So, I paid Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisons Twitter a visit. Let's look at his friends, shall we?

It's gonna be a huge thread - well, because half his friendships and acquaintances are about prostitution and porn. Yes, it's true.

It would be awesome if we all did some digging on this dude. He seems "connected." He seems to have these contact persons all around the world. And if you look into the friends of these of his friends, you will a clear pattern.

OK, ready for some of his friends?
One thing: also look into the locked accounts. I will present some of them. You will get why I find them interesting. Often, many of his contacts have only 3-15 followers.

Catherine White. Locked account.
Number 2. Akiz Alam Shad. Note the interesting imagery - and his ambition.
Number 3. Open account. Please see friend list.
4. Brianna Refalo. Check her friend list.
Sarah Deli. Mysterious. Locked account. Anyone able to dig from some other channels/media?

Notice: she har got one (1) follower. And who is that? PM Scott Morrison.
Same for dear Beccy Flake: in the whole world it is only PM Scott Morrison that follows her. And --- the account is locked.

How old is she? Weird photo. Again, only Scott "follows" her.
Who is this creepy Dean? See, account is locked, but Scott is one of his 33 followers.
Here is Scott's friend Samrane. Have a look at her friend list.
And Christie Wade. 38 followers. She definitely likes the underwater.
This is interesting, too. See, Dani here have only 2 followers. And the other one is Mulher Melancia. Have a look. What have these 3 persons in common?
Say hello to Mark John Geiger. In addition to Australia's Prime Minster Scott Morrison, who trends on PornHub, Mark here has got 11 more friends. Have a look.
We notice his hand sign. 9 followers, Scott one of them. But look at that interesting friends list. Kids, cartoons, Frozen, etc. Yes, and Scott, of course.
Zoe is a very, very young girl. What could Scott's thinking be here?
Dwayne Purdy. Stuff and things. Dot dot dot, like. Look at his friends.
Sandra has 24 friends. Look at that weird friends list.
Ah, and Akbar. Jr. See the emoticons, the imagery. Thing is, Scott also seems to have some very radical friends.
This is B Du. 3 friends. Look at them 2 others. What is this about?
Ah, I forgot some of the other friends. Tons of prostitution here.
Ranie Shankar. 15 friends. Weird friends, I must say. And right there in the middle is the very prime minister that now tries his best to switch Australia over to a tyranny.
Unfortunately Monique here decided to lock here account. But she must adore JFK, right?
Say hello to beautiful Sanazara. "Fun is life," she says to Scott.
And let me introduce you to Scott's friend Comms. Member since 2014 with 4 followers. Friends looks awful. What on earth are they communicating about?
Sarah's got 2 followers. Scott plus this one.
Janine Angela is more popular. Go look.
Another young beauty. See friends list.

This is Siavash Rsr.
5 followers. Scott is some philanthropist, right?!? Look at Ms. Sherlock here.
Well, here she is, Ms. Sherlock. I recommend looking at her friends list. Seems Scotty here likes to play "dirty Romeo."
"Color Me Life."
Here is Gay Dad Swag. Scott is clearly an open-minded man. What can go wrong? But do have a look into what those guys are into. This is something that Scott also likes.
Jack Evanian here has 22 followers. See who the other 21 are. Scotty is such a naughty boy!

Plus, he doesn't give a damn about "optics" now, does he?
Sven Midri and his creepy friends. Scott loves Sven!
Another one, Andy Tsaroumis.

See a pattern here? Scotty, when is not just too sloppy to even try to hide these things, is very smart to hide his connections among his friends' friends. So, 2 clicks and you get to a horror show of human freaks.

Poor Brian here have only 3 friends. Look at Alexandra, though!
This is Scotty's sugardaddy company or something?!?

Now I am throwing up. I need a beer or three, and let's see what more comes up.

NOTE: Let's all do these things. Look at the world's prime minsters' twatterers and see what you can find.

These networks are as big as they are nasty.

Let's pull it out in the open!
Miranda, too, has only 1 follower, the Australian Prime Minister! What is going on here?

Imanp has got 2. Who's the lucky number 2? Let me introduce the lovely "Motherhucker."

Ah, a dog with some snipers.

Sure, why shouldn't Scotty adore these dogs and Mr. Ramish?

Crystal Frost sounds very promising for a PM! 33 followers, mind you.

Many of Scotty's friends is extremely selective. 1 only!

Bernard has Scotty plus 2 others.

"No blame zone."

Awfully young, yes? "Interesting profile."

Of course Scotty needs his "vital services." The people in there, their followers, are really something. "Services."

l couldn't bring up all these anonymous, poor accounts.But why on earth is an Australian PM doing with this?!?

Scott befriended "lol." 3 friends. Weird.
Ah, Eric Zhang. Lots of greens. 7 followers. Note Ms. Pascaline. She is VERY RECURRENT in Scott's circle. I have seen her numerous times among the second degree Twitter relations.

Let's look at Pascaline. As I said, she is everywhere in Scott's second Twitter circle. Weirdly she is friends with Scott's friends. But she and Scott is not friends.

Very mysterious woman. I feel there should be something of note with her. Just haven't found it yet.

Scott's "helping hand."

Note the symbol in the background ...

Let me present "hot mumma." This one is immediately interesting. See her friends. Lots there. But there is one special friend that stood out. Next tweet, 53!
So Scott befriends this Hot Mumma. And we have no idea what that name means, right. Well, one of her other friends is Master Tripoli. Self-proclaimed sadist. Locked account.

Some photos from the sadist's page:

This is just one of the places Ms. Pascaline Genvez shows up. In fact, Mr. Burleigh have only these 2 followers.

Scott of course shows interest for Irene Browne. Irene has some very weird friends. See next for one example. Which is VERY revealing.

Not disturbing at all.

Alice in Wonderland!

And wouldn't you believe it. The PM also is connected to Mr. Narcissist Hunter.

Jonh Brown. Interesting misspelling of surname. And lo and behold, here is Pascaline Genvez again! Plus some other nasty clientele.

Makes sense for a PM, yes.

Another sadist, it seems.

Scotty loves art. See profile pic. And see the second follower. Pure sex.

Yep, this one, too, ONLY have Scott.

"Nongnut Fragar." Which is his second friend? "Sherlock," with a very interesting profile, indeed.

We clearly see why people like Scott are entitling themselves "world leaders." Even if no human being so far has asked for this bullshite.
Ms. Sherlock loves to f*ck!

Ah, Mr. Walker, too, has only Scott and Pascaline as followers.

Enter Matman. One of his friends, Jan Lyman, is a really creepy figure. Clearly a paedo.
LOL. Scott, his only friend. Sure.
Scott loves kids!

Also Peter Songa only knows Scott and Genvez - and some other hooker.
Oh, another dude - or whatever - that only knows Scotty, Pascaline, and Bonnet!

Kirri Cotton only knows the Australian Prime Minister! Well done!
Number 33. "Kristina Joews 33." See how the digits stand out?
Scotty loves Liam. Shall we look at his photograph, shall we?

Here it is. Nothing to see here, let's just move on.

I am throwing up again. Need a break.

But ask yourselves: WHAT ON EARTH is this man?!? What is he doing?

Another question? How on earth is it possible that his many advisers have not taken action?!?

I think we know the answers.

Will be back with more later.

• • •

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