There is much space to turn a lot of liberals into leftists, if leftists were better at talking about how left policy is actually better and left politicians will fight harder for you.

But there are simply too many white male voices on the left.
But because they let too many white men run the narratives we get BS like ‘establishment’ and ‘bend the knee’ and ‘can’t wait to watch dem tears when bernie wins’ and ‘why do you hate poor people’.

Look how many liberals find what difi did repulsive. There is space to move.
But a lot of these make sense when you realize that people at jacobin and intercept are not here to move liberals to the left.

They are in it for personal fame and $$.
Ayanna Presley made a great case for why she should be in Congress, and it wasn’t based on a lie about establishment Dems or being performative.

It was based on making the case that people closest to the pain should have power.

It moved me, instead of making me roll my eyes.
But if all you want to do is be douches online to other people, you’ll never really be able to move enough Dems and you’ll always just me a minority in the coalition.
Get rid of your boys, who think of life in terms of domination and find more women, especially women of color and Black women, who can make coalitions.

Demote the Glenn’s, Ryan’s, and Klion’s. Elevate better voices.
Dems are making a play for moderate Republicans by being nice, not by being assholes. But Biden is still loudly and proudly talking about trans lives and Black lives.

Learn from them.
The fact that difi was resoundingly hated from most of liberal twitter is proof that I am right.

There is space to move us further left.

But not when the left is lead by rich white boys and can only talk about class and not any other form of oppression.

• • •

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14 Oct
Liberal white Christians who seem so horrified taht other Christians are cruel to the rest of us are also gaslighting us.

You are the minority of Christians, the vast majority of self identified white Christians are pro racism and pro misogyny and anti lgbtq.
Like, I am not denying the existence of liberal and kind white Christians, but y’all need to stop pretending y’all are the majority.

Stop saying things like ‘I can’t believe Christians are trying to take away healthcare or trying to make people poorer’

It’s gaslighting.
Another fav of mine is ‘a real Christian wouldn’t do that’.

Err ok. Sure.

Except that they are all self identifying as very Christian and doing the thing you say they would never do.
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13 Oct
I am sick and tired of the role so many people played to get us to this point.

It was this entirely foreseeable mess that Hillary Clinton predicted would happen a thousand times over, and it was entirely preventable.

It was all this or a woman president, and we chose all this.
Difi sucks. Schumer sucks. But neither are the reason we are going to have ACB as a justice.

This is all gross.
As a woman, the fact that people would rather pick all this vs a woman leader, will never cease to make me angry.
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11 Oct
The problem with having so many white journalists and people in media is that they always frame the problem in the most white supremacist way possible.
Allowing a white supremacist minority party to hold up hundreds of federal court seats without raising a fuss, and then a scotus seat was a failure on the part of the predominantly white media.
Now, the party powered by more people and a diverse coalition wants to correct that wrong and they are straight up parroting republican talking points.
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9 Oct
Man you edge lord leftists have elevated too many men who took out their frustrations of not getting laid in high school and college on what could have been the first woman president.

It’s so sad, it’s almost funny.

Their not dirtbags as much as they are unfuckable. 💅🏽
Also Virgil Texas hosted a neonazi open mic last year.

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5 Oct
I don’t tweet to benefit white men, and a lot of them can’t stand it.

It’s funny.

Someone asked me to say, parents are suffering, when I said mothers are suffering disproportionately . Show me the data of fathers dropping out from the labor market and I’ll amend my statement.
The reality is no one is stopping men creating threads on the specific difficulty of being a father at this moment.

But it’s interesting that they don’t do that and instead focus on how threads on women should actually also focus on men.

So trite.
Incidentally I am not a mother. And yet I can see plainly that the damages to the careers of women with children will be disproportionate.

Interesting how I don’t pretend I am equally affected.
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5 Oct
This pandemic is wrecking women’s careers, and undoing decades of work in creating equity in the workplace.

And it’s happening BOTH because predominantly male leader do not care about women’s needs and because their male partners don’t value their careers either.
It’s both public and private misogyny at work.
And the very people who should be talking about this destruction of women’s careers (the left-liberal intellectual sphere) has decided that women’s careers are no longer really of interest because something something ‘Corporate Feminism’.
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