1/ the #BidenCrimeFamily Corruption is being revealed....like peeling back an onion.

Chinese Whistleblower + @ChanelRion

HERE's the tape from the Whistleblower...explosive...
2/ the Chinese Whisteblower says the hard drive has it all--incl pa3dophilia and CP, and $$ corruption worldwide.
4/ The Chinese whistleblower mentions needing "HEART PILLS" to "CALM DOWN"...

Is this why many in the SWAMP all tweeted out "BLOOD PRESSURE" simultaneously last night after @JoeBiden town hall?

WARNING #comms for the tapes about to Drop?
5/ 2nd Video: Chinese whistleblower says CCP gave a copy of complete hard drive w incriminating #BidenCrimeFamiily evidence to @SpeakerPelosi ,

to remind Dems that Chyna has EVIDENCE of their secrets, CHYNA OWNS DEMS. DEMS WORK FOR CHYNA
6/ 3rd video ... the CCP 'grand plan' to control not only ChYna's 1+billion people, but also the UN and USA and all future Presidents.

the hard drive material is to blackmail both?
R's and D's.
7/ 4th video
"in God's Will" these hard drives were delivered to President Trump, who is clean.
Trump NEVER collaborated with the CCP, as did the dirty R's and D's.

BLOOMBERG is on the drives.
also CHyna's BIOWEAPON.
What will American Voters do?
8/ The 11 min tape in entirety, 9/24/20, saying the US election will end in a 'funny way' w #BidenCrimeFamily sex tapes about to come out. The hard drives were sent to DOJ, but pro-Biden forces there quashed them. Same time, Hunter laptop emerges. Wow.
9/ it's a whistleblower.... as we know with all whistleblowers?

Both sides claim them.
But they gotta be corroborated.

We'll See What Happens.
10/ all together? CHina Doc whistleblower? The Hard Drive Chinese whistleblower? and Patriot @RudyGiuliani

11/ Remember the Doc whistleblower? Virologist Li-Meng Yan. She's the key to the "bioweapon" mentioned in the videos?

12/ Steve Bannon's also in the pic.

Here he is in June with the CHYNA whistleblower movement, Rule of Law society, to bring down the
intro video
13/ Here's the Whistleblower that did the Hard Drive videos above...

h/t @Cuee80 twitter.com/ding_gang

• • •

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More from @Bruno062418

17 Oct
Just 5? 6.
1-What's up @RudyGiuliani's Sleeve?
2-Whistleblower Doc sleeve shows the baddies R being "rolled up"
3- Bannon's photo BOMB =MOAB!
4-are CHARGES finally coming out of the WOODWORK?
5- a grand jury is now imPANELed?
6- the Truth is now CRYSTAL clear on the TABLE
7- it's all in Black and White, cuz the baddies crossed a RED line.
8- and the BARS of their prisons await because
9- nothing can be swept under the RUG
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17 Oct
BE CAREFUL who you follow. THIS is an example of a supposed "patriot' spreading disinfo about ACB, attempting to discredit her.

There are 3 Freedoms in 1st Amend. NOT 5. Sen Sasse's question & his "correction" of ACB were BOTH incorrect. the word PROTEST is NOT in the Amendment. Image
Here's the full ACB thread. Note how @RennyKeks argues, falsely accusing ACB of being "wrong" and then he subtlety insults her by condescendingly saying "she had a tough 2 days".

Renny has no "keks" . He's an infiltrator, intent on division and disinfo.
@RennyKeks has outed himself as a Leftist shill. #block Image
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17 Oct
Q: did Amy Coney Barrett supposedly “miss” one of the supposed five basic rights in Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution when giving her answer to questioning by Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska?
The Left thinks so... Image
A: she didn’t. Sasse’s question had a false premise. There are not 5 basic rights. There are 3.

2-speech or press;
3-assembly and petition. Image
3/ The Left and the MSM have been claiming for months that there is a “right to protest” in the first amendment to the Constitution. Actually? There is not. The word “Protest” is not found in amendment one. Just “Assemble and Petition”. ImageImage
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15 Oct
1/ re Ukrainian Corruption scandal of Biden family

I LISTENED to the WHOLE press conference where the Ukrainian Prosecutors laid out the case and evidence for Biden family crimes of?

it STARTS with a deadly COUP 2014.
2/ Peaceful protestors in the streets, then mysterious sourced sniper fire kills over a hundred in the crowd.

the result: President Yanukovych is OUT and charged with TREASON.
an Obama/Biden - friendly Petro Poroshenko is IN.
3/ The Ukrainian Prosecutors lay out the case for the THEFT OF BILLIONS, BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY AND TREASON, committed by both top officials in Ukraine AND America.

Here's their opening 2 min. summary: Screen Shot and youtube:
Read 68 tweets
14 Oct
Hussein is throwing JB under the bus. For the supposed greatest communicator? Grammar errors: "as president, he" means JB, NOT BHO was "president". Also notice president is not capitalized. BHO is saying JB was "in charge" and should take the blame. Was = a PAST TENSE 'friend'
There's more. BHO is in front of an EVERGREEN, (think HRC) and sitting in Adirondack chairs. Adirondack is an area of NY (again ,HRC) and the Indian word literally means "TREE-EATER".
See that BHO is leaning BACK and JB is FORWARD. Front line battle.
She's toast. JB too.
also? Adirondack also is a word for DEER hunting Country.
Deer = Y head.
Y family

They're ALL toast.
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14 Oct
1/ Starting a personal Bible study on Ephesians. Intro Day 1.
Why pick Ephesians?

Armor of God Chapter 6 is a great foundation for spiritual warfare.
The point of the book is God's, not man's WISDOM (Eph 3:10-11)
Advice for family life & harmony

How to LIVE in an evil culture.
2/ Here's a great intro TOUR of Ephesus. I visited there about 10 years ago. would love to return. The Library is esp magnificent, and the arena seating 25k that rioted over Paul's teaching. Public toilets still intact!
3/ The point of the letter is to communicate GOD's wisdom. It's "multi-facted", for all of life, and Paul wanted to teach the Ephesians what Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, had accomplished for the WHOLE world, Jew AND Gentile...now?

Read 16 tweets

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