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16 Oct, 9 tweets, 3 min read
As people question this year’s strange UN PoE Report which significantly restricted the work of UN monitors, it’s important to understand that earlier this spring, FGS & UN PoE signed a memorandum of understanding outlining the scope of work monitors were allowed to engage
In essence, the MOU signed between UN PoE and FGS, gave the gov’t pre-publication rights to review, comment and review whatever it didn’t like. Even before any investigation has started, the scope of PoE were outlined under mutual deal and identified FGS priority areas
This is significant for two reasons: firstly, it creates a big opportunity for FGS to manipulate the work of the PoE by sending them on political hit-job errands. In fact, part of the complaints by Hormuud & its subsidiary companies is that PoE were manipulated to target them
There are many reasons why FGS officials would do so; but, it primarily centers around clan and commercial reasons. The PoE has essentially become a pawn in this game — and this has serious consequences for the integrity/credibility of the UN investigators.
Secondly, these companies and other entities can influence the work of the PoE by simply bribing/exploiting corrupt FGS officials to target their competition. Again, this is an argument I have seen used by ppl associated with Hormuud: that they were targeted for clan reasons
Finally, it makes no sense ethically for the FGS to been given such an expanded role in the work of the PoE. This is tantamount to allowing a criminal to have a role in the investigation process. It makes no sense and makes the whole thing a travesty.
Hormuud, despite all its mafia and predatory business operations, has a right to be outraged. In fact, if any thing, latest PoE has succeeded to turn real villains into angels. PoE has inflicted a tremendous damage to itself.
But the real blame goes to certain Western countries, who for geo-strategic reasons, have consistently and criminally protected the most dictatorial and corrupt government Somalia has seen since the civil war.

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15 Oct
A new UN Security Council Panel of Experts Report is out. As expected, the report extensively focuses on the nefarious role played by the formal and informal banking sector in Somalia in facilitating terrorism. But beyond that, this year’s report is grossly underwhelming.
The Panel of Experts which saw serious restrictions, thanks to the successful lobbying of the Somali gov’t to confine investigations to Al Shabab & other politically inconsequential issues. The result speaks for itself.
In previous years, the UN investigators have uncovered serious corruptions and wrongdoings by Somali officials such as the asset recovery program, Soma Oil & Gas scandal & the assassination campaign in Mogadishu run by attack-dogs of current gov’t.
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15 Oct
A biometric identification system is a common-sense, noncontroversial response to the almost daily barrage of terror attacks in Somalia; so why has such a simple & logical response faced a concerted campaign to ensure it never sees the light of day?
The answer lies in the incredible influence of Somalia’s remittance and telecom companies. These companies often employ mafia-like tactics to escape regulations and see a biometric identification system as a way of holding them accountable.
As documented by UN investigators in a report that came out this week, the operations of these companies are in essence integrated with Al Shabab which uses facilities provided by these companies…
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15 Oct
As Somalia marks the 3rd anniversary of the October 14th Terror attacks; former Mogadishu mayor @ThabitMhd lays out the reforms Somalia must take to reverse the terror tide…
“Relying on antiquated traditional identification systems ill-suited for modern threats, Somalia’s security planners had neither the capacity nor the will to seriously confront AS and the governance gaps that allow the terrorist group to execute mass murders on a regular basis”
October 14th “is a good time to reflect on both the existential threats posed by terror groups and also, more importantly, to reflect on the institutional and governance dysfunctions that allow Al-Shabaab to operate with impunity”…
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13 Oct
After lecturing us about the “threats” posed by Kenya and its “allied” politicians, ousted PM Kheyre now publicly appealing for Kenyan support and running his doomed campaign from Nairobi. Underscores the hollowness of the phony nationalist & xenophobic campaign run by FGS.
#Yikes! Kheyre now lays bare what we knew from the onset: that the maritime case has been used as a bargaining chip by the FGS. @HassanAKhaire’s claim that he will find a resolution outside the ICJ exposes FGS’ strategy all along!
Kenyan MPs are taking sides between the two sinking ships of Farmaajo & Kheyre #lol
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13 Oct
People are focusing on the Eritrean dictator Afwerki’s trip to Ethiopia; but in parallel, there’s a trilateral meeting between the intelligence chiefs of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea that’s currently ongoing in Addis Ababa. No media briefs or statements expected.
Afwerki, who presides over one of Africa’s most repressive regimes, has become a mentor to Somali and Ethiopian leaders intent on emulating the Eritrean strongman’s autocratic style of governance.
Veteran Somali journalist @golfyare is now reporting that the ongoing hurdle in Addis Ababa between the intelligence chiefs of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea now centers around the upcoming Somali elections.
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12 Oct
UN investigators now confirm what @maxbearak and @HarunMaruf have reported last year. @HarunMaruf faced a vicious state sponsored campaign of vilification when he reported how Al Shabab has created an intricate web of extortion built on systemic infiltrations and violence
Findings by UN investigators also supplements findings made by @PuntlandPirates on the nefarious role played by Somalia’s banking system - both formal and informal- in abetting terror and criminal groups.…
Two organizations stand out in this: Hormuud and Amal Express. For years, Somalia’s banking and telecom companies have acted as a bulwark against the passage of critical anti-terrorism bill. Hormuud which owns Salaama Bank is especially notable in how it manipulates politics.
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