There will now follow a series of tweets describing the history and current practice of medical experimentation using human subjects conducted within the USA. Be warned, this stuff is not for the faint of heart.
This information comes from the following academic source:…
Between 1955 and 1960 Sonoma State Hospital in Calfiornia conducted a series of experiments on mentally and physically disabled children. These experiments included radiation tests and and the injection of air into the brains of the children followed by a series of Xrays.
After death the childrens brains were disected. All without any parental consent.
In 1949 the Quaker Oats Company and MIT conducted an experiment where they fed mentally disabled boys porridge oats laced with radioactive material. The boys were told they had been chosen to be part of a "science club".
In 1941 the US Army sprayed a "wild flu virus" into the nasal cavaties of "large numbers" of mental institution patients in order to test how the disease spread. The US army was describing the tests a "daring" until very recently.
Between 1956 and 1970 the Willowbrook School in New York allowed doctors to to inject mentally disabled children with otherwise healthy bodies with Hepatitis. Most of the children developed fever, nausea, vomiting and jaundice.
In the early 1950's in Texas Dr Herbert Gerstner, a former Dr in the Nazi regime, subjected 263 cancer patients to total body irradiation. The test subjects all died rapidly. No records of the were kept as most were homeless and many from minority populations.
In 1964 Dr Chester Southam of Sloan Kettering injected live cancer cells into the 22 already sick patients at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital. All 22 were elderly, many were mentall ill and several were holocaust survivors who barely spoke English.
The experiments conducted by Dr Southam were in direct violation of the Nurmeberg Code established after the revealing of Mengele's experiments during the Nazi regime.
In Cincinnati during the early 1970's Dr Eugene Saegner experimented on 90 cancer patients with high doses of total body irradiation (TBI). Despite TBI being proven ineffective Dr Saegner's work was funded by the Pentagon.
None of the three Doctors mentioned above every suffered any consequences for their actions. In fact all 3 were promoted and acclaimed. This was depsite other Drs protesting. All 3 were backed at the highest level by the federal government.
To pause this roll call of grotesquerie for a moment, remember that they hanged Nazi officials for being responsible for shit like this.
But the USA, Britain, France and other major capitalist nations had been doing horrific experiments on human test subjects for well over a century. The Nazis took this to new levels but they did not invent this. This social darwinism is central to capitalism.
During WW2 the Federal government purposely infected prisoners in state, local and federal jails with malaria, dengue fever, gas gangrene and gonorrhea. After the war the European nations banned experiments on prisoners. The US did not join the ban.
By the middle of the 1960's half of the 50 union states allowed state prisoners to be used for medical trials.
From the early 1960's up until 1971 Dr Carl Heller & Dr Alvin Paulsen performed a series of radiological experiments on prisoners in Washington State and Oregon prisons. These experiments involved irradiating the testicles of the prisoners with between 8-600 rads of radiation.
These experiments were followed by forced vasectomies of the test subjects. Those experimented on received between 10-25 dollars per test. Dr Heller was paid $505,000 for his work.
During the 1950's and 1960's Dr Alfred Kligman tested 153 experimental drugs on prisoners within Pensylvania's Holmesberg Penetentiary. Kligmans tests were partly done to test chemical components of consumer products such as toothpaste, eye drops and hair dye.
Kilgman tested these component by applying them all the prisoners skin. Another experiment he ran on the prisoners involved the application of dixoin, a key part of agent orange, to the skin.
As Holmesberg was used as a pre-trial facility many of the subjects used by Kilgman were not convicted of any crime.
In 1972 the Food & Drug Administration estimated that 90% of "investigational drugs" were first tested in prisoners.
Many of these were exposed in the 1970's after the "syphilis blankets" were revealed. A new code of conduct and federal regulation was put in place. But it did not end human experiments within the prison system.
To bring things into the present day. The regulation put in place during the 1970's only covered those prisoners within the public sector run prisons. Those held in privatised prisons, drug treatment centres and other "gray areas" were not covered by the rules.
Those convicted of drug related offences are often used by pharmaceutical companies as guinea pigs for anti addiction medication. In 2011 the trial of one such drug, Vivitrol, on drug addicted offenders in Maryland led to 26 out of 27 test subjects recording severe side effects.
Side effects included blood disorders, gastric conditions, urinary tract infections, tissue death and uncontrollable suicidal impulses.
Turning to California. In 1997 Dr Hans Steiner, a Stanford psychiatrist, conducted a series of drug trial on juvenile offenders detained by the California Youth Authority. Those experimented on were boys aged between 14-18 years.
In total 61 teenager boys were experimented on with the drug Depakote, a medicine designed to treat seziures. The aim of the experiment was to "reduce tendencies toward violent behaviour". The side effects included liver damage, pancreas inflamation and high blood amonia levels
Californian law supposedly bans biomedical tests on prisoners. But anther state law allows for a loop hole whereby the tests can be done if it is for "HIV Aids medication". Of course the companies are more than willing to lie about the research to fit through the loophole.
One area where very few consent laws exist is where a child is considered a "ward of the state". This led to the National Institutes of Health testing AIDS drugs on hundreds of children in the fostering system for 15 years starting in the early 1990's
The states participating were Louisiana, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas. The ages of the children ranged from infants to those in late teens. The experiments involve dosing the children with high volumes of AIDS medication designed for adults.
Due to the high toxicity of the drugs the children subjected to these tests became severely ill. Many children had to be forced into taking the drugs, those who refused were sedated and had the drugs injected via stomach tubes.
The National Institutes of Health did not monitor if any of the children had an advocate for them. Some of those experimented on were as young as 5. And it was often the case that neither the foster nor biological parents were consulted before the experiments began.
Furthermore, the NIH's study was premised on a very dubious foundation. They assumed that the children of drug addicts suffering from HIV or AIDS were certain to have the disease themselves. They never checked. This lead to healthy children being experimented on.
In another series of experiments Doctors tested experimental AIDS medication new born babies.
In 2009 a seven year old boy named Gabriel Myers committed suicide at his Florida foster home. He was among a number of foster children enrolled in psychotropic drug trials by Dr Sohail Punjwani. This was done without any parental consent or legal oversight.
After this the state of Florida banned such tests, against the protests of the FDA who wanted the experiments on children to continue. However a company named "Psychiatric Solutions" successfully got bill amended so that they could test mental health drugs on chilren for 3 days.
So essentially the company got 3 days to experiment on foster children without parental consent or the intervention of a judge.

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