i think about this a lot in terms of what it SHOULD have looked like had we done an ACTUAL lockdown. i have some ideas (next few tweets), but i'm curious about what people think
what i think the govt should have done:
1) immediately send everyone washable masks & a few N95s & issue a nationwide mask mandate (w/out police enforcement)
2) force corporations to mass manufacture & distribute ppe
3) redistribute food to reduce waste+
(that food shld be mass distributed via food staple boxes to limit ppl's need to go to the grocery store)
4) freeze all debt, incl mortgages, rent, utilities, & loans (incl credit cards) & allow for *incremental* repayment (not forced lump sum)+
5) provide all businesses w/recovery aid so they can cease operations if needed & resume following the pandemic
6) provide the entire population w/monthly living wage stipend & free comprehensive health plan
7) require all grocery stores & restaurants to switch to pickup model*
*also allow for ppl w/out cars to engage in supermarket pickup
8) use military personnel (who signed up for moments like this,right? lol) & volunteers to distribute goods (i.e. as delivery workers, stock ppl,etc)
9) allow for anyone still working to operate in alternative shifts*
*this would be in order to keep ppl from becoming burnt out & to limit excess exposure to the virus
10) switch to tv/online school model, but be sure to provide all families w/necessary tech & other materials needed for this. provide voluntary teaching assts(w/ppe) as needed
i'm sure i have left out some things, but i'm curious what you all think could have been done to make this process run more smoothly for the overall safety of the population, incl its most economically vulnerable

• • •

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24 Sep
it's astounding that at a time like this,amid a pandemic that's killed over 200k in this cntry,as police brutalize w/impunity,as we languish under the greatest recession in our history,the lrgst socialist publication in the country is standing up for karens,incels,& anti-maskers
dems always neglect black voters,& we already know what republicans do. why copy them? if we're lucky enough to hv a socialist candidate for president in 2024,i don't want anyone scratching their heads abt why black ppl aren't flocking to vote for them. the answer writes itself.
there was so much commentary disparaging blm & related protesters. there was handwringing over antifa (yes, even among so-called "socialists"). and yet the ppl they defend are our literal class enemies. they want us dead, & that's whom they break their necks to stand up for.
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22 Sep
jacobin: "we're rooting for everybody white"
(or so the bulk of their content has indicated increasingly for the past few yrs. yes, support the working class, regardless of race, but you shld not project upon them an unrealistic idea of who they are as racist, sexist, etc, when you are actually just talking abt yourselves)
(and, worse still, is that if they met and worked with actual working class people on a regular basis, they would know this, but they don't. they only have their fellow upper/middle class friends as reference)
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19 Sep
i honestly wonder if the ppl saying this have a full understanding of the ways conservatives hv been dismantling abortion rights throughout the country for the past 20 yrs. ppl are already driving 100s of miles to even get contraception or prenatal care, god forbid an abortion.+
the country has a dearth of medical facilities, esp in rural areas. healthcare in this country is a luxury item, with exorbitant prices even for ppl WITH insurance. these are problems ppl like bernie & susan sarandon hv been trying to fix & that are thwarted by ppl like the op+
this is all tied in with abortion rights, as a program like m4a would treat them as medical procedures and cover them. your employer wouldn't be able to limit your freedom of choice (like they can under obamacare) bc they wld be entirely disconnected from the mgmt of healthcare
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15 Sep
the only point i would add to this is that the US has its own very dark history of medical violence, esp toward poc, some of which inspired the nazis, & we shld be careful abt using atrocities that happened elsewhere for comparison when they actually happen here all the time
while the holocaust was absolutely a horrifying genocide, the US state has a tendency of talking abt the holocaust as the ultimate evil less to recognize it as such & more to use it as a foil to downplay its own genocidal practices, past and present+
in elementary & high school history in the US, not only are the atrocities committed against indigenous & african ppl by colonists not framed as acts of genocide,the details thereof are barely mentioned. we know details abt the holocaust bc it was "another country's" act+
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12 Sep
since getting pregnant and having a baby, i end up watching a lot of mommy/parent youtube, and jfc some of the commentary from these people is SO triggering, esp rich moms. they babble on about the products they buy their children, their push presents, their nannies...it's a lot.
one has continued to have her nanny come throughout the pandemic and had the audacity to say her life was out of control. her nanny comes in the morning to take care of her two kids and leaves at 5:30 pm.
every day
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10 Sep
in light of the trump stuff, i keep finding myself wondering how much did the scientific community in the US know & did they say anything. covid-19 had already been in china for months by the time it hit hard in the US. was there no communication btwn the SC in china & the US?+
i remember michael osterholm as one of the ppl speaking out early on abt preparation. he did an interview on joe rogan's podcast that went viral (no pun intended). i'll never forget that when i was in the NICU w/my daughter, the nurses wld gather around a computer to watch it.+
but at that time, few people, even in the science community in the US, were expressive about what to prepare for/how to prepare. masks were being debated. the prospect of airborne spread had not been mentioned in public to the best of my recollection.+
Read 6 tweets

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