One could justify this action of Big Tech's BLATANT CENSORSHIP if they had applied the same enthusiasm to fact-check the Steele Dossier.

Instead, they choose to only silence anyone who dissents from their "official preferred narrative".
This is election interference, and total political bias.

It's a dirty trick, and it's obvious to many people what's taking place here.

Ohhhh yes, we are awake, we see & we know.
The American people have endured the MSM's screeching lies about 'RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!' for 4 years.


It's like sitting next to a chatty-Kathy on a plane, who talks your ear off during the entirety of the flight, doesn't know how to take a polite, subtle hint that you are less than interested in conversation and just wish to be left alone in peace...
....and you forgot to pack your headphones....
I digress.

Americans have endured a barrage of political attacks against President Trump by the MSM & all of his opposition.

Unjustified attacks. Disgusting lies, all of it.
Because of Trump, we can now see very clearly how We the People have been manipulated, lied to, disrespected, and used all along.

Nobody enjoys the feeling of finding out they have been deceived.

It's upsetting and we are disappointed, but not surprised.
We love our country and we just want the corruption to end.

We want accountability.

We want honesty and fairness.

We want to bring back what is good and what makes America strong.
Most of all, we want the opposition to stop meddling with the person WE CHOSE to lead us and let him do his damn job.
Imagine if all this time had not been wasted on hoaxes & lies.
Imagine what we could accomplish if we could just put political pettiness aside, work together toward common goals and build a better America. A better humanity.
THAT is what we elect leaders to do for US.

WE are the ones who decide who, how, or IF we shall be governed.
If you don't like what you see in the current president, that's fine.

The great thing about America, the great thing about FREEDOM is that every four years you can vote for someone else.
Sometimes your candidate wins, other times not; but, you cannot manipulate results that do not suit your favor.
You cannot rig, plot, cheat, smear, lie or mislead voters just because you did not get your way.

Why enter the realm of nefarious, diabolical, evil villains & henchmen?

The bad guys always lose.
It's not right, and we won't let you do it to us any more.
WE THE PEOPLE elected Donald J. Trump to do a job that NO president has even come close to in recent history.

He has followed through on his promises to us.

We see how he works hard to fix the things that previous administrations ruined.
I mean, did the last several president's even TRY?
We see how he fights for us and we know that he could have done even more if the opposition didn't waste precious time on childish games.

And childish games is exactly what this is.

It's a never-ending temper-tantrum and it is pathetic.
Trump is more than just our president.

He's family.

That is why President Trump WILL WIN on November a landslide.

We will make sure of that.
Then finally in 2024, when Trump's 2nd term in office is drawing to a close, I do -very much- hope that Trump will "RECLAIM HIS TIME".

That is the deserved karma that all bullies and disgraceful losers earn.

• • •

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