Enemies of the people: the MSM, social media and big tech.

A #qanon read.
Q has had a LOT to say about the media, both digital and traditional, as well as big tech's role in today's world. With big tech actively censoring the Hunter Biden scandal and the MSM cheering them on, I thought I would go through some of his drops on this topic.

#4 Mention of Operation Mockingbird.


#17 Shills censor through major platforms in exchange for CIA slush funds.

#46 The CIA has operators inside the MSM known to the execs. Leaking is connected and so are made up stories.

#59 Why does POTUS spend so much time labelling the MSM as fake news? Twitter could shut down the President's account.

#61 Twitter DID shut down the President's account.

#66 Twitter shutdown was a CIA operator inside Twitter.

#99 @AC360 family background? Why is this relevant?

Follow the bloodlines.

@AC360 #113 Shareholders. Saudi Arabia. Who is @andersoncooper? What is his bg?

@AC360 @andersoncooper #118 Who is the broker for underage sex? Saudi Arabia. How do Facebook and Instagram play a role in capture? Think 'Taken'. FB & IG are where young people advertise themselves so they can be abducted later. Not fantasy - their primary role in fact.

@AC360 @andersoncooper #128 There is an active war on your mind. Why does the MSM portray the country as being divided?

@AC360 @andersoncooper #147 Direct attack against the Q drops by the @nytimes.


@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #157 & #158: non-MSM sources always presented as conspiracy theory. MSM's stranglehold diminished by open source exchange of info between ordinary people.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #165 Solution to Twitter censoring the President? Patriots get the word out.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #189 The Cult runs the world and are addicted to symbols. MSM role: it's just a conspiracy theory! Social media role: ban people for asking questions.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #199 Why does the MSM push conspiracy without investigation? Has the word been branded to mean something shameful?

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #222 Former US Army operational intel officer will head up Google Earth Enterprise. Useful.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #299 Saudi Arabia's primary role was to control tech companies.


@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #303 Renee J James. Former President of Intel. Clown.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #208 Rizvi Traverse Managment. Very important. Yep:


@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #354 As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes #429 Why is @elonmusk provided with BIG worldwide subsidies? Because he would go bankrupt otherwise. Amazon, Google, Apple, FB give backdoor keys to the DS in exchange for cash.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes @elonmusk #431 What do Clowns do with the access codes and tech? Use them for leverage and give some to NK.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @nytimes @elonmusk #438 Including nuke and missile guidance tech classified at the Special Access Program level.

It still blows my mind that anons on a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum managed to defeat this global array of Cult resources in 2016 mainly by posting frog pictures but here we are.

Stay on the path patriots. Don't deviate. Ignore the liars, the naysayers and the disinformation agents. The traitors in the MSM, social media and big tech will be defeated and will go the way of all traitors. Soon.

Have faith.


• • •

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17 Oct
The Smell Of Napalm: President Trump goes on the offensive. Image
Lots of news coming out this month:

- Osama bin Laden
- Benghazi
- Joe's corruption
- Hunter's hard drive

Not accidental.
And there was this major threat by the President - the declassification of the FBI investigation into election meddling and of Hillary's email server:


This is the artillery softening up the other side on multiple fronts before the attack begins.
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15 Oct
New video unhidden by #SebastianRLC patriots. Original was uploaded Oct 9, 2017.

Title and description are suggestive:

Q Social Media & MSM modulating 1A...

Big Tech is watching.
No confidence pending...

Election interference within.

If you're new to this channel it's from someone either on the Q team or knew the operation was coming. Proof: this video uploaded before Q's first ever drops on 4chan:

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13 Oct
Good question: what proofs has BDA provided of his authenticity?

Let's go through some of them.
- BDA predicted the Saudis would assassinate Suleimani. They did.
- He said the dog that got Badghadi's arm deserved a Medal Of Honor. The next day the President posted a joke image showing him giving the dog a MoH.
- He said one of his ops in Syria would severely disrupt a CIA drug trafficking operation. This was proved true within a few days:
- He sent gold to Brazil to help pay for an anti-trafficking operation there. That op became public soon afterwards.
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11 Oct
OK, so @BenardoDeLaPaz and myself have been personally contacted by #BigDickAnon. We'll be heading off to the Valley pretty soon.
@BenardoDeLaPaz Our orders are to be faithful witnesses to what's about to happen this year. We have some idea already because of his drops but we'll know more when we return of course.

The Valley is the Valley of the Blue Moon, a hidden valley in South Africa where an ancient race of people keeps an eye on mankind and helps out when needed. The cure President Trump was given for Corona-chan was devised by the people there.

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11 Oct
The declassification of Hillary's emails: a #qanon and #FBIAnon read.
In July 2016, a guy who said he was intimately familiar with the Hillary Clinton email case dropped to us on 4chan /pol/. He claimed she had SAP programs on her server that could cause an uprising and foreign declarations of war.

#FBIAnon would drop seven times in all to /pol/. You can read all his drops here:


That claim of Special Access Programs was absolutely unbelievable.

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11 Oct
I'm not seeing any new HRC emails on the State Department's website. In fact they have even fewer than Wikileaks has had since 2016.
Searching the State Department's website for 'pizza' in her emails gives 18 results:

Searching the Hillary Clinton Archive on Wikileaks for 'pizza' returns 19 results:

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