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16 Oct, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I have had two (2) separate occasions this year where my allergies flared SO BAD that I was convinced I had covid, ready to meet God (sharpening my sword), feeling so grim about my odds (my lungs! my autoimmune disorder! my sanity!)

then started taking benadryl and i'm fine.
I am currently doing daily allergy sprays up my poor nose (this is essential, fwiw), a daily allergy pill, and then benadryl at bedtime. gotta keep all that inflammation down.

now all the pollen-farting plants in nevada need to do me the courtesy of dying for the winter, thanks
it looks like it might be a ragweed thing? i should really get allergy tests and figure out what the hell is trying to murder my face off.

although i could handle it if it were just congestion. the body aches and fatigue are the really bad part.
surely it does not help that i am allergic to cats and dogs and i have eight of them total. haha.

i'm reading about coping with pet allergies and they're like "don't kiss your pets!" and i'm like "I WILL KISS ALL OF THEM ON MY WAY TO HELL"

• • •

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16 Oct
Omgggggg the first episode of the new season of #StarTrekDiscovery is SO GOOD
S2e1 had remarkably bad writing so I am really, really happy about this.
goddammit twitter where am i supposed to scream about the new episode of disco when you're taking the evening off
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15 Oct
people loudly sharing movie opinions who can't delineate between "this was bad" and "I didn't like this/this didn't work for me"

i cannot with them.
"the birds of prey screenplay was bad!"

it actually was a fine script, but the narrative was one about particular kinds of female empowerment, and if that doesn't resonate with you, then there will be little else to endear it.
This is something I really miss about Ebert, as a movie reviewer. He was really good at differentiating these things. It was important to him that he take each movie as it was intended: he recognized when a campy movie was MEANT to be camp, and good in that context.
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14 Oct
Today is Eldest’s tenth birthday. In case you’re wondering what it’s like growing up as my child, here is a picture of the decorations that appeared* on their door overnight.

(I bought them but @roryryliehume spent hours making those puffs and hanging things!!) A closed bedroom door decorated in a black HAPPY FUCKING BIR
From the day Eldest was born, I have been so madly in love with my little pumpkin. I was just twenty-two years old. There should have been some kind of test and licensing before I came home with this thing. I have parented cluelessly but enthusiastically for a decade now. A photo of myself the day I came home from the hospital, gaz
The best part of raising Eldest has been watching my needy larvae quickly become someone who is both smarter and funnier than me. Is there any greater satisfaction than raising someone better than you, knowing you will have replaced yourself with an upgraded human?? A cute child dressed as Perry the PlatypusMyself, wearing a witch hat, holding the cutest baby in the Myself, crying over how grown Eldest was four years ago (!!!A child wearing a Freddy Fazbear’s apron, holding a pizza
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14 Oct
Gender is such a strange, complex, beautiful thing when you open yourself to the possibilities.

It’s funny. I’m pretty sure I’m not a woman. Being called a woman usually makes me stop and think, “No?” But I prefer being perceived as female and like she/her pronouns.
I feel gender euphoria at some expressions of femininity. It’s like I want to be Team Woman, even though I know that internally, it’s Not Quite Right. It’s something I like to wear externally, but internally, I’m something else.
There are times I feel qualities, sensations, parts of myself that I identify as distinctively masculine. And I love them too. I feel like being feminine is skillful camouflage for all the masculine or non-gendered parts of me inside.
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13 Oct
So my Eldest, who is turning 10 tomorrow (this has nothing to do with the tweet, I'm just still in shock), is now being home schooled. We moved to this neighborhood in part bc of the Great School. But the Great School never managed to accommodate their disability well...
So it was always incredibly torturous, but we got through a few years of IRL school without taking this step. With distance learning, it became totally impossible. Zero help with their thing. Teacher ignoring messages, school sort of shrugging, "what can we do?"
And I get it. This is a weird year. Yeah, my kid is legally entitled to accommodation. But 2020, man.

It just occurred to me that our property taxes continue to support a school that failed my kid, even while we withdraw. This area is affluent so it's a lot.
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7 Oct
There has been talk about how the Dromp administration is gaslighting us with misinformation, but to tell you the truth, 2016 onward is the first time I haven't felt gaslit by America.

I've felt something was wrong with my country since Bush II vs Gore but didn't know what.
Raised as a child of the working class, in a military family, meant being insulated from a lot of what was wrong with America all along. It meant always hearing everything was okay. That America's spots of badness were exceptions to the rule.
It meant hearing that Bad Things Would Never Happen Here, even though Bad Things clearly were and did. And it was very confusing.

But now everything is aired out, and all those wretched dots I couldn't connect make sense.
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