A place where narratives and ideologies flow with the streams of blood in the same fashion as fish swims in the water. We have witnessed thousands of phases of this infragile tyranny and brutality but we have failed to introspect, we have failed to rectify the(+)
loopholes which are present since times immemorial. We have been cheated by a same regime not once, not twice but infinite number of time's but still we failed to learnt the lesson. Our blood, our sacrifices were exploited at certain instances by scavenger's who feasted on(+)
our dead and we fell prey to their illusion's and delusions. Our leaves were watered (by poison disguised as water) and our roots were decimated by tyrant's repeatedly and we failed to recognise the devil in the sheep's skin infinite number of times. But as it's said (+)
a new beginning doesn't depend on a specific time period, it starts from a plant which sprouts from the conscious seed of mind and takes the shape of a massive tree with continuous, dedicated and consistent efforts of honesty, courage, bravery, perseverance and truthfulness.(+)
We have seen and faced a lot of treachery, hypocrisy, dishonesty and disloyalty in the past and now the onus of learning a lesson from our past lies wholly and solly on us, as people, as an oppressed community and as a hopeful society. We need to understand the vices which(+)
at times overpowered our virtues and landed us in a pitiful state were we ended up getting exploited at the hands of butcher's. We need to take note of all those moment's were our ideological disparity harmed our collective unity, a unity without which this struggle will sink(+)
in the flood of it's own problems. The boat of our struggle has been wretched by the storms of tyranny. No doubt every storm was rooted at our enemies side but at times we have provided the platform whereby it became easy for them to inflict harm upon us. We need to understand (+
that we are nothing without this struggle and we have to work for it's betterment consciously as well as unconsciously. The blacksheep collaborators are weaving a new web to deceive us but we need to be careful of their pro_oppressor tactics. We shouldn't provide them(+)
a ground whereby they can run their same shops of exploitation at the cost of our blood and sacrifices. We shouldn't surrender our agency of truth, hope, honesty, and this struggle Infront of these collaborators or Infront of any iniquitous entity. We have to learn from our(+)
past and we need to use our past as a moral scale and a yardstick to carve out the roadmap of our future. We are our own representatives and whosoever is on our sid, he/she has to firmly accept and withstand on our fundamentals. If someone is trying to deceive us(+)
we have each and every right to deceive them back. If someone is inflicting pain upon us, cheating us and governing the affairs with their hypocritical nature then we have each and every right to send them to cemetery. We need to understand that fighting for the end result (+(
while leaving the struggle astray will take us nowhere. It's imbecility of highest order when Kashmiris fight for an end result while we are yet to take our struggle to any desired end. Our first goal is liberation, once we liberate ourselves from the shackles of tyranny(+)
then it will be we who will have the agency of taking decision's about our safe and secure future. We shouldn't provide ground to others to harvest benefits while we are sowing the seeds of discord. Remember on this road there are thousands of opportunist scavenger's (+)
who are waiting for us to crumble so that they feed their selfish bellies. When an oppressed community sticks to the rope of division that means destruction and nothing else. We need to be a step ahead from them and for that unity is a prerequisite. We need to revive our(+(
institutions of resistance or create new. But creating a new institution amounts to a lot of trust and it's difficult to garner trust in a community which has faced trust since times immemorial, hence revival of institutions and strengthening them is the desired option.(+)
we need to modify our leadership. The job of a leader is to create a center around which the oppressed community is tied. Their consistent efforts fused with intellect and bravery make that center more strong and hence provide strength to the leadership as well. (+)
Our goals are set. Our method is simple. We need to liberate ourselves. We don't need to repeat mistakes of past. We shouldn't let collaborators settle amongst us. We have to stay tied to the center of our leadership. We need to stay united so tht our tree bears fruits of freedom

• • •

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16 Oct
People should be given freedom while expressing their views. If we become rigid and consider our ideology to be the only gospel truth which should be used as enlightening torch then we are hypocrites. Recently i interacted with some big names of so called nationalist kashmiris (+
on twitter and the amount of disrespect which they showed towards me was unbearable and unbelievable. They were literally suppressing my voice by citing reference to their academic achievements and their vaste experience in life. For them only they are on the right track(+)
and the funny part is that their criticism shower's more on Pakistan due to their immense hatred for it than on india. Nationalism is a curse and these people are proving that time and again. They are literally creating more problems than putting forward solution's. (+)
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13 Oct
I want to write a lot but i know words will start crying before i finish the writing. I want to write about all the sufferings, all the oppression, all the tyranny and all the incidents when humans were brutally killed and humanity was openly ashamed. I want to write about all
those mothers and sister's whose modesty and respect was snatched from them and they were left naked in the world of ethics and morality. I want to write about all those fathers who could not cry openly because they are the pillars of a nation which is getting weaker day by day.
I want to write about all those brother's who were crushed to death while standing up for truth. I want to write about the love which i have found in this world of sadness and depression. I want to write about her in whom i found solace and a cure to my miseries
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12 Oct
It's pathetic to see Kashmiri people acting like mental health experts on one hand and ridiculing and trolling medical aspirant's who pursue their education in Bangladeshi colleges. Everyone wants to be the best but everyone is bound by some constraints. A student who prepares(+)
for NEET gives his/her best because he/she wants to crack that exam in the first go and make it to reputed institutions. But since the number of seats are limited and its not possible for everyone to crack that exam. After failing to crack it, the financial constraint becomes the
biggest hurdle in a student's career. Some students even bury their dream's under the weight of these constraints. Going to Bangladeshi colleges isn't some sort of inferiority but it's an epitome of a commitment which a student who refuses to quit has made with him/herself. (+)
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11 Oct
1. Once the peace deal reaches it's desired end, everything will be crystal clear. We have the scale of Islam, we'll use that to judge whether Taliban's is totally islamic, partially islamic or nothing at all.
2. Shabaash.
3. Thank You. Image
1. Hope it'll cut the evil into pieces.
2. Yes it's Sunnah and it's prevalent from Hazrat Ibraheem(AS)'s period. I have read about circumcision of both men and women but circumcision of men has been given such importance that it becomes mandatory as per few islamic scholar's. Image
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11 Oct
In our Primary classes(mostly in govt schools) we were taught(maybe even today) that Kalhan was an amazing and a fine historian Kashmir has produced and that his book Rajtarangni is the only true and factual source of Kashmirs history. I used to believe it because for us
whatever we are taught in schools, especially in our primary classes, is to be treated as gospel truth. But soon enough this myth was shattered. Kalhan has wrote a history of about 3000 years in a single year. If a person starts writing his own biography there are fair
chances that either the person would commit errs or will forget a lot about his own life but we are made to believe that Kalhan wrote kashmirs history of 3000 years without committing a single err and that too in a single year, which in itself is imbecile and absurd. Kashmirs
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4 Oct
A rapist doesn't deserve to live. For me it's the worst crime one can commit. A rapist not only destroys a woman's life but also snatches her motive to live, snatches her dreams from her, snatches every moment of happiness which she have been weaving in the piece of (+)
her life. A rapist destroys the societies fabric by killing it's soul. But no one is rapist by birth. This mindset evolves with time and there are N number of factors responsible for this. Everytime we stalk a girl a potential rapist takes birth inside us, everytime we (+)
objectify women it breeds rapist mentality, everytime we discuss about women in a demeaning manner in our friend circle we are providing oxygen to this rapist mentality. It also depends on the content we consume on media services. If we will consume enlightening content (+)
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