Connecting the Dots, Covid 19, Masks, CDC, Censorship, False News, ignoring science to influence the election.

It's all about deception and the next election.


If you listen to Bill Gates (a tech guy with no background in science or medical field) or CNN, MSNBC,
(1) Facebook who now "fact-checks" which they never did before, or YouTube(who deleted videos of Knowledgeable doctors and scientist when they go against the narrative to close down the countries, the virus is super deadly and super contagious) you need masks,
(2) but the facts are otherwise....

The masks most commonly used only filter down to 1 micron which isn't enough due to this Virus particulate being smaller, a gas mask or respirator are the only tools that will.

Even the N95 if the wearer has Covid 19, every time they breathe
(3) , it exhales the virus particulate through the valve, so they don't protect the public either.

The only way to truly protect by wearing a mask is by wearing a respirator, or military-grade gas mask.

Or simply stay at home if your ill or feeling scared.

(5) New studies by the CDC published in the last few days support my dialectic as do the opinion of several top neurologists who have said the mask actually weakens our immunity and causes neural damage.

This report from July published by the CDC shows that 74% of the people
(6) who actually got the virus, wore masks all the time.

They did not help them.…
(7) The report says at the top it was corrected, the only correction was a contact email address as seen here.…
(8) A CDC representative when questioned about this study by Fox news said "at no time has CDC guidance suggested masks were intended to protect the wearers"

Yet the Webster county Health department and other government agencies continue to have "wear a mask when social
(9) distancing is not possible" in their signs, websites, etc.

This is where the CDC representative made that statement.

(10) I can go on to find countless more professionals, doctors, the neurologist who say that science backs them up, Scott Atlas who is on the Presidents Covid task force.

The WHO has also stated based upon one of their studies asymptomatic
(11) Transmission is very rare, if you look at Webster county's own data, it backs this up, most of the cases they post were symptomatic.

Here is Scott Atlas making statements about Covid 19.

(12) Top German Neurologist warns that prolonged mask-wearing causes irreversible brain damage.…
(13) It is my opinion the Hysteria over this was meant to crash our economy, influence the election, destroy small businesses, attack our rights as granted by God, the 1st amendment, and close down churches.

If social distancing works why the masks?

If the masks work, why the
(14) quarantine?

If the quarantine works why the shutdowns?

As of today, there have been 8,169,795 confirmed cases of Covid 19, with "222,175" reported deaths in the US, which by those false numbers makes the recovery rate 99.98 %.
(15) But those numbers are flawed, both the WHO and CDC are now agreeing those numbers are lower than the 222,175, a large part of that had co-morbidity which actually caused their deaths.

So the number of people actually killed by the virus itself is much lower, according to
(16) CDC numbers on their website about only 6 % of the 222,175 which means around 13,330 actually died from covid 19.…

Last year more than 80,000 people died from the Flu and we have vaccines for it.
(17) There were more than 11 to 20 million people caught typhoid last year, 128,000 to 168,000 deaths.…
(18) Heart Disease killed 647,457 in 2019, cancer 599,108, accidents Chronic lower respiratory diseases 160,201, suicide 47,173, and miraculously this year almost ALL of these numbers have dropped, why?

Because some people were mislabeled as Covid 19 deaths.
(19) When you start reading and use dialectic you can see the agenda.

Look at the main people promoting the hysteria, Dr. Fauci an extreme leftist, Bill Gates giving false models showing millions of deaths, (not a health professional, just a leftist billionaire).
(20) Warren Buffet owner MedPro Group, BH media(a huge group of newspapers), Benjamin Moore, Acme Brick, Home Services of America, International Dairy Queen, RC Willey Home furnishings, BNSF, Duracell, Fruit of the loom, Berkshire Hathaway Energy(huge solar projects), McLane
(21) Group (restaurant supplier), Johns Mansfield( Insulation and roofing products), Fechheimer Brothers (makes uniforms for Law enforcement, military, firefighters, government and construction workers), The Oriental Trading Company(sells party, teaching supplies to
(22) organizations) so most of his companies are showing record high earnings during shutdowns and that's only a few.…
(23) Then there is George Soros owner of Open Society Foundations(funding pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration, pro-national health care, pro-drug, pro-big government, anti-Isreal and Anti-American), Gift of 1.8 million to NPR(anti-Trump agenda),
(24) ProPublica (campaign left-wingers) put pallets of bricks in strategic places where "riots occurred", Sandler Foundation (Progressive Infrastructure), ACLU, Amnesty International, Brookings Institution (establishment of UN Government) Center for American Progress (focused on
(25) progressive thinking),

