Please, if you're good at demonizing generations before your own, all of this is for you:
1) Not every member of generations before your own partook in the destruction of Nigeria;
2) As it is always the case, past generations had their Adamu Garbas of today
3) Many parents in their 50s today looked the other way while our country burned. Their kids are teaching them what they feared to do: fight for the soul of Nigeria;
4) If you do the stereotyping, generalisation and blanket demonization of yester generations, it is wrong!
Every struggle, including #Endsars, is built on historical landmarks. Those who are on the streets today and who at 18 y/o tasted the salt of the struggle in 2012 are applying their experiences to negotiate #EndSars at 26
5) Since struggles in Nigeria take the historical timeline of 8-10 years, those who are prosecuting today's struggle will become elders in 2028-2030 when another struggle comes around- if my study of struggles in Nigeria is correct
To those who forget history, here is the draw down of struggles through generations in our country:
1) Aba Women Riot 1929;
2) Bristol Hotel Protests 1948;
3) Iva Valley Strike 1949;
4) Anglo-Nigeria Defence Pact Protests 1962;
In fact, during the 1962 protests, the National Parliament was sacked by protesters who invaded the chambers.
5) Ali Mungo Protests 1978;
6) Oil Subsidy Protests 1988;
7) Anti-SAP protests 1989;
8) June 12 protests 1993-1998;
9) OccupyNigeria 2012
I met Falana SAN as a young students activist in 1988 as he went around the country defending expelled students. He guided us and still guides many of this generation. Did he and others part take in the destruction of Nigeria? NO.
Some would ask, "Great Oracle, if generations before our own fought, why did our country not change?"

Well, they didn't organise to fix our politics as @obyezeks rightly captures it, and or to reorder political and economic power
relations. They thought piecemeal struggle
Would change Nigeria. I've bad news for you: the current struggle will make no fundamental alteration of the current order if youths don't organise for power.
If you think the current power holders are honest, ask them to swap the VIP Protection Unit of @policeng for SWAT. Ask them to have SWAT instead.
You see, the LGA chairmen who watch how the current power holders are addressing #EndSARSProtest will become the power holders future protesters will deal with
Our only option is to change the current power structure in 2023. You all say there are no leaders in the current #EndSars struggle; but it is an illusion. As a researcher of struggles I see leaders in the movements within this movement
Organisation cannot happen without the conscious peopling of structures. There's leadership that's largely acephalous- organizing and mobilizing.
Here's the good news:
Of the movements involved in the current efforts, the Feminist Coalition stands out in its ability to organise and mobilize. When proper organisation and effective leadership coalesce, real change is bound to happen.
My hope is that the experiences garnered in organzing and mobilizing will be taken to the political power realm in 2023 and beyond. The ideological outlooks of groups like the Feminist Coalition is what our politics craves. Seriously.
If you don't take these experiences forward, tomorrow's generations would have learned nothing from your generation.

Morning comes.


Salute from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine!

• • •

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More from @AbdulMahmud01

16 Oct
Great Nigerian Youths, salute, you're all doing well.
However, I read how many are promoting the Judicial Panels of Inquiry Governors are constituting upandan. Don't be deceived. #ENDSARS
I'm a lawyer of 28 years standing at the bar and I know the game these governors and their supporters are playing. If they're constituting Judicial Panels of Inquiry, they should issue proclamations constituting these panels under the law.
Mere press statements are insufficient. Every state in Nigeria has the Commission of Inquiry Law; and they should constitute these panels under this law. Don't let them pool wool over your eyes.
Read 6 tweets
16 Oct
Hey, folks, I've npw watched the Wike Channels TV interview. Thanks to those who DM-ed clips.
I've tweeted extensively on the Judicial Panels of Inquiry, the law and the politics and I've asked why Buhari isn't empanelling an Inquiry
By exercising his powers under the Tribunal of Inquiry Act 2004; why are governors taking responsibility for the actions of a federal agency? I have also asked why governors are hurrying setting up Judicial Panels of Inquiry without
Telling us which law backs their actions. Nobody has told us who would pay the compensation to victims that the NEC stated in its communique. Without a national Victims Fund legislation, everything na wayo
Read 5 tweets
16 Oct
Folks, Judicial Panels of Inquiry are like courts but they are not courts. Their procedures are simpler and less technical- not technical at all.
Like courts, they're not Father Christmas
They adjudicate on cases brought before them. They don't manufacture their own cases. So, what they hear is what you bring before them.
We need activist lawyers on these streets to represent victims at the Panels. It is the next stage of #EndSARSProtest: put the police and the state on trial at the Panels
Read 7 tweets
16 Oct
Dear HE @GovernorObaseki, greetings, Sir.
As an Edolite I'm interested in the process of selection of members of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry agreed by the NEC to investigate SARS abuses and police brutality.
Edolites have fought against SARS since 2013, even when it wasn't a fashionable to fight, culminating in the removal of Compol Haliru Gwandu from Edo. So they deserve a credible Judicial Panel of Inquiry
In light of the foregoing, Sir, I humbly suggest that Rtrd Justice Esohe Ikponwen, former CJ Edo, be appointed chair of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry
Read 6 tweets
16 Oct
I will answer with a small thread.
I've concerns about the way the Judicial Panels of Inquiry have been reduced to the subnational states and FCT. More so that we are dealing with the brutality of a federal agency- NPF
Perhaps, due to logistics, and perhaps too, due to the fact that victims are largely indigent, decision was taken to hold state-wide inquiry.
Given the above, my view is that Buhari should have set up the Judicial Panel of Inquiry by exercising his power under the Tribunal of Inquiry Act, 2004. He hasn't done that.
Read 8 tweets
15 Oct
HE @ProfOsinbajo, refer to the statement issued by the NEC, specifically on the establishment of panels of inquiry by states. I find the one hurriedly set up by Gov @WillieMObiano worrying.
Anambra is the ground zero of SARS abuses in Nigeria, so I find the composition unwieldy and heavily packed with the establishment. What are serving commissioners doing there, when the AG is a member?
Civil Liberties Organisation which represents the CSOs no longer exist. As a one-time Head of Legal, CLO, I'm in the position to assert the truth of the fact of its non-existence.
Read 5 tweets

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