Curious to hear from current or more recently discharged members of the armed forces — are US military bases still primarily (or solely) playing Fox News on televisions in shared spaces?
lmao the internet lawyers already know why i'm asking this
but for real this is a years-old anecdotal observation relayed to me that I want to hear more about.
A couple people have pointed out the prevalence of of this at private businesses like gyms, or in waiting rooms. (I know airports aren't public space per se but we also all know that the gym is not an airport).
I think it's easy for people in the media bubble to miss how many Americans are captive audiences to unbalanced partisan media against their will, in both quasi-public and commercial spaces.

Consider treating the CDA 230 "debate" as the absolute joke that it is.
Yes, the internet platforms have an enormous and disturbing amount of power over people. It is not easy to "just quit" social media. But it's way easier to do than to quit airports.

• • •

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16 Oct
Right now Ted Wheeler is saying:

“I’ve never met anyone who’s called themselves a fascist, of course everyone is against fascism”

“I’ve taken on the Trump administration”

He’s the police commissioner of a department whose cops brutalized protesters while federally deputized??
He also attacked his opponent for calling herself anti-fascist in a tweet where she *drumroll* espouses the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day.
This mayoral race is incredibly close and it gives me severe agita.
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15 Oct
The right wing in America is living in a fantasy land about the law and policy of the internet, a construct that has been politely debunked so many times that it is barely worth addressing on the merits this time
That said, Democrats have absolutely played into this nonsense by *also* going after Section 230, from the opposite direction, over speech that is protected by the First Amendment. It's absolute horseshit.
Just like Prohibition was a bullshit law enacted so people wouldn't have to say the words "domestic violence" out loud, all of this shit is just displaced anxiety over tech monopolies.
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14 Oct
this ny post thing is a truly fascinating shitshow and my suspicion is that people outside of the media who aren't already fully bought into the weird conservative anti-230 cult will barely notice
and I am not sure they would be wrong to ignore it! People who aren't being paid to closely follow the news have a finite amount of time and attention. While this is a remarkable event, it's not the most important thing that happened today and it won't break the top 5 this week
And yet! It's probably one of the weirdest and most consequential moments in content moderation history!
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7 Oct
Google v. Oracle, Supreme Court, Oct. 7, 2020. CSPAN livestream here, it's also on CSPAN radio:…
love me my teleconference oyez oyez oyez
I wrote a refresher yesterday:…
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6 Oct
still think about the conversation I had with someone in tech who was like, "basically facebook has to either admit they've destroyed the world or admit their whole shit's a grift. it fucking rules" (he did not have the facial expression of someone who actually thinks this rules)
In the intervening years, Facebook has admitted neither, which honestly has been the most hilarious outcome possible
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24 Sep
every time I see a tweet about how protesters were asking to get their heads kicked because there was a dispersal order I have to wonder what they think the circumstances of the Boston Massacre of 1770 were
It’s always the motherfuckers with the revolutionary war avatars too.
I suppose it’s hardly the point — history isn’t history to these folks, facts are not facts, reality is irrelevant. They live in a world of mythos, delusion, archetype, shadow, nightmare.
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