A thread on upcoming movie Laxmi Bomb

How cleverly they fit the idea of love jehad in a horror movie.

Laxmi Bomb is the frame by frame remake of a 2011s Tamil movie Kanchana that was written and directed by a young director Raghav Lawrence
@RituRathaur @iamdimplekaul
In original movie Kanchana there were 3 main characters:
A man named - Raghav who is a practicing hindu
His girlfriend - Priya
And a transgender ghost - Kanchana
In 2012 A Kannada remake Kalpana released of this movie. In that movie name of those 3 characters
Man - Raghav
His girlfriend - Priya
Transgender ghost - Kalpana
In 2016, A Shri Lankan remake with the name Maya came of that movie. Characters were
Man - Malan
Girlfriend - Shalini
Ghost - Mayan
Now in 2020 it's Hindi remake came and how they tricked us
Name changed to Laxmi Bomb
Religion of male character changed from practicing Hindu to Muslim but they didn't change religion of other characters
Man - Asif
Girlfriend - Priya
Transgender - Laxmi
Producer of Laxmi Bomb is Shabana Khan who is Kashmiri separatist
Director was Raghav Lawrence who directed actual picture but he was harassed so much that he left the film last year.
Small subtle change makes big impact
Laxmi bomb's only purpose to promote love jehad
Request everyone to boycott this film

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The world is nothing but its projection of your own mind. A creation of your mind.
Your state of mind depends upon two things that you are in which mode ?
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Mind on the basis of previous conditioning will decide your state of mind on the basis of available triggers
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Basics of Hinduism (Part 1)

Traditions (Sampraday) in Hindusim

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समर्पण मैं सहजता है । मैं ये प्राप्त करके दिखाऊंगा, वो करके दिखाऊंगा अहंकार का प्रतीक है और प्रकृति के साथ सीधा संघर्ष है और दुखों का कारण है । होना वो ही है जो होना होगा और हम चाहे ना चाहे हमे उसे स्वीकार करना भी पड़ेगा ।
तो क्यों ना सब कुछ परमात्मा को ही समर्पित करदे । एक तो इन मोटिवेशनल स्पीकर, सेल्फ हेल्प गुरु ने लोगो का दिमाग खराब कर रखा है । how to make 1 million dollor money ? How to get success etc etc
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What is the difference between Prem (Love) and Moh (Ego)

Krishna Dronacharya Sanvad

(Happened on 15th day of #Mahabharata War just before the death of Drona when he got to know that Ashwathama had died and he sit in meditation on battlefield)
Krishna came in dream of Drona while he was sitting on #Meditation and told him that his son is not died n still alive. By knowing it Drona asked him to allow him to break his meditation n return back to war but Krishna asked him to not to do so
Krishna –
If your son is not dead today, he will die one day. U spend your entire life, all your learning for your son? Does your life has no other significance? What is the difference between you and king Dhritarashtra?
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Thread : How recent web series on Netflix and Amazon primes r portraying Hindus as violent n barbaric and Hinduism as the most violent religion of the world.
@DimpleAtra @RituRathaur @Enigma7900 @PoornimaChouha6 @MysteriouslyUp
Sanatan culture admired all over the world for its ancient wisdom n scriptures. Hindu is a peace loving community that never tried to suppress any other community but it's matter of concern how they r showing us. Some examples r
Sacred Games
A hindu spiritual guru who is bisexual n drugs smuggler wants to end world n bring sat yuga so he plans a nuclear attack on Mumbai so that India cud blame innocent Pakistan n attack on them. His right hand is underworld don a brahim whose name is Ganesha
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10 May
How to teach Hinduism to ur Children (Part 1)

Earlier kids used to learn basic concepts of Hinduism easily from family and community but due to nuclear family and urbanization it has got difficult to impart these lessons to next generation.
This series of threads is for those parents and community members who want to teach basic concepts of Hinduism to next generation.

Today's topic is : Hindu Calendar System
Suitable for kids 8+ age
All Hindu festivals are celebrated as per the dates of Hindu calendar so it's important to everyone to understand Hindu Calendar system.
Hindu calendar system is based on lunar cycle (Position of moon)
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