Hilarious people still insist puberty suppression is easily reversed. You know what I dealt with last night? My lungs freeze-burning, chest hurting and throwing up blood because blocking organ growth is totally reversible and the organ "totally" matures once you let things work
Puberty suppression, be it from a vsd, or puberty blockers is dangerous. Ever go to bed scared to sleep because you're struggling with breathing and your chest is hurting bad? Wondering if you won't wake up if you do pass out from the pain?

The fact your organs can never mature?
The body doesn't just pause its development plans because you force it to. It tries to develop anyways and will never pick up that phase of development again.

Why on earth do they want to create a group of children who grow into undeveloped adults that have...
To live with the fact their organs will never mature? That even if they stop, or transition later the body will mature into a more adult state and their organs will always be behind. This isn't even factoring for instance testosterone strain on the cardiovascular system.
I doubt I'm alone that after years of endocrine suppression my bones lack density, my organs struggle with adult functions and generally I live with pains that shouldn't exist. Living with a smaller heart and very slow heartbeat that can't handle high levels of fear or excitement
Lungs that feel excessive pain because they get overwhelmed and can't handle a "mature" body. Wondering why your body can barely support itself as everything deteriorates. Questioning if you'll live to 40 and if you even want to.

Throwing up always leads to blood loss and...
Questioning whether I'll die or if this is just my new normal. The irony that I cursed that little girl for her weakness and now am in far worse condition then she ever was.

Being yelled at to stop speaking out, because I don't want anyone else to suffer like this.
Puberty suppression, especially long term is dangerous. You can't just play with your endocrine system and think everything will be fine. The human body isn't so simple, that controlling one thing causes everything else to fall in place. No.

It malfunctions.
Just another night where I wish I could have been treated growing up, because arguably the worst part of growing up like this is how much pain and fear I live with as an adult. Something a child could never process or comprehend. I used to think a suppressed puberty was good.
It did lead to more potent effects with taking testosterone but at what cost and clearly I didn't stay trans identified right?

How anyone thinks a child or teenager can make these long term decisions is beyond me.

Sorry.. just had to get it out. It was not a pleasant night.
Plus having to sit there and feel awful because you tried to spend time with a friend and had to explain this to them while feeling worse as they wanted to make you feel better, you couldn't hide your obvious pain and throwing up because they would have caught on...

• • •

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