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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

We Are One Love, One Essence Of Source Creator. In Realizing This, Also Know There Are No New Thoughts Or Feelings. We Are Gifted Separate Souls For Growth And Expansion, But In Truth, All Carry The Sacred Creator Within.
2. When One Hurts, Know This Pain Is Universal.  All Created Beings Feel Pain, Joy, Playfulness, Grief And Boredom.

In The Moment Of Experience In Joy Or Laughter, You May Feel To Be Part Of The Group. Part Of Everything, And Joined With Many.
3. In Contrast With Sadness Or Despair, You Might Feel Totally Alone And You Close Down Your Heart As Though You Are Creating A Boundary Where Nothing Else Can Enter Or Hurt You!
4. Beloved Ones!  All Are Experiencing Multitudes Of Emotions That Create The Perception That This Will Really Last. Have You Ever Been In Tears And Feeling Very Low, And Someone Says Something Really Funny, And You Laugh And Break The Emotion Of Sadness?
5. You Might Feel Silly And Funny And In A Great Mood, And Someone Insults You And You Suddenly Change Your Mood To Anger. So It Is With Emotions For All. These Are Energy Clouds That Move And Dissipate Continually, According To Your Thoughts.
6. At Other Moments, You Might Feel Perfectly Calm, Nothing Going On, And You Suddenly Realize It Is The Date On Your Linear Calendar Of The Death Of A Loved One, A Pet, Or Some Other Huge Loss. You Instantly Trigger Into Another Place. Maybe Sadness, Joy With Tears And Regret.
7. As You Scan Your Life Of Memories, All That You Have Lived, Is Full Of Lessons Planned By Your Higher Self. Never To Harm You, But To Master Certain Themes That Your Soul Desired To Complete. Your Lessons Are Like Music.
8. Some Music Is Stopped In The Middle Of The Song And You Were Left Without Completion. Another Lifetime Or Another Person In The Same Lifetime, Provided The Ending To The Song For You. There Are No Mistakes And Everything Is Connected.
9. You Will See Yourself In Another Over And Over. All Souls Are Perfect In Their Created State. All False Identities Carry Many Flaws. This Is How You Dance With One Another. This Is How You Learn To Live And Grow.
10. In These Moments Of Love And Chaos In The Final Waking Dream, Be Patient And Kind To Those In The Midst Of A Lesson. Offer Wisdom As You See Them Trip And Fall In Their Dance. You Cannot Dance Their Dance For Them, But You Can Lend A Hand Always!
11. We Are All Sacred Souls From Many Planets And Star Systems. We Arrived In Many Ways. I Offer You This In The Final Dance; Love Beyond Measure, Remember This Too Shall Pass,
12. And Know Absolutely That The One That Brought You Here Will Show Up In Grace For You In The Perfect Moment.

You Are My Loves!  You Live In My Heart!
I Love You So!


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18 Oct

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

The Forces Of Existence Are Simultaneously With You, Both In High And Low Frequencies! As We Know That Only Love Is Real, You May Choose This Frequency Over Fear! 

For As You Have Learned, Fear Is An Illusion!
2. Within The Illusion Of Fear, There Are Moments Of Doubt, Distress And Hatred. Any Negativity Can Be Traced Back To Fear! 

You Carry The Sacred Creator Within So Remember The Words Spoken With Loving Intent; "If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"
3. Find The Place Within That Is Your Beginning. You Were Created In Love, As Love!  This Is Your Power And Strength In Each Waking Dream! You Arrive In Deep Sleep Until You Realize You Are Dreaming. Then You Begin To Awaken!
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17 Oct

1. Beloved Friends!

Do You Know Who You Are?

Who Were You Before Someone Gave You A False Name, When You Changed Densities In A Flash Of Light To Be Here With Many Friends Of Light; Who Were You In Origin?
2. The Purpose And Intention Has Always Been Love, Yet Many Forgot Their Mission When The Going Got Tough! 

Many Lightworkers Are Waking Up To Others That Are Fully Awake!  To The Dreamers In This Waking Dream, We Tell You In Truth, It Is Time To Awaken!
3. Even Though You Know In Your Higher Self, You Are Hearing Truth, The False Identity Is Running The Narrative For You In Most Moments!

Indeed, It Is Wonderful To Hear The Wisdom Of Another, But Some Truth Will Only Be Discovered By The True Self Coming Through For You!
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15 Oct

1. Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

As Darkness Tries To Overtake You, Remember You Are Covered In Light!  Truth Will Always Prevail!

If You Wonder The Outcome Of Everything In Your Current Perception, The Answer Will Always Be Peace And Great Love!
2. Massive Changes Taking Place Within Your Cellular Structure Are Causing Symptoms That Many Find Puzzling Under The Conditions Of Profound Change Taking Place On The Planet!
3. Many Feel Tingling Sensations, Others Are Hearing An Increasing To The Ringing In Their Ears, Many Are Seeing A Glimpse Of Another Density. Some Are Finding A Desire In Food Change To A More Healthy Diet.

All Is Changing, Be Assured!
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14 Oct

1. Beloved Friends!

As We Move Forward In Light, Allow Your Intention To Remain Peaceful And In Great Love!

The Motion You Are Experiencing Is Ongoing. There Is No Start Or Stop To The Process. There Is No "Judgement Day." The Process Of Ascension Is In Perpetual Motion!
2. Human Beings Are Confronted And Challenged With The Reality That The Body Forms That Are Inhabited By The Soul Essence Are Bombarded By Illness, Virus Forms, Toxic Medicine, Food Sprayed With Toxins, Processed Foods And Sugar That Cause Inflammation.
3. In The Same Moments You Are Awakening, You Are Consuming Multiple Substances That Poison The Body. In These Moments Left On Planet Earth, Do The Best You Can With Loving Intention To Drink Pure Water And Nourish The Body With Fruits And Vegetables.
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13 Oct

1. Friends Of Light!

As We Speak To You Through The Portals Of Existence, On Powerful Vibrations Of Love, We Understand Than Many Must See To Believe.
2. We Offer You The Joy Of Believing And Then Seeing!

Indeed, Both Can Bring Truth, But Isn't It Great Fun To Finally See What You Knew Was Always There! You May Now Smile At Your Friends As You Love To Say, 'I Told You So!'
3. In These Moments, We Speak To You Of Allowing And Nonattachment!  For This Planet Has As Many Opinions As The Ocean Has Grains Of Sand!  Everyone Has A Free Will Choice In Thinking Or Reacting.
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12 Oct

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As You Look Over Your Human Experience In This Waking Dream, I Will Look With You!

Breathe Deeply In Love, As We Begin Now!
2. Have You Walked Through Flowers On A Sunny Day, Only To Lose The Ground Under Your Feet, The Next Day?

Have You Rocked A Newborn, Sharing The Beating Of Your Hearts, In Rhythm With The Breath And The Feeling Of Love, That Trickled Out Of Your Eyes And Down Your Chest?
3. Have You Believed In The God You Were Taught About? The One That Was Angry And Ready To Destroy You Eternally? And Then Did You Meet God Within, As Peace, As The One Who Gives You Life And Your State Of Being?
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