Color of Change(to combat systemic racism), Democracy Alliance(Liberal Organization), Media Fund(place political ads on TV, radio, print for most left) democratic party candidates), NewsCorpWatch (fact Checkers with
(26) a leftist spin).

The list goes on, lots more… oh and he owns a Pharmaceutical lab in Wuhan China, Very Strange but factual.…

Then let's not forget Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook which is now for the first time in History "Fact-Checking" and anything Anti-Biden, Or Anti-Covid hysteria is false, even though its factual and science) And Youtube (which for the first time in
(28) history is deleting videos which go against Biden, or the Covid hysteria even Renowned Doctors).

And all of the media outlets who continuously give Hunter Biden a pass even when leaked photos show him asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth) and they have connected him
(29) with bribes from Russian Businessmen and companies.

The mainstream media does say anything about it, and Facebook deletes the photos.……
(31) It's pretty clear all of the facts when you connect the dots, are that some very Rich Leftists have gotten together to create hysteria over a virus that only "targets and kills" people over the age of 70 or so, have comorbidity issues, and surprisingly have hit the African
(32) Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics the hardest, also people with the A-type blood are hit harder?

Sound like a biological weapon?

I digress, when you connect the dots, and everything that's occurring it appears that the leftists are trying to steal the election.
(33) Why are they so insistent the mail-in ballots be the main way to vote, you can go to Walmart, home depot, Lowes, but not to vote?

Why is Nancy Pelosi Delaying the second payment to Americans?

They want to sway elections.

One last thought...
(34) When you isolate sick people, that's quarantine.

When you isolate healthy people, It's tyranny.

They are taking your rights away right to assembly, right to practice your preferred religion, right to redress government.
(35) Write your local governments, health officials spread the facts data, that scientists now know, that CDC has published, let them know the facts.

But if your sick stay home, otherwise enjoy life and liberty.

For what its worth....


• • •

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15 Oct
Joe #CrookedBiden is responsible for the taking of innocent life, born and unborn.

His record on abortion is well-known and he is unrepentant and without excuse for knowing the Truth, especially given that he claims to be a practicing Catholic.

(1) Perhaps he should read the section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church dealing with "intrinsic evil" and "abortion."

#Biden is a Catholic in name only and JFK and Bobby would chastise him to his face and be ashamed of what the Democrat Party has become today.
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To do nothing, out of fear or apathy, is exactly what those in power are hoping for, for it is ignorance and apathy that the darkness likes best.

We must not be a party to the darkness enveloping our nation any longer.
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We must acknowledge that if we do nothing, if we are not willing to act now and act boldly, without fear but with faith and a firm resolve, our freedom to act at
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‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic.


I'm not going to lie, it's difficult to know where to start with this.

The title of this thread is the title of the article.…
(1) It was published in on the 10th August and originally, on the same day, in The Conversation.

The sub-heading is;

A psychoactive substance to make you act in everyone’s best interest?
(2) The premise of the article is that people who do not comply with covid rules should be drugged until they do comply.

Possibly one of the biggest eye wateringly colossal ironies I've ever seen is that this article has been written by a Bioethicist.
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Is covid-19 an inflated exaggerated hoax ?



There are many different interests at play.

You have big pharma who is absolutely drooling at the prospects of the obscene amounts of money they're going to make when their vaccines are produced and sold.
(1) It's in their interests to push Covid-19 scaremongering as hard as possible, and they have the money and influence to do so.

You have hospitals and other healthcare providers who were given financial incentive to diagnose as many people as possible with Covid-19, treat
(2) as many as possible, and attribute as many deaths as possible to Covid-19 - because they're given more money the more supposed Covid-19 patients are being treated and/or dying.

Various officials have admitted that sometimes even suicides and car accidents are being called
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Things are looking bleak...


Footage below…
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