Allegedly yesterday...…
The only difference I see is the brooch on the beast's left lapel.
Yesterday it was visiting Porton Down; was on Gene Decode's list of UK D.U.M.B.s. Hybridization research. Project Mannequin. "hybrid reptilian super-soldiers. The world's longest-running chemical testing on humans. Bada bingo, they're showing us, filtering into the subconscious.

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18 Oct
- as requested. Joseph Smith Mormon creator - as a teenager was known as a clairvoyant guide, who could track down hidden treasure using a "seer stone" he used to go "peep stoning" which today would be like scrying or crystal-ball gazing. Magic & myth were part of the
firmament of the Smith household. Joseph Smith’s family-owned magical charms, diving rods, amulets a ceremonial dagger inscribed with the astrological symbols of Scorpio & seals of Mars (Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio), & parchments marked with occult signs & cryptograms
popular in eighteenth & nineteenth-century English & American folklore. In her 1845 memoir the family matriarch, Lucy Mack Smith recalled the Smiths’ interest in “the faculty of Abrac” a term that is, in fact, Abraxas, the Gnostic (Gnostic’s were members of early Christian sects ImageImage
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17 Oct
Heavens Gate mass suicide occurred on March 22nd 1997 (vernal equinox) the leader, MK slave; Marshal Applewhite, allegedly talked his 39 into killing themselves for an “up levelling for the comet ☄️ Halle-Bopp. ImageImage
What did everyone miss? It was a ritual blood sacrifice! All members where wearing black (the colour of Saturn) but, not just any black, Nike black, the Nike “swoosh” represents the tail of Saturn 🪐. All members were castrated, Saturn castrated his Father. A comet = timing.
Saturn rules Capricorn, “Heavens Gate” the two gates of the Zodiac. Capricorn is one of those gates representing “Souls leaving the Earth” Same with all these mass killings!
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17 Oct
I may write a mega thread on this subject I was discussing today with a mentor of mine or create a video? People are just learning about satanic rituals; here’s the thing... there’s so much more. Example: ritual killings are not just happening behind closed temple doors!
Cities are sacrificial sites; mass killings happen there, occult symbolism is entrenched in cities. Most cities, castles, royal houses, banks are built on the meridian line of 30-33 degrees. When a serial killer (most are MK slaves) goes on a rampage the killings happen on
Specific times & dates on that meridian. Wars happen under dates & times in zodiac alignment, troops wear occult symbolism (stars) cities were designed for satanic ritual killings, why bother taking people to a sight, when we can just put them there en-masse!
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14 Oct
EPIC THREAD! In response to a question that arrived in my inbox last night:-

The question? - How do you tap into the subconscious and become aware of the energy waves of the brain?
Where does the intelligence that keeps your heart beating: - The central/automatic nervous system
Where is that system located? – The limbic part of the brain CNS = Central Nervous System
What our are tissues made from? – Cells
What are those cells? – Molecules
What are the molecules made from? – Atoms
What are Atoms made from? – Subatomic particles
What are the Subatomic particles made from? – Energy!
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13 Oct
Space Travel, The Draco, The Macrobes; Here comes your blood! – Part 4:-At this stage, it’s important to remember that these beings the Macrobes/lower 4th-dimensional entities, do not work for free, so they set up a “payment plan”. Dr. John Dee was successful in contacting
and the Macrobes did transmit a great deal of information that he desired concerning the quarantine & Stargate problem, they don’t work for free! Dr John Dee was soon to find out what it was that they wanted in exchange for their services.
What they wanted has had the severest consequences for the future of mankind, the Macrobes basically told him what they wanted was blood, blood has some very specific occult properties & that’s what the Macrobes wanted.
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13 Oct
Part 3 - Space Travel - WARNING EPIC THREAD!

Francis Bacon is said to have been introduced to the 33rd-degree system into masonry from the original Templar 9 degrees, so Bacon introduced the 33-degree system into Freemasonry. Note the Eagle, Aquila ruler of Scorpio, ruler of
Black Magic & Secrets. They claim Scorpio is the Scorpion it’s not it’s within the constellation of Aquilia the Eagle. Hence why it was used by Ancient Egypt, the N*zi’s and now America, it symbolizes Sex, Money, Power Magick, wherever you see the Eagle it’s letting you know
**Google the 33-Degree Freemason Symbol, for some reason it will not let me upload it 😉
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