Folks who claim that Biriyani's name is not Persian are the same ones who claim that Nimbu Mirchi (Lemon Chillies) is a part of Bharatiya Tradition since Vedic Times.

But Chillies arrived in India just 400 years ago, they were brought to Asia by Portuguese Navigators.

🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️
Potato, Tomato, Tapioca, Groundnuts, Rubber, Corn, Papaya, Pineapple, Guava, Avocado, Feni (liquor), Rajma, Pav, Cashew, Chikoo, Capsicum, Tea and Chilli.

Everything arrived in India 100-400 years ago. (introduced by the Portuguese, British and Dutch)
The Rajma Chawal or the Tea Or the Pav Bhaji or the dish with Tomato - Potato are all foreign.

Be Careful when you induce Nationalism into Food.

• • •

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17 Oct
The history of Slave Trade in Kerala. #Thread

There is a stone on the east side of the Kottayam Thirunakkara temple. Many people do not know the historical significance of this stone, known as Parachikallu (പറച്ചിക്കല്ല്).

167 years ago, slavery was ablolished in Travancore. Image
The practice of buying and selling people of the so-called lowest strata of the caste hierarchy as slaves prevailed in parts of Kerala till its abolition on 1853. Lower castes were attached to land & sold and bought with land in Kerala, like chattel slaves.

An inhumane practice
Thirunakkara Maidanam was one of the biggest slave market where scores of slaves (lower caste Hindus) were brought, lined up and sold to the highest bidder.

The stone (Parachikallu) is a monument of the suffering and cruelty towards the slaves.
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15 Oct
The word 'Biryani is derived from the Persian word ‘birinj biriyan’ aka Fried Rice.

KT Achaya mentions, “A spicy dish (pulao-pilaf) of meat cooked with rice was noted at the Sultanate court in Delhi in the 13th century."

Europeans (Alexander the Great) first encountered rice when they reached Mesopotamia and Indus.

Later the Umayyads planted rice in Spain. The cookbook of ibn Sayyar (Abbasids) in 940s has 615 recipes of different food and a small number of these recipes involved rice.
Pilaf had many names (Uighur pelaw; Uzbek palov;
Karakalpak palua; Kazak palau; Kirghiz paloo, Tajik palov). Many versions of Pilaf were there across South Asia.

The Pilaf and Biriyani are as different as a Chapathi and Parotta.
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11 Oct
In 16th century, the small nation of Portugal became a global superpower. The Portuguese Navy had total control of the Indian Ocean.

Soon the Zamorins (Hindus), Venetians (Christians) & the Mamluk (Muslims) joined hands against the Portuguese at the Battle of Diu (AD 1509).

It was a disaster for the Coalition and the Portuguese Navy was too strong.

The Battle of Diu marked the beginning of European dominance over the Indian Ocean that would last for 450 years, until World War 2.

Portuguese ruled over the Indian Ocean till the arrival of the Dutch.
The Spice Trade Capital was shifted from Alexandria (Egypt) to Lisbon (Portugal).

Mamluks were weakened, and they increased the taxes, which led to revolts and the Ottomans came marching into Egypt.

But the Ottomans soon faced the same problem, the Portuguese Navy.
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9 Oct
Did he just say that he prefers Dictatorship more than democracy and not everyone should be allowed to vote?

Deverakonda is a classic example of how apolitical folks slowly move towards RW Authoritarianism in the end.
My brain is still trying to solve the Airplane vs Democracy example.
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6 Oct
Dec 1961 : When India blitzed Portuguese-held Goa, both USA & Portugal moved a ceasefire resolution in the United Nations (UN)

The Soviets used the power of VETO against the resolution and Egypt blocked the Portuguese Navy at Suez Canal. Why??

Using the 'Bay of Pigs' incident as a perfect smokescreen, India planned to take back Goa from Portugal.

Portuguese Prime Minister Salazar was furious and he ordered the Portuguese soldiers in Goa to fight to the last man. The Portuguese soldiers started planting mines in Goa.
Salazar then dispatched the Portuguese Navy towards India. Salazar's plan was simple.

If the Portuguese Navy crossed the Suez canal & engaged in a small skirmish with the Indian Navy, then the NATO forces could be called for help. (Since Portugal was a founding member of NATO)
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4 Oct
In 1949, the RSS burnt effigies of Dr Ambedkar at the Ramlila grounds in Delhi, when the Hindu Code Bill was taking shape.

The Hindu Code Bill gave Hindu women the right to divorce and inheritance to ancestral property. The bill terrified many men across India.

Google Search " 1949 - Hindu Code Bill - RSS" and you will find plenty of links.

Like i have always said, it baffles me when i see women supporting the Sangh Ideology.

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