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16 Oct, 5 tweets, 2 min read
A lot of people are critical of this, but Aella will find thousands upon thousands of men willing to marry her despite her having an OnlyFans. Some of them will even be high-quality men who are weirdly OK with going down the aisle with a "woman of the night".
And @0x49fa98 just absolutely wins the thread with this:

Marrying Aella would be a fantastic deal for most men. She's attractive, intelligent, rich. Being a "woman of the night" is a downside, but many men will be choosing between that and a frumpy older woman who has an IQ of 90, is a size 20 and smokes.
And of course, now that she's laid down this gauntlet, any man who says he is OK with her having an OnlyFans will disqualify himself from consideration.

The man she commits to will insist on her deleting it, and have enough magnetism to make that happen.
(i.e. this is what they call a "shit test" in the business)…

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16 Oct
The West should accept covid-19 defeat and move on. There was a time where we could have beaten it with good testing, border closures and lockdowns. But we didn't.

We should now cancel all government restrictions related to covid-19. News sites should stop reporting it.
Hospitals should prioritize people by age and simply stop making a fuss about the excess deaths that will result.

There will be a certain amount of death that results from this, but the cost we are paying in ruined lives for everyone is too high to justify it.
The likely death toll from ending the "fuss" about covid-19 will be something like 0.25% of the population, with some fraction (maybe another 0.5%) permanently injured via long-covid.

Most who die of covid-19 will be older and will have already got something out of life.
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16 Oct
I just realized that you could make exactly the same statistical observations for violent crime.

The most violent criminals are men, but only by a small gap. There's massive systemic discrimination holding women back in the field of violent crime.… Image
You see the only reason the best violent criminals are male is that there are fewer male violent criminals.

If we stopped discriminating against women and gave them equal participation in violent criminality, they could reach the same peak performance as the best men.
The entire pipeline from normal citizen to serial killer is biased against women:

- criminal gangs are less likely to trust females as enforcers
- the police are less likely to suspect a woman, so less likely to arrest her
- courts are less likely to send her to prison
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15 Oct
What is @urbit? Will it be the new thing?

At a very high level, Urbit is a complete re-imagining of how how computers & computer networks work. And I mean complete: several new programming languages, a new operating system, a new internet.

Why? It sounds insane!
Usually it is better to innovate as little as possible in order to do what you need to do. You make one new thing - perhaps a new programming language - and make it work with all the existing components like operating systems, networking systems, etc.
Nevertheless, I have some confidence that Urbit might eventually win against our legacy systems.

It is undoubtedly the case that when various systems (such as operating systems and networks) co-evolve, they can easily get stuck in a suboptimal state.
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15 Oct
When you show a religious evolution denier a fossil that fills a gap in the fossil record, he says "Well now there are two gaps!"

When you show a woke evolution denier a systematic difference between two groups, he says "well now there must be this huge systemic bias!"
"Systematic bias" fills the same role as God of the Gaps: it has the same "gappy" quality that no matter how many pieces of evidence for human differences you give, it's always possible to posit that each one is caused by a nebulous aura of "Systematic bias".
Models where a biological factor like prenatal testosterone exposure affects both gender and causes some self-selection and differences in ability generically produce similar results to those found by @weijima01 ImageImage
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15 Oct
The problem with free speech is that truth doesn't win in the short term (see: QAnon)

The problem with restricted speech is that truth can't even win in the long-term if whoever has censorship power decides to suppress it - and in general everyone wants to suppress something.
The best way to restrict speech is to place limitations on speaking and sharing that are as close to entirely procedural as possible, with no entity able to exert causal influence on what gets said.
An automated classifier might be the best approach, perhaps with some cryptoeconomic aspects.

For example, you might be allowed to say anything you like, and then some classifier rates it to see whether it seems to be engaging in certain kinds of speech that are undesirable.
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14 Oct
Apparently @Twitter is preventing anyone from posting a link to this story about some political scandal in the USA.

I assume that the justification will be that it contains inaccurate claims/fake news.

Twitter censoring certain political viewpoints is certainly a problem. Image
And of course, just by "coincidence", all the negative claims against the unfashionable political side are fine to post, but negative claims about the fashionable party and the fashionable candidate are fake news and need to be censored - for the greater good, of course.
NYPost claims that Twitter and Facebook claimed that it is banned due to the use of "hacked materials".…
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