Tribute to the great Rajput warrior who laid the foundation of Sikh empire, on his 350th birth anniversary.

The first General of Punjab who broke the illusion of the Mughals being undefeated.

#bandasinghbahadur #BabaBandaSinghBahadur Image
Yes, we are talking about Veer Banda Singh Bahadur who was born on 16 October, 1670 in Rajouri area of ​​Poonch district in Kashmir.

Accordingly Vikram Samvat 1727, Karthik Shukla 13. He was associated with the (Minhas) Bhardwaj gotra of Rajputs.
His real name was Lacchman Das/Lakshman Dev. He was born in Dassal or Tacchal village near Rajouri.
His father's name was Thakur Ramdev Minhas. At the age of 15, he took recluse life and become a Sanyasi after hunting a pregnant deer, he became a disciple of a Bairagi named Jankiprasad, who named him Madho Das.
Subsequently, he took the discipleship of another Baba Ramdas Bairagi and stayed in Panchavati (Nashik) for some time. There, after learning yoga from an Aughdanath, he moved eastward to the Nanded region of the south where he established an ashram on the banks of Godavari.
When Guru Gobind Singh Ji was defeated by the Mughals in the Battle of Chamkaur, his two, seven and nine year old infants were brutally murdered. Saddened by the demise of his two sons, he distracted and went south.
On September 3 1708 AD, the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji saw the ashram at Nanded and there he met Veer Laxman Dev (Banda Bahadur) and asked him to walk with him and preached :
"अगर राजपूत ही सन्यासी बनेगा तो देश धर्म को कौन बचाएगा राजपूत का पहला कर्तव्य रक्षा करना है”

गुरुजी ने उन्हें उपदेश दिया :

"अनाथ अबलाये तुमसे रक्षा की आशा करती है, गौ माता मलेछों की छुरियो क़े नीचे तडपती हुई तुम्हारी तरफ देख रही है, हमारे मंदिर ध्वस्त किये जा रहे है,
यहाँ किस धर्म की आराधना कर रहे हो तुम?
एक वीर अचूक धनुर्धर, इस धर्म पर आयी आपत्ति काल में राज्य छोड़कर तपस्वी हो जाय??"
The torture of Sikhs in Punjab and the brutal killing of Guru Gobind Singh's seven and nine-year-old infants by Mughals greatly upset Laxman Dev ji.
Later he came to Punjab on the orders of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Gurudev himself gave him his sword and the new name Banda Singh Bahadur and Laxman Dev vows to protect Hindu and Sikhism. Guruji also sent Rajput heroes like Baj Singh Parmar, Vinod Singh Trehan and many warriors.
इसके बाद छद्म वेशी तुर्कों ने धोखे से गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की हत्या करायी, इस खबर से बन्दा सिंह जी काफ़ी आहत हुए किन्तु उनका निश्चय और दृढ़ हो गया।
It took about four months for Veer Laxman Das to reach Punjab. Banda Singh reached Narnaul, Hisar and Sonipat via Rajasthan from Maharashtra, and sent letters seeking cooperation from all the Sikhs of Punjab. Image
It was propagated among all the teachers that Guruji has sent Banda as his Jathedar or general. Under the leadership of Banda, Veer Rajputs taught the farmers of Punjab, especially the Jats, to run weapons.
Before that the Jats used to cultivate the farm and the Muslim landlords exploited them a lot, seeing that the army was formed.
After this, Banda Singh's vigorous attack on Mughal power and Muslim zamindars of Punjab Haryana started. First the Mughal treasury near Kaithal was looted and distributed in the army, then the Muslim zamindars of Samana, Kunjupura, Sadhaura, were dusted.
In February 1710, Banda Singh established his headquarters at Lohgarh, at the foothills of Shivalik, 20 km from Sadahaura.

The famous battle of Sirhind was fought in Chhapar Chiri region in May 1710 AD. In this war, Rajput Baj Singh Parmar was the head of the right wing in Banda Bahadur Ji's army. Image
Sardar Baj Singh ji directly confronted Nawab Wazir Khan and With the help of a spear, his horse was killed and Wazir Khan was arrested.
The Nawab, who had committed persecution on the family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, hanged him on the cross. In this war, Bajjar Singh Ji Rathore, who gave armaments to Guru Gobind Singh ji , was martyred while fighting bravely despite being old.
The responsibility of Sirhind was given to the Sikh Rajput Baj Singh Parmar, after winning the war, Sardar Baj Singh Parmar ruled Sirhind for 5 years.
Veer Lakshman Das (BSB) established the Sikh kingdom south of the Sutlej River. He also ruled in the name of Khalsa and started the currency (coins) in the name of the Gurus.
He took over a large part of Punjab, Haryana and extended it towards the north-east and mountainous regions to the limits of Lahore and Amritsar.
Banda Singh repressed the Muslim Raghads of Haryana and got the Jats out of their tremendous terror. Here Muslim landlords used to force Jats to follow the system like Kaula Poojan and this practice continued in many parts of Haryana like Kalanaur before independence.

After crossing the Yamuna, Banda Singh also attacked Saharanpur in 1710, traversing Sarsawa and Chilkana Ambehata, he reached Nunauta, when the Gujjars heard that a Rajput named Banda Singh Bahadur have brought a large Sikh army. Image
They requested Banda Singh to punish the Muslims of Nanota, and told Banda Singh that we Gujjars are also Nanakpanthis and have a massive respect for Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
Banda agreed and attacked the Nanauta on 11 July 1710 and destroyed it, hundreds of Muslims were killed, since then the name of the Nanota came to be called Futa city.

