today i got my PIP tribunal decision.

5 years after becoming housebound, 16 months after applying for PIP, and 1 year after they refused it, a judge has granted me the *enhanced* rate on daily living AND mobility until 2022, taking the DWP assessment from 2 points, to 25.
from TWO to TWENTY FIVE. simply because an independent doctor, not a DWP assessor, was the one asking the questions!

obviously i am completely over the moon and have been sobbing in relief all morning, but this is such clear evidence that the assessment system is totally broken
there’s a reason 73% of appeals win at tribunal, and it’s because the DWP ignore their own criteria in the hope you’ll be too exhausted to challenge them.

I am so glad I challenged them

*collapses into a blanket fort*
just in case anyone (me) was thinking this was the end of it, i missed the DWP call that will presumably be wanting my bank info, & have now been on hold for 37 minutes after receiving a text that I must contact them by the end of today.

*stares blankly into the middle distance*
Ha, after nearly an hour on hold they called back, so I got to skip the queue and have the satisfaction of technically hanging up on the DWP. It’s the little things!

• • •

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30 Dec 19
re: the Alzheimer’s murder/suicide article, speaking as a disabled person myself & someone who’s grandma has advancing dementia, people seem to be confusing literal murder with assisted suicide - and even that isn’t as kind as people think (this might be a thread?) TW for suicide
firstly, if you’ve never really interacted with disabled people or brushed up on disability rights, you might be surprised to know that most disability organisations run by disabled people are opposed to assisted suicide, for many reasons
Liz Carr wrote a really good article on this, but as a top line:

-when a non-disabled person commits suicide we see it as tragedy, but when a disabled person does it we say ‘oh, well of course’. Examine that: why? is it because on some level we see disabled lives as less?
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26 Nov 19
ok people it’s the last day you can register to vote so here’s a thread i’m tentatively titling: Why Don’t You Care About Disabled People? (Or, Why We Really Need To Get the Tories Out)

ok? ok, let’s go.
I know loads of us are disillusioned with politics in general. We’ve had election after referendum after election, too many new Prime Ministers and leadership contests to keep track of, and so many scandals that the word has lost all meaning.
All of this to say that if you’re fed up and planning on not voting because you just can’t stand the whole thing: I get it. I really do. But please, please get out and vote, because as a disabled person, this election is crucial for me and people like me.
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14 May 19
This thread 👇 there have been some valid criticisms of the #MillionsMissing campaign & it’s visuals that need to be thought carefully about, but the idea that the word ‘missing’ is somehow inappropriate or hyperbolic is just a huge slap in the face to patients
I have multiple overlapping disabilities, but the ‘missing’ thing for ME doesn’t just refer to the fact that a lack of energy on a cellular level can leave you absent from your own thoughts, your own *consciousness* even, for days/weeks/months at a time, as well as from society,
It refers to the fact that politically speaking, we are missing from all conversations. people get angry if we compare ME to MS because they think we’re playing suffering Olympics, but they don’t listen beyond that knee-jerk: it’s the *politics* we’re comparing
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18 May 18
I kind of really hate when people romanticise pain like this, as though it’s a transient learning tool that’s there to help us grow.
Newsflash: you can learn without pain. Emotional growth doesn’t depend on being damaged, and if you think it does then you’ve probably had some really terrible relationships and I’m sorry for that.
And I get why humans want to make ‘pain’ - a terrible thing - into something worthwhile they’ve overcome to become a better person, but you know what? I just think it devalues everyone to do so.

It suggests that the people who’ve suffered the most pain are the wisest/kindest
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25 Mar 18
Called 111 because the vertigo and headache is really not lessening since that MRI, and got an appointment for an out of hours GP at 8pm. Also just discovered that patients with MCAS have been found to react badly to gadolinium (the contrast used in MRIs). I have MCAS.
Surely someone should maybe have warned me about this before? Like "Hey, this pre-existing condition means you struggle to excrete this very damaging toxic metal in the same way most other patients can".
I'd have pushed for an MRI without the contrast if someone had warned me. I'm now kind of furious.
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