or connections that could back these up these claims?

In New York last year B & M Gates ran the Goal Keepers conference on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. NZ PM Jacinda Arden was a guest speaker.

3/ From the UN Sustainable Development Goals website, it lists 4 projects that the B&M Gates Foundation are a partner of.


According to Global Justice 2016 Report. The B&M G Foundation “has gained access to the highest levels of decision-making in the UN”
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