One day I’ll be wrong for the first time ever but today is not that day
A weird truth about modern American journalism is that headline writers just really suck. There’s no explanation for it. You can write a great story and it gets summarily fucked by a bored and grumpy headline writer who stopped trying their hardest in 2004
I also don’t understand how the producers who write chyrons are so bad but they also just are bad for some reason
The reason this matters for real is that on election night Trump will falsely claim victory to shape the narrative as votes are still being counted, almost certainly showing Biden with 6-8 million more votes than him, and people waking up Nov. 4 will see “Trump Claims Victory”
Trump’s entire strategy is to overturn the results with lawsuits about “mail-in ballot fraud,” a fake thing he made up. But the GOP will support him if enough people believe it’s possible, the same way they supported him because Barr manipulated the media with the Mueller summary
It’s so easy to change this lazy headline writing template and yet we never will. This is the approach at every mainstream outlet: agenda heds that deliberately ignore the news (Trump endorsing QAnon) because Biden didn’t do something equally atrocious
The problem is that apparently nobody in the journalism industry thinks this is a problem worth addressing. This is completely psychotic:

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14 Oct
The news media has been painfully sluggish to adapt to Trump. 20 days before an election that he has promised to overturn and disrupt with white supremacist militia “poll watchers,” an autocrat who only lies as he gasses his own people is given a network town hall at his request
Covering Trump the right way is not hard intellectually—it’s only difficult with the artificial shackles journalists place on themselves. They believe their job is to ask the leader of a white supremacist cult who has killed 220,000 people what he thinks about the news of the day Image
The goal of the interview is “get him to make news”—a crazy quote that belongs in a headline and is covered elsewhere. The goal is not to prove he doesn’t read his intelligence briefings or doesn’t know basic facts about covid. It’s to get Trump to want to come back for another
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7 Oct
Today is a sobering day: the four-year anniversary of the Access Hollywood “pussy" tape. As I do every year, I will be live-tweeting the events of that day as they occurred.
It was a pristine, crisp autumn day. Not a cloud in the sky, the trees slowly shedding their summer green coats. It was a month before the 2016 presidential election, and we all wanted it to be over.

As usual, I was with POTUS. He was visiting a DC-area elementary school.
As we entered the school, POTUS was greeted by admiring teachers and students. He shook their hands and talked about the baseball playoffs.

At that very same moment, unbeknownst to us, David Fahrenthold entered the Washington Post building a few miles away and opened his email.
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4 Oct
This morning @MeetThePress gave Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller a platform for 10 minutes

NO DEMOCRAT was allowed on the show afterward to counter him

I’m told a senior Democrat was booked—but Meet the Press canceled them AT THE LAST MINUTE

This is open Republican bias
On @ThisWeekABC , Miller was also booked — but they allowed a Biden spokeswoman, Kate Bedingfield, to respond. Note the bottom of the screen where it says "BIDEN CAMPAIGN RESPONDS."

@chucktodd offered the Biden campaign no such opportunity.
This is just the latest example of Meet the Press's open right-wing bias. They have been stacking their "panel of journalists" with Republican governors like Scott Walker and Pat McCrory and not allowing Democrats to appear on them to offer a balanced view
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3 Oct
Back in the old days she used to credit me for my tweets now she just steals em but you know what eyes on the prize Matt eyes on the prize
Wait did I radicalize @Sulliview ImageImageImage
Ok how good am I at working the refs ImageImageImage
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3 Oct

An MSNBC anchor just said President Trump, who days ago instructed white supremacists to disrupt polling places and mocked people for wearing masks, now has a "gentler tone" and his tweet was "heartfelt"!!!

I cannot believe this is happening before our eyes
This is an incredibly abrupt shift in the New Tone Timeline. Our experts are recalibrating what it means for the Decorum-Civility Continuum. We will have an update by late afternoon as our models are adjusted. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.
Mike Pence is holding a super-spreader event IN ARIZONA ON THURSDAY but the only thing that matters is that the president used the word “love” in all-caps in a psychedelic tweet last night, this is Serious Journalism Time so GTFO if you don’t have respect for the office
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2 Oct
Any chance we can get @CillizzaCNN to update this volcanic take or is he already working on “23 Pictures Of Ivanka Standing By A Fan”
The serial hagiographies on Melania from the "East Wing press corps" (lol get a life) are museum worthy
Being a First Lady Correspondent means doing whatever the White House tells you to do and then you get to write a book about "What It's Like To Be The First Lady" or whatever
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