People keep talking about how women must be inclusive and about how bad it is for one of us to be ‘exclusionary’.

It’s increasingly clear that it isn’t us as people that they want to be inclusive. They’re not asking us to be as decent to trans people as we are to everyone else.
They’re asking for our bodies to be inclusive.Inclusive of other’s daydreams and desires. Our periods, menopause, ability to lactate, our fertility or infertility, our ability to gestate, our losses like miscarriage and all our unique biological realities are up for grabs.
I’ve seen Transwomen write on all of those things. Spelling out their sorrow and dressing it in a pervasive entitlement to being female. No word exists about us that they don’t feel like they should share. Give up woman. Give up female. Exist only as a site of fantasy and fiction
Our wombs, just as they have always been under patriarchy, must be considered public property. Earmarked for the Transwomen who might one day have them. Who will tell the story that it is an oppression to be born without one even for a male human being.
And of course people will nod along to the idea that womb transplants will be done with our consent when (if) it is possible but the historical subjugation of women and the current treatment of the entire female sex proves the lie to that before the experimenting even begins.
Womens bodies must be inclusive. No boundaries can exist to mark the line between us&the half of the human species which keeps behaving like this

If we lived in a world that didnt see women as vessels&receptacles,as objects of passion&passivity,none of this conversation could be
Women must grant sex to the male ‘lesbians’ and let other males into our pregnancy groups to publicly fantasise about carrying a pregnancy to stillbirth. Our trauma as masturbation fodder and as validation. As it ever was. We must open up our spaces&every corner of our lives.
There must be no place, no refuge, no part of our beings that women can claim and which is not defined and ultimately controlled by male human beings. There is no sanctuary bell for women. And when we finally speak our words of pain and disgust at all of it, we are the bad ones.
We have ruined the fantasy that women live to soothe and gratify and instead we have said no.

All the rage, threatening, wheedling, denouncing and coercing that follows is the response of those who find the dirt ground beneath their feet has risen up to bloom in flowers.
It is the eternal male rage at women who say we exist in our own right. It’s the old hatred of the bold women who say let me vote, let me work,let me sleep with who I like,let me refuse to marry you,let my body be mine,let me conceive of myself without reference to you at all.
And this is why so many women are so afraid to even speak out.

This is an ancient oppression and we have been conditioned for centuries to know that the witches are burned and the fallen women are shunned.

But every time a woman says no, another woman begins to see that she can

• • •

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12 Oct
A relative of mine called me this morning for the first time in a long time&we had a good chat about all sorts of things. Then I asked her what she thought of self-ID. She said “what’s that?” And I said “the proposed changes to the gender recognition act” and she said “to what?”
I explained about the Act,about self ID around the world&about how women’s groups had at least for this government taken the changes off the table in England,but it might still happen in Scotland.I also told her that self ID policies were still in place without legal backing here
She is a domestic abuse and rape survivor. She knows about male violence. Her seemingly happy-go-lucky husband who could have charmed the birds from the trees was throwing their eldest down the stairs,chasing him round the house to hit him&hurting her in sadistic and cruel ways.
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20 Sep
I’ve seen what porn can do in relationships. The dehumanising ways men who become obsessed with it treat women. I’ve heard from those women about their rapes, about their degradations, about the increasing callousness and misogyny seeping into their relationship like a stain.
I’ve spoken to the men as well.The one who had to leave the middle of business meetings to mastubrate,who couldn’t stop,who didn’t want to face how his problem was impacting those around him.The colleagues who knew. The girlfriend who had to endure his disregarding of her in bed.
The man who confided that he could hear about truly brutal things happening to women, now, and feel nothing because he had seen worse on his computer screen, and enjoyed it. Another man who was desperate for help but surrounded by pro porn friends who told him he had no problem
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29 Aug
I read the Mermaids letter.

It seems to want us to conclude that if @jk_rowling continues to talk on these issues she will be responsible for the suicides of young people and that she is already responsible for some of them self harming.
I don’t know if young people have self harmed as a result of these conversations (&I hope none have).I do know it isn’t women talking about our rights,or those raising sincere concerns,who have created an environment of hysteria so toxic that young people may feel vulnerable
This whole conversation is bound up in tactics of abuse. Whether it is the rape and death threats women field every day, or the myriad attempts to silence and stifle everyone who won’t agree wholesale with a specific set of ideas. Coercive control is a consistent tool being used.
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28 Aug
So far male feelings about their personal identities are more important to people pushing radical trans ideology than:

Women not being sexually harmed in prisons.
Women not being killed/disabled/hurt in sports
Women not being re-traumatised in rape shelters.
More important than:

Women being allowed to meet without males present
Women being allowed to talk about their detransition
Women being allowed to talk about their bodies and biology in words they choose themselves
Women being allowed sexual boundaries that exclude males
More important than:
Women having ordinary opinions in public but still being allowed to keep their jobs
Women retaining things like women only awards&groups
Women being listened to when they talk about being threatened and subject to extreme misogyny by certain Transwomen
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26 Aug
So I’m here at the terf industrial complex and the lady who does the train voiceover announcements seems to have been hired to tell us we will be recorded! Exciting!

It’s started!

We are all being thanked for attending by Adrian Daub!
There are 470 people in the zoom but 1000 people RSVP’d. So some of them are presumably going to turn up late to make an entrance.

The author of histories of the transgender child, Jill something, just got introduced.

Then Marcus,

Then Grace.
Adrian: what kind of figure is a terf and where do you encounter them?

Jill is talking about “the terf that lives inside my head”.

Who needs a bedsit eh when you can get a place rent free.

The white mom has already been raised as being terrified of her child being trans.
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16 Jul
This commons library briefing paper was released today. It’s worth reading. I thought I’d pull out some of the factual errors or disputable/concerning statements I saw on the first read through.…
Mere moments into the reading and the term transsexual has been called a “predominantly historical term” and “acquired gender”, which is used in the GRA is supposedly also falling out of favour to be replaced with “affirmed gender”.
The report quotes Transgender Equality which uses the language of “assigned sex” and “gender identity”. They talk of non binary people as being somewhere along the continuum of male and female and that transition is to bring gender presentation in line with gender identity.
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