Jalalabad in Muzaffarnagar was formerly the kingdom of Rajput Raja Manhar Singh Pundir and was called Manhar Kheda. He had a dispute with Aurangzeb about the construction of the road to Shakambhari Devi.
After this, the commander of Aurangzeb Jalaludin Pathan attacked Manhar Kheda and a Brahmin secretly opened the door of the fort. After which the entire royal family was killed in the massacre.
Only one queen who was pregnant and in her maternal grandfather at that time, her offspring went ahead from her progeny and the descendants of the Manharkheda princely state today live in the Bhavasi, a village of Saharanpur.
Jalaluddin captured this state and named it Jalalabad. This fort is still situated in Jalalabad on Shamli Road.
The complaint of harassment of Pathans of Jalalabad went to Banda Singh Bahadur and a few days later, Banda Bahadur attacked Jalalabad with the help of Pundir Rajputs of this Katha region. The Sikhs and the Pundir Rajputs surrounded the fort for twenty days. Image
This strong fort was built by Pundir Rajputs earlier, Krishna river used to flow near this fort, Banda Bahadur used stairs to climb the fort.
Jalal Khan's nephews Hajbar Khan, Pir Khan, Jamal Khan and hundreds of Ghazi were killed in the bloody war. Jalal Khan pleaded for help in Delhi, unfortunately at the same time a strong turn started and the Krishna River start flooding.
At the same time, Bahadur Shah from Delhi sent two armies one to Jalalabad and the other to Punjab. Taking advantage of the absence of Banda in Punjab, Muslim soldiers started terrible atrocities on Hindu Sikhs.
Taking advantage of the absence of Banda in Punjab, Muslim soldiers started terrible atrocities on Hindu Sikhs. According to historian Khazan Singh, due to this reason, LaxmanDev (BSB) and his army returned to Punjab to end the siege of the fort, and Jalaludin Pathan survived.

The successive journey of Lakshman Das (BSB) led to the tremor of Mughal power and it seemed that he would overthrow the Muslim rule from India. Now the Mughals worked on the policy of division among the Sikhs, Image
A rumor was raised against him that Banda Singh wants to become a Guru and does not follow the teachings of the Sikh Panth.
Mata Sundari, the second wife of Guru Gobind Singh herself who was living in Delhi under the protection/detention of Mughals, also complained against Banda Singh. Mata Sundari asked Banda Singh to stop the bloodshed, which Banda Singh Bahadur turned it down.
As a result, most of the Sikh army left him, which weakened his strength, then Banda Singh started training the Brahmins and other small castes along with Rajputs to face the Mughals.
Early in 1715 AD, the royal army of Mughal Farrukhsiyar, led by Abdul Samad Khan, besieged it for several months in Gurudas Nangal village near Dhariwal area of ​​Gurdaspur district. But the Mughal army was still afraid of Banda Singh. Image
Now under the influence of Mata Sundari, Baba Vinod Singh opposed Banda Singh and left the fort with his hundreds of supporters, Due to conspiracy and conspiracy from the Mughals, Vinod Singh and his 500 supporters were given a safe way to leave.
Now Vinod Singh's son Baba Kahan Singh stayed in the fort with some strategy, this greatly reduced the power of Banda Singh's Sikh army.
He surrendered on 7 December due to lack of food. Some evidence claims that Raja Kaul, son of Gangu Kashmiri Brahmin cook who betrayed Guru Govind Singhji's mother Gujri and two Sahebzadas, betrayed Banda Singh Bahadur and made him to come out of the fort.
On February 1716, the brave Rajput warrior was brought to Delhi along with brave 794 Sikhs. He was told that he would be pardoned if he converted to Islam, but that heroic Rajput refused to do so. Image
After which his son's heart and liver was taken out in front of him and bitten in the mouth of Banda Singh. But Banda Singh remained untranslated. Then the executioners scrapped the pieces of flesh from his body. Image
From 5 March to 13 March 1716, hundred of Sikhs were hanged every day. On 16 June, the bodies of Lakdhman Das (BSB) and his chief military officers were cut to pieces by the order of Mughal Farrukhsiyar.
Baba Vinod Singh came to Delhi and Mata Sundari saved Vinod Singh's son Kahan Singh from the captive Mughals by urging to the Mughals but did not help Banda Singh ji and other brave Sikhs.
A few days after the martyrdom of Lakshman Das (BSB), Baba Vinod Singh cut off the remaining followers of Banda Singh Ji in Amritsar. But a few years later, the Mughal army also killed Baba Vinod Singh and his supporting Sikhs.
The sacrifice of the great Banda Singh Bahadur in Indian history is unforgettable but he did not get the respect he deserves in Sikh history. For 200 years, the later Sikh kings/leaders never honored Banda Singh Ji. But now the Sikhs have started honoring him.
Because the hidden history of the great LakshamanDev/Das Minhas (BSB) is now being revealed by the researchers.
By which is clear that Banda Singh Bahadur was the heroic Rajput warrior who laid the foundation of the Sikh state, the brave warrior who was forgotten by making false accusations in Sikh history.
Now suddenly Sikhs have started honoring him by remembering them because the hidden chapters of history are now coming to the fore.

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